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Old/New FCS rundown from Ohno-san

Sep 6, 2004

    1. Satoko Ohno sent this to her mailing list. Someone of you might have received it or already know this information anyway. I thought I would repost it as a fairly concise rundown of the differences in the two FCS programs.

      You can visit the Den of Angels FCS pages for reference.

    2. no,19 ............. (New Mold) looks like Shirou-Tachibana

      There's a head that looks like Shirou? YAY!!!! I love Shirou! ^_^

    3. Well, I'm not sure how much the heads really look the same. Like the F-29/17 looking like Cecile. IMO, there's a lot of difference between the two. I think that's just to give a general idea of the appearance. Like 'in the style of...' :grin:
    4. Well if the new 19 looks anything like Shirou I'll be all sorts of crazy happy. I really like both Shirou and Isao...but I never have any money!! Curse you car costs and college books and supplies!! :crushed Everytime I have nearly enough to get a lovely doll...something happens and that money has to be spent. Regardless...I can't wait to see pictures of the new fcs bits.
    5. Well the beautiful thing is with FCS it will give you all the time in the world to save and and it not limited or anything. I think its nice to know that you can have the option of getting Shirou (F-19) and Isao (F-21) and not having to pay these radical after market prices. Although I could be wrong about the FCS sooo ... I'd like to see the pictures first before assuming.
    6. yeah, IMHO, the F19 head doesnt look like Shirou much at all.

      I really find that our list is much more accurate than this one. again... IMHO.
      our list:

      also, F16 is listed as being like Chris/Lucas... well sortof... it's the old F28, most people say that new F16 is identical to old F28... but we really don't know.

      I also think that while F21 and Isao look similar, I don't think they are identical. ... again this is my opinion.

      ... I've owned Shirou, and in my opinion F19 ... there is NO WAY F19 is Shirou. Their mouths for one thing are TOTALLY different. Shirou has a big ol pout, and F19 has a smile. the shapes of the heads and eyes are different too.

      This is the F19 head:

      This is Shirou:
    7. Thanks for the links aimee... I was about to say, I didn't think any of the FCS options looked like Shirou at all, otherwise I'd be all over it. >_<

      You can see in http://wind.freespace.jp/chima2/doll/d_photo/hades02.htm
      They're radically different. XP Bugger for getting all excited when I read that it was meant to be like Shirou. XP

      And thanks for the info Xiao Mimi!
    8. wow, loki! that is a SUPER link! thanks for posting that!

      as to the arms... O_O I have no idea... guess we'll find out when someone gets an FCS that we know!
    9. There are only 2 types of arms for 13 boys, one being a long version and one was the normal version. They look, in my opinion pretty much the same.
      F16 with longer arms looks the same with Touyas, being an owner to both dolls, at least I think so. ^^
    10. Thanks for pointing out the differences, Aimee. You're right they look totally different both in features and expressions. Like Loki I almost got excited there. :wink:
    11. hmmmm...IMO F-16 looks like Lucas/Chris and is of course like the old F-28

      F-17 looks a little bit like Cecil they both have a smile/smirk and is like the old F-29

      F-19 looks like Tsukasa, but Tsukasa's face is longer, but they have almost the same nose and eyes

      F-20 looks a little bit like Shirou they both have the "Stare" and the same nose

      And F-21 looks like Isao Nanjou, their mouth is almost the same except for the eyes and ears, but they do look alike

      Just my point of view :grin:
    12. I think the line "no,13........... (New Mold) looks like Nono" gives a pretty good idea of what they mean by "looks like". "Has similarities" would be a closer description.

    13. Basically, the head in question was almost definately sculpted by mikey. If you are looking for shirou (or tsukasa, or isao) you will still have to get one of them uu;, but if you want a sort of "extra tokyou shounen" I think the head is very much the same style. *sigh* Why wasn't there a new kyon head...damn...
    14. Actually, I have got both the F-16 new head (Leoni, with face-up by Satoko Ohno) and F-28 (Primo).

      I haven't compared them directly but I do think they are about the same size? I'm not sure if Satoko altered the F-16 by shaving it a bit as it is a female head. But it doesn't look smaller to me.

      Pictures: Primo's head

      Leoni's Head