Old Soom FCE/Post MD Events

Oct 12, 2016

    1. Hullo everyone!
      So I recently stumbled upon the Soom pages on the Wiki here and while clicking through it I noticed that several pages were not updated since- ... well, back to 2011. Since I'm a nerd I've started working on updating the Resin Color page and created a page for the Free Choice Events/Post Monthly Doll Events.

      While most of the events are easy to track down (because Soom, bless them, posted the event info in their news page), anything before 2010 is seemingly lost. They mention an Event in 2009 over here [link], but wherever they were linking to, it doesn't exist anymore.

      So, my question is - does anyone of the older collector know what they were offering in the Event? and if they had other Events before that?
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    2. Soom had some problems with their old website & went to a new one around 2010, so that's probably why you can't find any older info. I believe they started doing the monthly dolls in 2008 starting with Vega, who IIRC was a standard sculpt but the monthly doll version came with a gorgeous merman themed fullset. The next doll, Beryl, was the first to come with fantasy parts. *someone correct me if I'm wrong! In 2009 they had their first post MD mix & match event.
    3. Yeah a lot of their old dolls are on their page (back to 2007 actually, starting with Namu), including the very first MDs Uyoo, Sabik Deneb, Vega, Beryl, Sard, Onyx and so on :) Beryl was the first with fantasy legs; Vega had fantasy lower arms.

      I'm wondering what exact dolls they were offering in the first Event in 2009 though.
      Okay well nevermind, I just noticed that there are more than 10 pages in the news section x.x *coughs* Aaaand I found soom on archive.org, I think I might be able to get their VERY old dolls from there.

      Edit: Found the original list of the very first Post MD Event :) SOOM
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