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Old-style CP Delf Headcaps

Oct 1, 2006

    1. Is there any way to make the old-style CP headcaps easier to open? I'm afraid every time I go to change the position of Kyu's eyes that I'm going to chip his head x___x

      It's not the overall tension, because he's still relatively loose. It's just such a struggle to yank the headcap up enough to wiggle that stupid S-hook free... >__>
    2. I have yet to find it if there is. But nah, I seriously doubt you'll chip him.
    3. What I've been doing when I want to adjust my boy's eyes is not to remove the s-hook, but to lift the cap up and then move it towards the back of the head, and let it rest on the back of the head. Then, to put it back on, it takes a bit of pull, but it snaps back into place with a lot less effort than trying to guide the s-hook back into place. It may be a high risk position for chipping, but if it did, it would be small, and at the edge of the headcap, which wouldn't worry me anyway.
    4. You could just use a rubber band to link his S-hook to the headcap. All of mine are done that way and it's a big help.
    5. Akkhima - That's what I've been doing, but the risk of chipping drives me crazy XD I'm afraid of damaging Kyu... every time he falls over, I freak out... :'D

      the_impassive - I'll try that :D I was thinking that might work - it'd end up sort of like Volks headcaps that way.
    6. That is actually a good idea...
    7. My bluefairy has the thing where the headcap is supposed to attach to the s-hook that holds the leg elastic.

      I took one look at that when I was assembling her and went oh HELL naw. And then I took a small piece of elastic (her arm elastic was too long so I used a scrap from that, but you could use a rubber band or a rubber hairtie folded in two or whatever), looped it through the leg elastic, and used one of the spare hand s-hooks that came with her to attach it to the headcap. So rather than the headcap being attached to the leg elastic, it's hooked to a smaller elastic looped through the leg elastic. So basically what the_impassive said.

      It works great, too. Her headcap is on just tight enough that it doesn't flop around, but it's really easy to pop her head open when I feel like it. It also allows me to slide her headcap back without being all OMG SHE WILL CHIP because the tension on the headcap is minimal.

      I keep telling people I'll take a picture of it, but it's really hard to see what's going on in there because her head is so small and full of things.
    8. Yeah. Pretty much what I was going to say. You could try just completely taking his headcap off and just letting the S hook sit in there, while taping his head back on. That way you just up-tape his head everytime you need to change his eyes.
    9. Luts sells neck pieces for a dollar or two so you can just rest the S hook on it and then attache a small elastic to the headcap--so that it's easier to take off.

      You can also use sticky-tack or something like that to hold headcaps on when they are no longer attached to the s-hook.

      So far I just pull the headcap out and back as Akkhima said.

      If that is too hard to do, you can also loosen the elastic by taking off the foot and putting a string through the end of the elastic so it doesn't get lost, so that it loosens the elastic that holds the s-hook.

      Good luck! :)
    10. Mine are all held on with tape. XD I don't bother hooking to the s-hook! *is lazy*
    11. Just get some medical clamps. They're usually only a couple of dollars. Pull the whole head up, clamp down on the elastic, and do what you want.
    12. The first time you have a resin hook snap will be the last time you attach the s-hook to the headcap. ;)

      Definitely buy the headpiece insert or use the tried-and-true washer/moleskin method. Then the s-hook can sit on the resin piece and you can use a rubber band wound about a gazillion times around the resin hook in the headcap - or you can use tape.
    13. Thankfully, he came with the neckpiece... which was a huge relief, let me tell you, otherwise I might have cried the first time I opened his head XD

      I can't get the rubber bands I have to go tight enough, but I'll try some really small ones the next time I'm around a Staples. Thanks for the advice, guys! :D
    14. I just use masking tape to hold the headcap on and the neckpiece to secure the s-hook.
    15. If the rubberbands can't go tight enough, try attaching the rubberbands and then twisting rubberband by turning the headcap round and round and round...^__^...until it's good and tight and is pulled to the head itself.

      I hope that makes sense. It's how Celest did it for mine~