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Old Volks Full Choice heads?

Oct 25, 2008

    1. Hi, All --
      I just got a used SD girl. The seller wasn't her first owner, and not much info was available. The head is a FCS head. I was wondering: do all FCS come with Zoukeimura eyes? And if so, has this always been the case? Any clues about how to tell if her eyes are Zouks? --I've never seen Zouks close-up, outside of a doll's head! LOL Thanks. ;)
    2. Yes, all FCS dolls come with Zouks and always have (as far as I can recall, anyway!). :) You can check Cassiel's FCS page for lot of pics to help you ID them if they are Zouks:


      Unlike HG eyes, the pair of Zouks I had were flat back, as you can see in the pics at the above site. Some German glass eyes are flatback too but it is more common for glass eyes to be rounded in the back.

      Good luck with your eye-ID'ing! :daisy
    3. Dolly, thank you so much. :aheartbea Those eye pages are such a great resource! I've drooled over Cassiel's site, but never saw her Zouks pages before.

      The shape and dome of my new girl's eyes matches those in the photos. The color is very rich and deep. They are flatback, as you describe. To folks with flatback Zoukeimura eyes -- are the backs very smooth, or can you see the indication of where a stump/stem used to be when the eyes were made? Thanks again.
    4. It would help if you posted a pic of the eyes you have.
      Zouks are pretty distinctive, even compared to other flatbacks, and a lot more companies' eyes are being made flatback nowadays.
      Zouks' flatbacks are VERY flat, you won't see where a 'stump' or 'stem' used to be (for example) and also matte in texture. No shine, and the backs are often somewhat pitted and rough-looking.
      My Volks Chii (which came to me all-original) had Non-Zouk flatback eyes, incidentally, of the type sold by Kemper dolls (among others) as "Realistic" eyes. They were dark brown in color.

      Hope this info helps!
    5. I would describe them just like ravendolls did, thats how they look and feel :)
    6. Do note that Volks originally sold "Option Heads" long before the FCS program was installed, and there are still old option heads cropping up in the marketplace. These heads were sold blank and without eyes.
      Volks Zoukeimura eyes are as described above; deep set pupils, extremely rich color with visible striations, matte white that is completely flat-backed and rough in texture on the back. The shape is similar to Enchanted Doll (ED) urethane eyes. To further confuse matters, Antique Rose was a brand-name that Zoukeimura eyes were briefly sold under as well outside of the Volks franchise.
    7. Thanks, astronik -- that was so informative. I didn't know Antique Rose eyes were by Zoukeimura! I remember hearing about them when I first got into ABJDs. Sweetiemi and ravendolls, thank you for your descriptions of Zouks. I hope I'll be able to see some in-person someday.