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Older Limited Photos Removed from CustomHouse Site

Jan 19, 2006

    1. Well maybe I'm the only one... but I LOVED being able to pursue all the previous limited dolls on the Custom House website, and now the majority of them have been removed. :( No more tan dolls, or those beautiful Egyptian one offs...


      I can understand the change to clean up the listings and make the in stock dolls easier to see, but I'm still going to miss seeing the older limiteds. They've removed most in all categories, including AI, Petites, and Little Jr's. I'm not sure why they've chosen to keep the few that they have, but I doubt they're going to be re-released.
    2. They will be back...Don't you worry^^
      CH site is in middle of change at the moment and that's why the pics are gone.
      I heard you will be able to see a new site by this spring>_<