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Older Volks MSD Ken headcap problems

Apr 19, 2006

    1. I bought Johnny in January of this year from ravendolls and I've asked her many times about him but it seems that she doesn't know any extra details either and when I do searches here, I just can't seem to find anything out about him.

      Nny's headcap doesn't fit him right, it's really wonky and slides to the left an awful lot. See photo:

      Also the back of his headcap says "SD 03,05/RE"

      I'm not even sure that his headcap is his He's an oldskin Ken (May of 03) but to me he looks more like a limited. In fact, if I hadn't have seen pictures of MSD Kens I wouldn't even be sure that he was one. His headcap doesn't have a magnet, just a hole and a post and on the inside of his headcap, underneath the place where the hole is there is a number 5 scratched/carved/branded into the resin and he attaches with eye hooks. I'm really confused. Actually a user named wonton (I believe it was you anyways, forgive me if I'm wrong) expressed a similar thing with her MSD Ken.

      Please help, much thanks!
    2. The older ones and some new do not have magnets is their head...Kaede doesn't nor did Yuki. Kaede has the number thing carved in her head too, so that is a common thing.
      That is about as much as I can help if it helps at all.
    3. Neither of my Kens had/have magnets in their headcaps.. I don't know if that helps you any. There really isn't a difference in the limited/standard Ken heads... just the different hands and the outfit, blahblah. I hope this helps. ^^;

    4. wow thanks but I'm curious...what did the hands look like?
    5. The limited hands were clasped/praying hands... And they were molded together as one piece. :3 I think Kagari still has a pair for sale.
    6. Wow thanks Lyn, I never knew that about the limited Kens. Nny is most definitely not a limited Ken as far as the hands go but you never know the hands could have been switched...O_o
    7. No problem hon =X I actually don't know much about them, myself (i.e. when they were released, how many sold, etc) but I knew the stuff about the hands and the outfit, and that's pretty much it.
      Maybe Nny's stringing is off, causing his S hook to be loose, which makes his head cap wonky? If the tension isn't tight enough in his head, the head cap can come loose... It's a pain in the butt

    8. The S hook in his head doesn't attach to anything so the tension couldn't be off...it just kinda fits together a la:

      sorry for the blurry pics...>_<

      *Shrug* I'm so lost, heh...>_>''
    9. Sounds just like my oldskin MSD Sakura to me. ^_^ He's fine and completely made to be constructed and strung that way. The headcap is a bit annoying, but I suggest either masking tape it down, or put a little bit of your eye putty of choice in between the head and cap to make it stick.

      As for limited or not: the only difference between limited ken and oldskin ken is the faceup and outfit, they are the exact same sculpt. His headcap number (with the RE at the end) makes me think he's a Regular Edition. Even if his headcap was switched, unless you have the limited faceup and clothes, he'd be an essentially standard ken.

      ETA: The limited hands are a boy hand and a girl hand holding each other so that Ken could hold hands with his twin sister Mika. Cute, huh? But they were not the default hands for the dolls, just little extras with the limiteds. I have a friend who has a set of them and they are a lot of fun.
    10. There is no place to run the rubber band through to hook the head cap on to the s hook? My Volks MSD's had them (limited Yuni and standard Cynthia). That thing directly opposit of where your arrow is pointing, there is no small gap or hole to put the rubber band through?
    11. I can see in your pic that you do have one. You just take a rubber band (supplied by Volks when you buy the doll) and run it through the hole, you then hook the rubber band around the S hook.
      I can take pics if you like. it will make your head cap stay on nice and straight.
      this is how all the Volks dolls (except one with magnets) work.
    12. Nope, the oldskin dolls had a plastic cylinder and hook system (which is really inefficient and resulted in many a dropped headcap for my doll before I sculptied it to keep it closed) The pureskin dolls have a hook and rubber band system.
    13. Oh, ok... the inside of the head just looked so much like my Volks I could have swore there was a place for the rubber band.
      Yeah, every Volks model I have owned (about 12) except 2 have had the rubber band system. The other two had magnets.
      I have never had a Pure Skin either.
      Sorry for being confusing robin!
    14. Yeah, I have no idea why volks felt sculpting the oldskin MSD heads this way was a good idea. @.@ All the other Volks dolls (pure and oldskin) I've played with have the rubber band hole (which results in pac-man head, but at least you don't loose the headcap!) except my Toppi who has a magnet.
    15. Hm...what about the FCS ones?
    16. Thanks guys, VulpesPraedatem Thanks so much!! That is too cute about Ken and Mika X3
    17. Hi,

      I used to own LE Ken and I am the one who sold mine to Kagari. I bought him in January 2003, right after the Dolpa he was released at. ^^

      The older Volks MSDs just have the little pegs that keep their head caps on. They don't work that well, I have that problem with my MSD Sakura still. There is no place to attach a rubber band on her.

      The LE Ken came with a cute sailor outfit, wig, glass eyes, eyelashes, and a face-up by Mikey. Additionally, he came with an extra set of hands that were clasped together. (The holding hands were released separately I believe and definitely not come with LE Ken.) The clasped hands were extra, the actual doll had the default h02 boy hands.

      Assuming the face up on your Ken is original, he is not the LE since the LE's lips were pinker and more pouty. They also had a very defined lip line.

      The new Volks standards/FCS dolls do not currently come with magnets, only the most recent LEs have magnet caps. I ordered FCS in December and my MSD boy did not have a magnet cap. However, the new Sato MSD molds, F15, F16, and F17, some with a place where one can add their own washer and magnet vs. earlier dolls which do not.

      Hope this helps!
    18. Ah...so the other Sato dolls (e.g. F07) don't have it then? :/
    19. So your MSD Sakura has a wonky headcap too? :/

      The face up on my Ken was changed several times before he got to me so I wouldn't know what kind of face-up he had originally. :(

      I would like to find the person who sold my Ken to ravendolls because it helps to know about the history of the dolls you have when figuring things out about them. Raven originally said that the body arrived to her before the head because he was getting a new face-up. I guess it could be possible that the dolls headcap could have been switched with another similar doll (or not, I'm just making a theory here..depending on if rkolds Sakura has a wonky headcap..) Nny is the very first doll that I ever bought (and the only one that I bought secondhand) and I really wish I knew more about him...>_>''
    20. Yes, my Sakura and my LE Ken have/had wonky head caps. It's cause they're older dolls. My Sakura I got brand new put together by Volks from the Akihabara branch of Volks in 2002. She has had no other owners but me, and she did not come from a re-seller/dealer.

      I'm not a take my dolls everywhere sort of person and her head cap is still wonky. I got my LE Ken through Minako of FrillFrill in January 2003, from the December after event. He also always had a wonky headcap. ^^;;

      I think your Ken is probably just a regular edition Ken from the Spring of 2003 and his wonky head cap is because it was before Volks switched to the rubber band system. ^^;;

      As for Aisuhime's question, yes, the Sato MSD F-07 does not have a magnet cap . It has rubber bands. There is also no place withing the skull to place a magnet.

      Hope this helps!