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OldSkin Volks - Do they have headplates?

May 11, 2007

    1. I've just received an oldskin Ryo head in the mail and I wanted to ask you Volks experts a few questions about him.

      Now I know the eyelids/brows (whatever you wanna call them) are carved into the head. However, is it common for oldskin moulds of this type to be without a headplate (there isn't a space for one on the mould either)? There also appears to be no type of mechanism to hold the cap on, apart from the little hold piece inside to attach a band to.

      Finally, his markings. Inside the head, on the cap, is a some japanese imprinted into the resin, and the digits: X 3 1 1

      These numbers are repeated again inside the head itsellf.

      Any help would be appreciated.
    2. It's exactly how oldskin heads from early 2000-2002 should be, don't worry about it :) And as for the head, you need to get a rubber band to attach to the s-hook. It's not the most stable head cap but I've never had a problem with my girl's falling off or anything. I actually prefer the rubber bands to the new magnets.
    3. Hiya!! I luckily have my oldskin boy sitting on my lap as we speak! :lol:

      Yup, they don't have headplates! Mine is an old optional head, so it just has "SD-F-10" carved into the back of his head, and a "10" on the headcap.

      I don't know what your x311 means :? Mine says "1999" under the japanese writing.

      Edit: Oh yeah, I think the S hook is supposed to attach directly to the loop in the headcap. But that makes it very difficult to take off the headcap to change eyes, so you might not want to do that if you'll be changing his eyes a lot. I tried using a rubber band to attach the headcap to the S hook, but it didn't give him good head mobility.

      Good luck!

      PS- Oh!! I have a doll named Sol too! ;)
    4. You guys are wonderful, thanks so much! I find it fascinating, all these little differences in markings on the Volks sculpts.

      I'd still be interested in knowing what the numbers (and letter...?) means if anybody knows?? Although I assume the Japanese writing means Volks or similar.

      This is exciting! lol

      Nakitama - which sculpt is your Sol? Great name! ;)
    5. My Sol is a little MSD Nasia! What's yours? :aheartbea
    6. mine has sd-f-07 carved into it in the back and on the inside of the headcap theres some japanese writing stamped in.
      EDIT: Oh yeah and there is also a resin loop on the inside of the headcap to hold it on. The headcap itself has very sharp edges. I've cut myself a few times on it.

      I kindof wonder if this wasn't a proto-type or something. =p
    7. My SD13 nono has X113 carved in her head as well. Seeing as she's the same mold and I've had two, one without the metal plate, and one with, yours sounds completely fine.

      You may want to buy the head attachment set from volks http://www.volksusa.com/matlas0001.html It makes head removal and getting into the head for eyes much easier. A washer would do just as well, but makes it harder to remove the head. A bit of eye putty and a looped rubber band will work to keep the headcap on.
    8. I guess it helps with some things, but I can't stand that neck thing. It makes my girl's head snap down just like my Lishe :sigh
    9. Nakitama : He's an oldskin F28. :D I don't think I'm familiar with Nasia.

      Everyone else, thank you so much - I really appreciate the help.

      VulpesPraedatum : It's a relief to know someone else has the same markings. ;) I'd love to know what they mean. I assume the date is part of it.
    10. Hmm, I haven't noticed that at all with her and I've had her almost 2 years. She's also finger crushingly and S hook deformingly tight, which may give her better head posibility.

      I find it helps when removing heads and headcaps for things like faceups, eye changes, and realistic clothing. (The kind with no back opening.)
    11. My girl is strung loosely so that might have something to do with it then.
    12. Headplates didn't come into existence until October, 2002, so any dolls from before then don't have them, and some didn't get them until much later as they still had plenty of old stock to get rid of before selling the new ones with headplates!

      Also originally all Volks dolls were made so that the S-hook attached directly to the headcap and the tension of the elastic held it on. This was mind-numbingly frustrating for most people, especially if you liked changing eyes. For those of us back in the day before they invented the attachment piece, we just put washers in their necks for the S-hook to sit on and it worked fine. :) My old F-09 still has a washer in his neck, I find it great and it doesn't cause any problems with his posing.

      (Volks finally changed the design to have the S-hook in the neck when they started bringing out SD13 -- much to everyone's relief. ;) )

      You can put pretty much anything in his neck so long as it holds the s-hook in place and stops it from falling through the hole. :) Good luck!