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[Olleaf] 2nd Wigs preorder~

Jul 20, 2009

    1. Dear,
      We are Olleaf.:fangirl:
      The famous wig company was open in our website.
      So now we can offer more various styles.
      We hope you visit our website and get more information.
      Also, we made an event in commemoration of opening new shops.
      The pre-order of the special wigs will start.

      Don’t miss the chance.:aheartbea


    2. :aheartbeaThese look great, but a couple of the wigs don't let you choose color and size options. Can you fix that? Are you going to have more Pan dolls? She is so cute and a boy Pan doll would be fantastic!
    3. It is an oversight on my part. I'm so sorry to trouble you
      I fixed it~.
      You can choose color and size options.

      Thank you ^^*~
    4. And..
      Sorry, we're sold out of Pan doll.