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Olleaf ..new tinys

Apr 12, 2008

    1. http://olleaf.com/

      I saw these in the news section ...the photographs are beautiful
      and the clothes are gorgeous ,I think they look so dreamy
      but I have had to ask ...I cant see it anywhere ...just a picture of the body
      I have noticed , the presentation of the dolls ...and this is general companies
      photographyis stunning ...but I want to see
      has she a jointed torso
      what to the legs look like
      what are the elbow joints like
      Im getting fussy the more I collect LOL
      so I have asked
    2. cute... I especially like their clothing XD
    3. How cute they are and I have to agree the photographing is so nice! <3
    4. Hi. I am new to DOA and am interested in the tiny bjds. Could someone tell me some places to look for them? I'm new to bjd's also. Thanks so much for any help. I love the little animals.
    5. Oh were too look ...
      the tiny section is a good start
      whats around is here

      the Comparison thread is a good place to start ...you can get an idea of what size you would like
      and the different body types there
    6. Thank you Tinybear! I'm just learning the board also and don't really know where to look. Thanks again.
    7. Judy Moore, if you want really beautiful tinies go here.http://littlebloomers.tripod.com/thesleepingelf/ The best, IMHO>
      Eh, Carrie, I don't love the photographs of these new ones. They look strange. I want some better/more detailed pictures.
    8. lol thanks sweetie:aheartbea

      yeah I asked for more pictures ...these are all very pretty
      and show off the outfits beautifully
      but you cant actually see what the doll is like ..only the face:)
    9. Thanks so much Stella. Being so new to this collecting I have no clue where to look. I had seen a darling Alice Cherry Blossom and had to have her. Now, I want the mouse but I have to wait until I have 40 posts I think to be able to get into the Marketplace and list a Want to Buy or be able to see what's for sale. Thanks so much for the link. Going there now!
    10. These look cute, but I wanna see nakies pics to see the bodies! They look like they have double jointing.... and wonderful big ears! Yay I love big ears!

    11. Some measurments would be nice too. If they are going to sell more of those lovely clothes it would be nice to know if they'd fit other dolls as well.

      I really like sites where they list the measurments so it's easy to find.

    12. they are gonna add nakie pics in a couple of days :)
    13. 26cm tall, 16mm eyes, 6-7 wig is all I see

      Some things I don't like...

      1. Their home page says they sell porcelain dolls too, and I do not see where it says what these are made of.

      2. I can't see the pictures too well but the hands look pretty simple for such a large tiny

      3. Can anyone find a nude photo or a full length photo of one standing and also of one nude? The legs look a bit floppy when sitting.

    14. I searched the site and couldnt find one at all ...I thought the hands were very small to sweetie
      I asked in the news section if they could post some pictures of the body and joints

      they said they would post them in the next couple of days
    15. I'm quite interested to see more photos of these little ones. I hope they post the new pics soon. They look very cute, but something seems a little odd about them. The clothing is lovely, but it makes me wary when the dolls are so totally covered from head to toe. The photos they have thus far give no indication at on posing ability, either. It's mostly lots of face shots, and dolls lying down, or leaning on something.

      I'll be excited if the body photos look nice, as these girls have precious faces. They remind me a bit of Banji.
    16. experience has taught me no to buy if I cant see all of the doll
      after all its a lot of money to part with ...if you can only see the tip of the fingers and the eyes ...what good is that ...the body could be anything :)
      and thats not just in this case ...all cases ...there is a trend to have these beautiful pictures
      and thats fine ...as long as we have the basic body pictures too
    17. Really nice clothing! Looks like tinys are the thing this year. It would be nice as it was mentioned to see some body pictures though.
    18. I appreciate your concern.

      Finally, we have updated the body picture of the first doll (Mary).
      You can see the pictures by the below ways in our homepage
      Please click &#8216;Olleaf doll&#8217; -> Mary Basic or Mary Sleeping .
      We are sorry to update the body pictures late.
      The updated body pictures are the Original Sculpture body pictures.
      We will update the reproduced body pictures later. I expect it will be 24th of April
    19. I am a little confused about the shipping prices?
      I put one skirt in my shopping cart and they added $250 shipping fee to it?
      Does anyone have more information about this?
    20. I think the body is very nice. I like the shape. A very cute kid.