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[Olleaf] Olivia

Jul 14, 2010

    1. She's pretty! How much is she going to be? And how tall is she? :D
    2. Hello~^^
      This is Olleaf.
      Olivia is 58cm.
      Thank you for interest.
    3. She is beautiful! When will she be available? Price?
    4. I am a little confused about the connection between Olleaf and Little Monica. Does Olleaf make the heads and Little Monica makes the bodies or are both parts made by Little Monica or is there a new Olleaf made body that Olivia comes with?

      Will the head be sold on it's own later on?

      Thank you!
    5. She's up for sale now :) I added new links and images in my first post ^^
      Sorry for the late update :sweat
    6. Yes, she's definitely on Little Monica's girl body. And indeed it's written in the bottom of her page that Olivia is sculpted by the same sculptor as Little Monica (and nDoll too, to mention all). The sculptor's name is 鉉 (Hyun), or Sun-Hyun Lee as LM wrote in their site. What is worse, the faceup and the lack of photography almost make Olivia doesn't look like Hyun's doll. I'm a devoted fan of his/her sculpts and at first sight I didn't believe that Olivia is his/her sculpts, it took me some time to look more closely to be really sure that she's indeed sculpted by Hyun... When I first saw nDoll's dolls I was almost sure at once that they're sculpted by Hyun.

      I also find it weird that Olleaf is selling LM dolls without anything in their front pages that states that they're LM dolls, though indeed in the individual doll page it's written that the manufacturer is LM. Not that I'm accusing anything though, I know LM has a wide basis of dealers and it seems like their sculptors love to sculpts for other companies without prior notice :sweat

      **after searching through Olleaf site**
      Found this on the notice :

      Well that clarifies everything :sweat
      Sorry mods for posting this in the news thread, just want to make sure everyone knows ^^
    7. Dear all customers ~

      This is Olleaf.

      Thank you for your continued support.

      Olleaf - Lovely girl 'Olivia' First release~~(Special free Event)!!
      Olleaf Special Free Event for the Olivia release Anniversary.

      we are happy to let you know Olleaf Lovely girl 'Olivia' First release .
      So we have gift for you~

      *** Special Event ***
      As an added bonus to celebrate Olleaf New Line release,
      the first twenty four customers to order Olivia will receive free
      Special Limited dress in image!

      Thank you~