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[Olleaf] USD Outfits Pre-order is now ~!

Apr 18, 2008

    1. [​IMG]
      :DWe are taking pre-order about the devoted clothes.


      The pre-order clothes are made of best materials and also are all high quality hand-made clothes.

      The size of the clothes is compatible with the size of the other USD dolls.
      The first pre-order event will be started from 12/April to 20/April.

      If you order it during the first pre-order event period, you can get 10% discount.
      Also if you purchase the clothes, you’ll get the free delivery during a month (10/April ~10/May).

      Don’t miss the best chance!!!:aheartbea

      * If you buy any goods after registering for homepage, you will get free high quality natural soap.
      (The high quality natural soap is made of the best natural materials.)
      If you use our soap, easily you will feel that it’s better than others.
      We hope you get the experience this time.
      After finishing the event, we will sell the high quality natural soap in our homepage.
      Now you can check the virtues and ingredients.
      When you visit our homepage, you can see the pop-up advertisements about the soap