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[Olleaf] Valentine Love Gift Event~^^ -new head

Feb 10, 2009

    1. :aheartbeaOlleaf 2009 Sweet Love Event!!



      :chocoberry we open our Valentine EVENT information!!


      Please check our details with following message.

      1. EVENT PERIOD : 10th Feb . 2009 12:00 p.m. (noon) ~ 20th Mar. 2009 12:00 p.m. (noon)

      2. We offer special gift for customers who order over $300.
      (Total price except shipping cost should be over $300, and we do not calculate separated orders' price together. )

      *Event gift is offered only once per a customer.
      Even though a customer makes several orders, event gift would be offered only once.

      - Order over $300 : Event limited Head (2009 Winter Event head - Lovely baby 'LOVE', Real skin normal only)

      - Photo and further information about EVENT HEAD will be opened soon.

      - Please refer to that quantity of event gift and head is limited, so they could be run out.

      - All time measurement is KOREAN standard time.
    2. ** The selling notice of the pattern production **:fangirl:

      Olleaf will offer the highest personal pattern production service from Feb.

      :aheartbea http://olleaf.com/shop/step_submain.php?b_code=B20080326111632 aheartbea

      We will produce all kind of design patterns whatever you want.
      It's the chance to make the ideal doll clothes.
      If you have any ideal cloths design,
      just send me the design and your doll size.

      You need to give us the further details which you want.
      Then we will produce the pattern and you can make the clothes by yourself with the pattern.
      We will also sell many kind of fabrics so you can make it easily.

      * The doll size : If you let me know, which company made of your doll and which doll of the company, it's the best way to check your doll size.
      (or you can measure the size such as the shoulder width, chest, waist, hips, head girth and height etc. => It's the just basic information. According to the situation, we need more detail.)

      * The basic price is settled per each size and the price is changeable because of the design.
      Then pls at first send the design.
      * We will send it by EMS but if you want to get it by mail,
      we can send it by JPG file.
      (If you have any specific file form, pls let us know.)
      If you receive the pattern by mail, you can get it quickly and don't need to pay the airfare. When we send it by mail, the size is A4.
      If your pattern is big, at first print them and collate pages.
      * We recommend the DIY product to a person experienced.
      * If you have any question, pls leave it on Q&A board.
    3. :fangirl: Hello~ customer~^ㅡ^

      We will take a pre-order of wigs-Heat resisting fiber line.

      You can choose Design, color and size..(SD, MSD, USD size)

      7 Style Design and 5 Color~ Heat resisting fiber

      *FEB 17th to FEB 24th *

    4. Could you please post a direct link? I can't seem to find your wigs on the page you linked us to.
    5. I thought this too, but spotted that the preorder starts on the 17th ;)