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Omg... I actually got PERMISSION!

Jan 10, 2006

    1. Wow! So, my parents were really against the idea of BJDs, at first (probably mostly because I bought my first one without telling them about it), and I thought that I'd NEVER be able to get another one while living at home. But today, I talked to my mom about opening up a new savings account once I start my new job. I already have one that I put in half my pay in for college, but I wanted another one as a "doll fund", where I could put maybe a quarter of my pay, then leave a quarter for spending money. I originally told her that it would be "in case there's something that I want but can't afford right away", which she immediatly guessed was for another doll. ^^; But she actually gave me her permission! She said that as long as I don't take it out of my University fund, and as long as I'm setting it asside specifically for that, then she won't complain if I get another one!

      I'm sort of in shock about that. @_@.

      Anyone else have parents who were entirely against it at first, but then opened up to it?
    2. My parents will be open to it when they're dead. Unfornately.
    3. Awww, that's too bad. :( For a long time I thought my parents would be the same way.

      Well, they still think it's a waste of money, but at least they won't lecture me about "needless expenses" anymore.
    4. w00t! Congratulations! Who are you gonna get? Hurry and save up, so I can see pictures! ^__^ You have to have a new one before the next meet! :)

      More on topic: I hadn't planned on telling my parents about my Tanning El until he got here, but unfortunately, the other day we got a phone call from Port Elgin saying there was a package for us, they didn't say who for, specifically. We had no idea what it was, Mom asked me if I had ordered another doll. I said yes, but that the package couldn't be my doll, it hasn't shipped from Korea yet.

      To make a long story short, Mom got majorly pissed. So I kindof steered clear of her for a few days, and Saturday she started asking me some questions about the doll. So I think she's coming around to him, and is not so angry anymore. ^__^ Now, if I can somehow avoid telling her how much his outfit cost.
    5. Congratulations! :D Do you know what doll you want to save up for yet?

      I have a similar story, kinda. My mom started off very opposed to the BJD hobby (we don't really have money to be spending on "fun stuff"), but once I got my first doll home she started to change her mind. I think she fell in love with him too. X3; She actually encouraged me when I decided to get my second boy, and she's looking forward to the next addition to the family. I guess she figures it's my money, I earned/saved it, and if I want to "throw it away on something useless", I have every right. ^^;
    6. I wish my parents would let me purchase a doll... I'm only 13 and saving up money by piano teaching (10$ an hour, they usually charge 40$ nowadays) and I can't work all day since I have to sacrifice 9 hours towards school and homework. As you can see, I don't make as much so it took forever to save 700$ :) A friend is helping me order as long as i pay her back so it's alright with me.
    7. in addition with Rynn007, my parents aren't that supportive either...I showed them pictures and everything and explained what high quality they are and how customizable they are, yet still, no luck. :( However, she did thankfully say that i could get one if i saved up my own money. ...She did go on and on about this 'goal' speech on how i should keep that 'goal' but that 'goal' could change (like the wind changes directions I suppose...i'm not THAT fickle...) and that I should think reallllyy hard about and see if it's a worthwhie 'goal'. and if htat 'goal' is still there in five/six months I could do it..oh well..Parentals are odd creatures...

      good luck with your girl! ^^
    8. Not really because I'm 19, I make my own choices on what I want, wether or not they approve.
    9. I wast totally shocked by my parent's reactions. When I was considering buying Crow I was really conflicted about spending that much money on a doll. So I called up my father...

      Me: "I need you to talk me out of doing something stupid."
      Dad: "What's that?"
      M: "I'm thinking of buying a $500 doll."
      D: "A doll? You don't like dolls." <- In 30 years, this is the first time I've ever been interested in dolls.
      M: "I like this doll. A lot."
      D: "I think you should get it then. You have the money on hand right?"
      M: "What?!"
      D: "I think if you're not putting it on a CC, you should get it. You work hard and pay all your bills. What are you working for if you can't buy something useless and fun every once and a while?"

      I had Crow shipped to my parents house (my address is confusing and packages get delayed), so both my parents were there when I opened him up. My mom asked what it was and my father said "That's her hard work."

      I never know what my mother's reaction to stuff is going to be, she is not a collector of anything or even has any hobbies. When she saw that the box held a naked doll her only reaction was to say. "I like his rock-star hair." (A fur wig the seller had included) and to walk off.

      Totally unexpected reaction from both of them!
    10. I hid my boy at first, because I thought my parents wouldn't understand because of the expense but in the end I showed him to them because I didn't want him hidden away. But my Mum was amused at me for hiding him, and adores him; she is knitting him a sweater and bought him a tarot book, and my Dad (though he has not said anything to me) has apparently been very interested. They are pro-my dream Hound. ^^ But I am saving for him. :)
    11. that's great.
      My mu at first also disagree on buying my first BJD. But than, I told her, I will work for myself and safe them, she din say anything. As for now, she already make an orer to me cause I kept my promise of working on saving.
    12. I'll probably be getting Basic Ren Girl from AngelRegion, unless the tanned 4 guardians are released at DoD before I get her.... if that's the case, I'm SO getting a tanned U. (Only problem with that, though, is that the character I have planned for U wouldn't really interact well with Raziel... Which is why I'm hoping I'll be able to save up for Ren quickly. ^^; )

      I also think my mom would be slightly more supportive if I get a girl doll. She actually told me once that I should sell Raziel and get a girl instead. Well, I love Raziel immensly, so I'll never sell him, but I did mention that a girl was next on my wishlist, and she actually seemed interested. (I also made sure to specify that she was Raziel's little sister, so selling Raziel to get her would make her lonely... At which point she just rolled her eyes. lol)
    13. My mom told me to make my own =\ He doesn't even have ears yet.
    14. My mom is of the opinion that I'm an adult, and can waste/spend my money however I want. Of course, I've been saving and trying to make some money to buy one for awhile, so she's had some time to adapt. She says as long as I don't get a DES (she thinks RoxyK's Frankie is 'weird' looking) or some very odd doll she won't complain. She likes the Soo I've picked out, and she also likes Lishe. She's not too sure about the Hound, though...
    15. It wasn't my getting a doll that my folks didn't like, it was the whole buying from overseas thing. My mom was not at all enthused about me buying something from Korea and still is anxious whenever I place an order. While I was waiting for Mi (during the Great DoD Credit Card Crisis of '05) it was really looking bad, like he would be cancelled and I would get ripped off. She was very upset over the whole situation. As far as the buying of a doll, she was actually proud of me for pulling double shifts and working so hard so I could get my boys without sacrificing precious college funds. Not that she really could have stopped me either way, since I am 19 (we are close, though, so she still has a big influence on me).
    16. I think your parents might just be looking at it realistically. After you reach a certain age they won't have any control over your spending habits, so if they encourage you to wisely seperate your funds now, while they still have a hand on the reigns, it would be better than outright forbidding you to buy dolls until you are 18.
    17. That's great! I hope it works out well for you!

      My mom does not like the idea of me spending my money on things that aren't practical. I collect Pinky:St dolls and some other small things. I have a full time job. I pay my bills. It's just the thought of me spending a lot of money in one chunk makes her cringe and yell.

      It's kind of annoying. I ignore her, though.
    18. congratulations! = D
      my dad is still not too happy that he spent alot of money for my boy :(
      I told them that I will pay them back but they said no.....they "did" say no but they took most of my money anyway...
      My mom didn't like bjds in the beggining but she now say that some of them are pretty and she loves to see Junshin every time I show him to her ^ ^...she also said that when we move in to our new house (maybe november x_x) she will buy me another doll! = D
    19. I think I'm kind of lucky that my mom actually approved of me buying. At the beginning when I wanted one, I'm like "Oh shit, now I'm going to hide something from them", which I hardly do. But on this night she was in a good mood, came over to my room to chat with me so I decided to blow it. Glad I did. XD Thought she woould have spazzed upon hearing the price but she was only slightly taken aback. After all, i have spent around $400SGD in one shopping trip. I told her I will cut down on shopping, and showed her the savings plan I drafted out. She knew I was serious so she didn't mind, as long as I don't get overly obsessed. *_* I daren't tell my dad, even though he did mention the dolls are very pretty. He actually took a liking to El. Lol. Maybe I'll tell him when my boy comes. XD
    20. Congratulations on getting permission for another doll!

      My father was actually very acceptiong (a shocker!) when I broke it to him I had bought Miki, but he also said that more dolls were definitely out of the question. Well, with our current situation they definitely are out of the question [I'm actually going to have to sell some of my teddy bears (CRY! :()and half of my books as it is], but it doesn't stop me from dreaming about getting a boy some day ;)

      Can't wait to see who you bring home next ^^