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OMG ~ Total NOOB question: Why Do They Call It A 'Fer'???

Mar 26, 2010

    1. I'm so sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but really? where else would it go?? :doh

      I have NEVER understood WHY they call those dress sets 'fer's. Anyone know?? Or am I the only one? (and I HAVE one!):lol:
    2. It's the name of the design, nothing more than that! :)
    3. Because someone thought it sounded cool is my guess.
    4. I always assumed it was some cute permutation of "fur" but I didn't care enough to actually check up on it :)
    5. Cuz it's fer wearin'. (Okay, bad answer.)
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    6. Okay, I actually laughed at this one. :lol:
    7. lols @Myriantha...=D

      It's not a bad/n00b question at all FrankieCat, I've been wondering the same thing myself. I was like "THERE IS NO FUR ON IT...Why do they call it that?" XD
    8. Just a big guess...well, a "fer" is a type of grape. Any connection to the wine-colored Fer maybe? *_*
    9. See, I was thinking fer in French means iron or can also be used to describe a sharp object (like a blade) and the sharp lines of the coat always reminded me of that...I am probably way off (please keep in mind I am only in intermediate college French , so my interpretation of the word might be off), but that is what first came to my mind. It probably is just a name they came up with ^_^
    10. It's not a n00b question. I've always wondered why myself, lol. xD
    11. "They" are Dollheart. Dollheart made the outfit, Dollheart named the outfit. Why not e-mail Dollheart and ask, instead of asking people who had nothing to do with choosing the name? ;)
    12. Thanks for all the answers! I like the theory of it being the French word for 'blade' to describe the pointed edges of the jacket design.
      And I'm happy I'm not the ONLY one who wants to KNOW!
      So...I'm taking the advice of Cynthia, and asking them at DollHeart. (I figured I'd ask here in case anyone knew...before bothering them there!)
    13. Funny, I've wondered about this strange name as well, so if you get an answer, please post it here.
    14. I'll be interested to know! 8D
    15. i thought 'fer' was how that thing is called. y'know like pants, dress, hat, etc.
      xD me and my bad english!
    16. I think I read somewhere - can't remember where - that it was originally supposed to be called Black Fear, but someone spelled it wrong and so it became known as Black Fer - and all the other colours have been called that ever since...

      I can't swear to it, as I can't find where I read it now...

    17. Hmm I really wouldn't assume fer = blade in this case, because in french fer has a LOT of meaning. see here http://www.wordreference.com/fren/fer

      As odd it may sound I would think for a typo when they wrote their "title", maybe the best is to ask them XD but if that's a typo that gave this name I doubt they will admit it XD

      But you are not the only one who wonder about this mysterious title ^w^
    18. Me too! But, I think it is a good answer. lol
    19. OMG I am SOOOOOO glad I am not the only one! All this time I was ashamed of myself for not knowing what a "fer" was! "You used to be a technical theatre MAJOR in high school! You made costumes! How can you not know what a fer is when it is so common???" XDXDXDXDDDDDD
    20. When I saw the poll on DoA, I thought it was a typo or something, or they were just being cute: "male FER re-release" as in they were re-releasing a male doll that DoA had made themselves or something, or that it was a WHOLE word, like 'malefer'....but that didn't make sense, either. :doh: but then scrolling down, I thought it was what the little fabric designs were called! a red brown FER. a pink FER to make clothes for a doll...ah well, I guess I wasn't the only one? XD