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Omukae Ceremony

Oct 7, 2004

    1. I read in a post on an SD mess. board (I can't remember which one) about a ceremony in Japan for new dollfies in which the new owner blows out a candle in order to "breathe life" into their dollfie.
      Can anyone provide me with details about this ceremony, or provide a link to info about it ?? Arigatou
    2. I like to know that, too.
    3. I think they are called "Naming Ceremonies." In Volks stores in Japan, they have these strange coffin-like boxes propped up and surrounded by flowers. They put your doll into the box and then turn down all the lights in the Volks store and the Volks store worker says the doll's name and then someone blows out a candle. I'm sure other things are said rather than just the doll's name, but I've never personally witnessed a ceremony (or speak Japanese so even if I had, I wouldn't be much help :oops:).

      I have seen the naming boxes in the Volks showrooms before, and heard about the ceremony second-hand from others.

      I hope this helps!
    4. That sounds very interesting...
      I suppose that the new owner could make up a Naming/Homecoming Ceremony on there own.

      The type of Homecoming party that I'm planing is to have a few friends over, with snacks and stuff and a cake for the doll, because why not? It is a 'birthday' :D

      As for the Naming Ceremony, I was thinking of it going something like this:
      Lights off, a brace of small candles are lit, the doll is out of it's shipping box dressed and ready laying wrapped up with white cloth against(or in) something or those naming boxes mentioned above . (I'd want to have flowers along with it too.)
      A large decorative candle is lit between the owner and doll, The new owner would say "I name you '(name of the doll)' " (or something like that) Then blows the candle out.
      It's kinda like the Volks Naming Ceremony....but a with a difference.
      As the owner unwraps the finished doll, I'd tell him my name, what I think of him, what I want from him and what I'd do for him.....that way the doll and owner would be bounded.
      (Maybe I can write a few lines of an Doll Owner's vow. )

      Uh, uhm. Heh.... Am I sounding silly? =^^;;;=
    5. Nope nope *^^*

      Chloe-chan and I roleplay our dolls, and they have thieown 'reosence' or soul, Id think its be cool to have a ikkle ceremony.
    6. I'd like to have a sort of homecoming ceremony for Ichiiro - but he's going to be my Christmas present from Mom. :grin: I guess I'll have to save the "creepy" ceremony for the second boy.
    7. You are referring to the Omukae Ceremony (Welcoming Ceremony) held in each of the Volks Angel's Nest Showrooms.

      Lights dim, music plays, candles are lit, soothing words of enchantment are spoken...

      'Congradulations, you have just become the life partner of a Super Dollfie!'

      -according to the article about Volks in the Man issue of FDQ magazine. My copy arrived today (because I won 2nd place in their annual photo contest, I was considered a contributer and my copy was shipped out early).

      I think it's a great idea, like a christening/adoption/marriage ceremony all rolled into one. Please take pics and share.
    8. Hey, that's probably legal in Massachusetts!
    9. from what I've heard,... it's possible to do it if you make a reservation with volks before you visit. They close the store for you while it's being done. I'm hoping to do it when I go to Japan. We'll see!
    10. Hahahahaha :lol:
    11. we saw video about the welcoming ceremony that volks brought to the texas SDC. it was really beautiful!
    12. Yes, I'll take lots of pictures or even video-tape it.......when I get my doll. :grin:
      I'm still struggling to save up enough cash to make an order to Domuya.
    13. The Naming Ceremony was done for my FCS F-28.

      I was not there, but the fabulous friend who ordered/picked my boy up for me is the one who snapped the pix.




      If you want the ceremony I believe you just have to arrange it with the shop.
    14. Oh wow....

      I'm going to try my best.
    15. it's almost cult-like... although, on second thought, BJD owners kind of are a bit fringy. And it sounds cool, anyway. Were I able to get my dollfies directly from the showrooms I'd ask for the ceremony ^^ (As it is I had a sort-of ceremony when I welcomed Nora home and finished putting her together. I dressed her and we had a little chat about where she came from, what she was like, and what her name was. ^_~)
    16. I'll have to start writing one of these for Ichiiro. :D
    17. gee, I don't think it's cult like, but then I'm very attached to my toys (not just super dollfie). I think it's sweet. :)
    18. It's almost cult-like... although, on second thought, BJD owners kind of are a bit fringy.

      Fringy? What do you mean?
    19. I think she means "on the fringe of society". (like heaven's gate cult or something, but she probably didn't mean it that extreme.)
    20. Sorry, I was being slightly facetious ^^;; I meant we're fringy in that most of the rest of society can't understand how we can spend $600 - $1,700 on resin dolls and call them our "children". People who understand are 'in the club', so to speak. BJDs really aren't something people seem to be casually into -- you're either INTO IT, or you're really not. It's a lot like other more obscure or underground hobbies (like cosplay, for instance, which I do and have found that normal people find really weird and/or disturbing)

      Some of us are a little more out there than others (the ones who talk as if they've lost sight of the fact that dolls are... dolls) but we're all slightly different just for the fact that we're here ^_^ And nothing wrong with that -- being mainstream can get a little boring. (And as I said, I'm quite attached to my little girl and I talk to her, so I wasn't trying to sound particularly judgemental.)

      (this post needs -- 8) a random Harry Potter!)