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Ondria's feedback..

Jan 3, 2007

    1. If you want to post a feed back on me..you are more then welcome to do so.
    2. I sold a doll to Ondria, on layaway, and she paid quickly in only a few installments. Communication was great. She was great to deal with!
    3. Ondria bought a pair of eyes from me, she is a great person to deal with, paid fast, and has excellent communication
    4. Great buyer, fast payment, thanks again ^^
    5. I also had a great deal with Ondria. She was really friendly to talk to and she paid so quickly ^_^ It was an awesome transaction! Thank you so much!
    6. I sold a lovely green wig to Ondria. She paid promptly and was a pleasure to deal with!
    7. I sold a pink bun MSD wig to Ondria--smooth transaction, she's a total sweetheart, paid fast and it's an absolute pleasure to see it on her boy. He's just so cute in it! :D
    8. ondria participated in my dollmore group order. smooth transaction and very friendly.
    9. ondria participated in yet another one of my group orders, this time one from luts, and everything went smoothly. Quick payments and very friendly ^_^
    10. another great transaction with ondria. she bought a pair of eyes from me. payment was quick, and as always ondria was a pleasure to deal with ^_^
    11. Ondria bought a MNF body from me on layaway. She paid promptly and kept up great communication with me if anything was wrong or needed to be changed. She was a dream to work with and I would love to do business with her again!
    12. Ondria bought a Ajumapama Jacket from me.. she was wonderful to deal with and I even got a picture from her of her Daye wearing it (he is handsome) :fangirl:
      Thanks again for the great transaction :)
      Oh and thanks for the compliments on my avi.. I love Howls moving castle..
    13. Ondria bought some tiny clothes from me. She paid super fast and was wonderful to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Thank you! <3
    14. Ondria bought one of my dolls and she was wonderful to work with:D We did a layaway and she always made her payments on time:) She kept great communication and is a really lovely person:) I would happily deal with her again!
    15. Ondria bought some clothing from me, and she was fantastic to deal with. Her communication is great, and it was overall very pleasant. I would love to do business again! :aheartbea
    16. Ondria bought a pair of MNF hands from me. She was easy to deal with, fast in communicating, and very nice! I would do business with her again. :3
    17. I bought some very nice mini gem clothes:D from Ondria, she was great to buy from, very good communication and very nice, with very _speedy_ shipment!:)
    18. I bought some clothes from Ondria! Very lovely, fast shipping, great items for such an amazing price. Would buy from again.
    19. I bought a dress from Ondria and it came quickly and safely! The dress is adorable! Awesome seller. :3
    20. I also bought a Monique Paris wig! Obviously, I would buy from her again. <33