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One Doll at a Time? Or Many at Once?

Feb 25, 2012

    1. This is mostly referring to people that build their dolls from the head down as opposed to those that buy Full Sets and change a wig or the clothes but all takes please apply.

      When you're creating your dolls do you work on one at a time or do you work on several dolls at once?

      Like do you get everything: Body, head, eyes, wig, face up, clothes, the works THEN start a new doll?

      Perhaps instead do you get the base of the doll done? Body, head, eyes then finish while working on your new doll as well.

      Or do you work on multiple dolls whole hog at once? A head here a wig there maybe a pair of eyes for a 3rd and a body for a 4th.

      In my case I know I want to make 3 dolls eventually
      MoUSE!k, MoUSE!m, and Borgias

      I already have a head in the works for MoUSE!k, a tentative body chosen, as well as eyes and a wig. I've even already bought pants for both her and MoUSE!m.
      Meanwhile I am also on the look out for a head for MoUSE!m.

      For the most part I can work on these two together because they are two versions of one character.

      On the other hand every time I try to work on Borgias just finding a face, I can't. I just have no motivation cause I haven't finished my first doll(s)
    2. I have always worked on multiple dolls at once. Some will be waiting for something on commission, others will be waiting for me to sew clothes, etc. My tastes have always run with the limited edition/hard to nab dolls so I have a very "get it while you can!" mindset. I have never had any problems with the idea of working on several dolls though, they all just chill out together and I get to them when i can :)
    3. I have a few in the works, but it's really waiting on bodies to arrive. Also need to save up for three new faceups. One needs a new body, and seriously thinking about purchasing a Delf body and trading the Fdoll body to the head that needs the body but the fdoll body has a dragon tattoo on it, and it matches the doll's name...so yeah, many at once.
    4. I never really consider myself "done" with a doll. If I see a nice wig, then I buy it. I make clothes constantly. I'll wipe the face-up every so often. There is no "done" since I don't have a characters.

      However, I am trying to only have a max of four dolls, so to buy a new doll, I'd have to sell one of my four to replace. So in that sense, I do one doll at a time.
    5. I tend to work on all of my dolls at the same time. I only have a few I consider complete, and I do go through times where I "upgrade" their wigs or eyes or clothes. I'm also slowly going through the ranks and getting those in need new face-ups. That's always dependent on my having funds coinciding with the artists I like taking commissions.
    6. ArouraAnn I can certainly agree with the "get it while you can" mentality at the least because that played a huge role in my rushing to find MoUSE!K's head, a Iple YID Iris.

      Certainly while I'm browsing about for other goods I always have a half mind devoted to watching for things for the other dolls. Heads/faces especially since as my friend J points out that's the part that really MAKES the character when you find it. For example he showed me a doll head for his fiancee's character who I know very well, I looked from it to his fiancé, back to it, back to his fiancé. "WHY did {Character} bleach his hair?!" (the character has red hair the doll in the ad picture had white)
      It was just so..HIM arrogance, asskicking, and all.

      Still though I can't seem to turn off the part of my brain that says "FINISH THIS ONE FIRST"
      So Even though I know I want Borgias to be a 70cm doll and know almost EXACTLY the kind of face (he's based on a historical figure) I just can NOT focus on him.

      I also agree with knightjeran a doll is more often than not never 'DONE' I more meant done by reaching the point when it's "who it's supposed to be" like for both MoUSE dolls I know I will be forever buying wigs for her as I find/make them cause the character in question changes her hair color near daily. But the first time I see her dressed from her converse sneakers to her ox tail buns I will call her...i guess COMPLETE is a better word than DONE
    7. As much of a multi-tasker that I am, I would perefer to focus on one doll at a time, lest I lose said focus and delay the finishing product. Plus, I imagine once I finally do get a doll, he will inevitably be the jealous type and will demand my full and immediate attention.
    8. :lol:Hypnopompicz tha's actually what I find really funny about my brain being so focused, I'm usually a major multi-tasker, heck right now I have
      -8 tabs up for dolls/parts (including this one)
      -a 2nd window open with my FB and a Podcast playing (We're Alive is awesome)
      -a chat window
      -AND I'm reading The Hunger Games

      but like the 7 other doll tabs I have open? All parts for MoUSE!
    9. I usually have multiple dolls I'm working on at the same time, but I tend to focus on one in particular. Right now, it's my Migidoll Miho. I plan to complete him within the next couple weeks. I have almost no motivation to work on a doll if it's lacking a face-up. That's their personality, and I feel like I need that for inspiration. Mouser26, our computer tabs would probably look really similar XD
    10. Unless I run into a situation where a doll is very limited and I'd have to buy it soon(which has not happened yet), I prefer to work one doll at a time. For me, that means each doll has a faceup, their own eyes, wig, and 1-2 outfits just for them (default sets count). Generally, until those needs are met, I will not even consider bringing home another.
    11. I'd very much prefer working on one doll at a time. However if there happens to be something which catches my eye - say, a wig that would go perfectly with another doll - I might buy it. Minor digressions from the main task of completing the look of another doll, I would say.
    12. I like to get a doll together and somewhat presentable as soon as possible, so I can post photos and bring them to meetups or whatever.

      That said, there have been dolls that have been lying about incomplete for YEARS--waiting on the right body or faceup or blushing or whatever. So, although I prefer to get one doll done at a time, that doesn't always happen.
    13. This seems to be the overall norm as far as methods go
    14. I guess I would say that I "try" to work on one doll at a time, although others are often in the back of my mind as I do. That's actually a good thing. I've trained myself to focus on the task at hand and just let my brain magically reason out problems for future tasking. So other dolly needs are always floating around, but I don't let them deter what I'm working on currently. I just finished a massive doll project...my Dollzone Anson...and if I'd let myself lose focus during the process, I knew it would be a disaster and she might never be completed because of the heavy workload required for the unusual faceup/body blushing I was doing. And then it was onto making her a formal gown for the latest runway challenge (just finished.) It's the kind of overall doll project that just leaves you, "Whew!" But very happy that you completed your goals.
    15. When I was new to the hobby, I did one at a time. Now....several at once. Currently:

      ~I have Parker's upgraded head, eyes and faceup, nothing else.
      ~Zack's baby form faceupped, with eyes, nothing else, but his toddler form complete and his preteen head and eyes in hand, but needing work, and looking for his adult head (it was an event head, so I'll have to grab it when I can)
      ~Ashley on layaway, his eyes, wig, clothes and jewelry on my coffee table
      ~Sixx's head, needing a faceup
      ~Claire complete but needing high heel feet and clothes
      ~Mikko paid off, but not home, but going to need new hands (b/c I'm picky and hate small hands on males)
      ~Olli together but needing more clothes and tattoos.
      ~Hansel waiting on a body upgrade
      ~Venice needing to be reshelled
      ~Blake's wig lost in the mail
      ~Mike needing a new body
      ~Xerxes needs new eyes

      ummmmm.....and everybody needing more clothes. -dies- I didn't realize it was THAT bad......but a LOT of it is getting what I can as I have the money or if it's hard to get, grabbing it when I can, even if I don't need it yet. (like adult Zack and Parker, I won't need for a LONG time, but wanted to guarantee I got them) But I also think there is always room for improvement or expansion, so my dolls are never really truly complete
    16. I work on several at once. But I'm also a little strange, because some dolls never get "complete" in my eyes. I do have dolls that only need one wig, one pair of eyes, one pair of shoes and an outfit. These are the easy ones.
      But then I have dolls who'll always need new things, because their character grows. It can be a bit of a pain, but at the same time I never get bored with the doll.
      So many at once.
    17. I actually ended up breaking my own statement yesterday XD
      I went through EVERY Dollmaker on DoA's wiki looking for a MoUSE!m (MSD) head to match my MoUSE!k (sd13) of the same character which was in keeping with my previous statement that I could work on the two together since they are one person.

      When I got down to SIX possible heads for MoUSE!m (don't try doing the math on how many heads that is out of it hurts) i was skimming back through some of sites i had really liked for second glances and found myself actively hunting through the 70cm.

      I Actually FOUND my Borgias >.>
      Which has put me horribly off track on working on MoUSE!k or MoUSE!m though I am waiting on pants i ordered for MoUSE!k ...which is a joke since currently she's a floating blank head.
    18. When I first started collecting these dolls, I only worked on one at a time until everything was finished. Now I work when I'm in the mood. If I get on a roll doing faceups, I might work on several at a time to take advantage of perfect weather to spray MSC and the fact that I have all my supplies out and may as well get several done before I put all that stuff away. I do the same with sewing. I don't have the space to keep projects out, so if I go to all the trouble to get out my sewing machine, I may as well sew several garments before putting it away. I'd give anything for a huge hobby room where I could have my supplies set out and waiting for me without having to get them out and put them away each time.
    19. A little bit of both, really. I would usually get one at a time, but if finances are good and I'm getting more than one doll from the same company, I'll probably order multiple dolls at once. It probably won't happen much, since I can't always save that much money for a multiple order, but I will try to if I can.
    20. I work on multiple dolls at once. For me, the most important part is securing resin parts (heads, fantasy parts and bodies when necessary). I always buy company face-ups, but I'm gradually going through and modifying them to suit my characters better. Eyes are on hold until I can afford one giant order (I'd need to spend almost $400 to buy eyes for all my characters at once *_*). Wigs I pick up as special events come up (as I'm a fan of limited edition colours). I'm also planning on making some custom wigs, which will involve buying a big batch of supplies all at once. Clothing I'm working on myself as I can, but it's very low on my priority list at the moment.