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One doll is good enough!....or Is it?

Oct 22, 2009

    1. Alright I didn't see a thread like this but if there is a thread like this, sorry and if this thread causes offense, sorry.:)

      But back to the point of this thread, I am sure some of you are like, "I will have one doll and one doll only...." then few months of a year down the line you have another? And the chain doesn't stop there?

      Well same thing happened, this is my full conversation with my mother.

      Me : "Yep I am sure I will only have one, I will pour all my love in him!
      Mother : "Well when you are to addicted it won't stop, I assure you.
      Me : "Nah, this is certain haha!"

      My mother then laughs along, that conversation took place in September 2008. Then suddenly this year my collection multiplied like rabbits XD.:sweat

      So the question again. Have you ever thought you'd buy only one but then suddenly have more than one?:)
    2. there are a LOT of threads on these lines and a great number of us will attest this is exactly what we once thought......and failed

      I started with "just one" and am inching towards 30

      And believe me I am not the worst offender
    3. Aww sowwy for spamming the boards then, let us hope...it is removed XD finally found out how to upload a new avatar, phew.
    4. Well, I've still got plenty of time to lapse, but so far I've been a-okay with one doll. I'm considering getting a second doll...but in that case, I will not be keeping the first doll, which would thus leave me again with one doll. I think it really helps that ball-jointed dolls are NOT my major hobby, and my major hobby is equally expensive, so I would rather spend my money on the other interest. If I didn't have this other way to spend all my money I might have more dolls. n_~
    5. lol Yea I thought that :sweat

      After my sister convinced me to get one I though "I only want one, these things are far too expensive so one is enough." PFFT! Yea right! XD I ended up getting my second one before my first even got to me, then I got my third with the first one I had to pre-order then I got my afra at A-kon and well....it kind of goes on from there *_*
    6. I'm not interested in having just one. I thought that at first because of price, but it didn't last long at ALL. I like doing photostories and they are characters, and to me one is just boring. Two is much more fun. More than that is fun too, LOL! I still tend to mostly do things with them in 2s and 3s, though. They each get their turn eventually.
    7. Nope! I always knew about how many I wanted to own - and it's more than one.
    8. Hmm. I can't really make that decision. My parents are still partly against my doll (at least, my mum, my dad doesn't really bother either way, I'd say) so I don't think I'm allowed to get another, at least for a few more years. But it's okay, so far I'm managing quite alright, babying my doll and saving up my meagre pocket money to get him new hairstyles and clothing.
    9. {sob!}


      But that was 26 BJD's ago.

      Just today I had that moment of realization that I have 27 of the things - and how - how did it get to be so many!!???

    10. I wanted to have only one Limhwa Luna)))And what's the result????Look at my signature,poor me!And that is not the end of my story)))
    11. I'm setting the cap around 15.

      I think when I got the first one (an MSD) I knew I wanted a big one. The MSD was like ... when you buy a little bicycle with training wheels. I had her for about a year when I got an SD. And then I wanted a boy.

      And then I wanted a tiny.

      And so on. This time last year I had 2 dolls. Now I have 5 in my apartment, one head, one should be arriving within the next couple of months, and another on layaway. My apartment is just over 200 square feet, so I probably need to slow down. But I don't think I will buy any more dolls after this year is finished. At least not for a while.
    12. I never wanted only one. From the start I wanted two, a boy and a girl, and I wanted little ones. When I found Bobobie's 27CM kids, I fell hard and before long, I had them both, mostly thanks to BBBs low, low prices. But, truth be told, I knew that I'd likely want more if I really loved these two, which I do.

      It's funny, I love tinies, but most of the dolls that appeal to me are Minis, especially for particular characters. I'd also like an anthro or two. I really don't know what my collection will look like once I stop and say, "Okay, I'm done."
    13. I never said only one. I said only two. That failed too! I slowly accumulate about four a year, between my own buying and Christmas presents from my mom and bf @__@
    14. I've only wanted one...TWICE!!! No, I'm not kidding.:sweat It seems like such a great idea and I really admire those who can stick to it...pouring all your love and pocketchange into a single doll and being happy with it. I really did try. It didn't work the first time with SDs when I first got into ABJDs years ago. But when I completely downsized my collection to a smaller size this year, I thought for sure I could pull it off this time with my Batchix Machina. I love her so much:aheartbea, but darn it, she wanted friends...so I'm already up to 4 this year alone!:doh

      edit: only 3 weeks after typing this post, I'm up to 5...:sweat 'nuff said!!!
    15. My theory is that if one of something is good, then two are better. This goes double for dolls.
    16. XD I see, well the sixth is gonna HAVE to be my last, so then that means the book of collecting will be closed for me soon. But I might get seven as my last cause I want both a S.Petsha and Twin-B, but Angelheim Zion caught me, and he might not let go XD
    17. So far am happy with just one and I don't really plan to get another one...

      but I noticed it never really stays at one....
    18. Hah, I did a pretty good job for a while... and then out of the blue I bought a puki. And now I'm going to buy my third, and already planning my fourth and fifth. There is no end, once you're in on bjds, your stuck in bjds.
    19. I never had the "just one" attitude - I always knew I was going to want more. So, I'm always open to buying a doll if I can at the time and I know I want it. I guess that kind of makes me a collecter? I'm not out to get every doll - just all the ones I like.
    20. The real problem is that the dolls mind control us and want their friends. Or we see a doll so hauntingly beautiful that it must come live with us. Then of course once the doll comes, they need stuff.