One expensive doll or multiple cheaper ones?

Jan 28, 2020

    1. I just found out that a doll maker I've been seriously admiring for a while is planning a limited release of dolls in resin. I'm over the moon as I've been hoping for this to happen for ever! However, the cost of the doll, while a lot cheaper than their porcelain version, is still almost $1000! I could only justify spending that much on one doll if I sold all my other dolls. I am very new in this hobby so I only have three.

      My question is... would you rather have many affordable dolls or only one grail doll?
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    2. I'd go for the one grail doll. I would always go for the doll I love the most instead of having a lot of dolls that I like... less. And especially with limited dolls. If you ever regret not buying it it will only be more expensive and harder to find secondhand.
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    3. Tricky question.

      If you like that one expensive doll so much, get rid of the inexpensive ones and buy it.

      Having a lot of dolls is not that much fun imho. For me quality > quantity.
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    4. If I only had one grail doll, I would go for that instead of a bunch of less expensive dolls. However, I have more than ten grail BJD, that I'll probably never get due to various reasons so I don't think that would work for me either way. When I first learned about this hobby more than fifteen years ago, "inexpensive" dolls were upward of $300, so I don't know that I would have gone for the "less" expensive options anyway. I want to say less is more sometimes, but then again, if you look at my collection of OT anime/video game figures, you'd probably think I'm nuts (and that's probably true). DX
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    5. All bjd are expensive, there is no cheap bjd. My most expensive bjd cost $700 1/3 size, least expensive is $300 1/6 size. I will never buy another $700 doll, acceptable range is $500 for a 1/3 doll. This hobby is making me guilty for spending so much money. My parent does not support my hobby, they think I am ridiculous for spending so much on toys.
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    6. Get them if u really love them. Resin dolls priced at same level except limited edition. This is just a matter of priority, u will own them finally.
      Porcelain dolls are expensive in comparison, but long lasting than resin. If you confirm that this is your one and only one grail, also your financial status is stable, why not to own one?
      Evaluate your financial condition, and buy your dolls. That's it.
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    7. I have 11 dolls at the moment and to be honest about half of them were "inexpensive". But I still love them just as much as my dolls that were 2-3x their price. I also have trouble even liking dolls that are upwards of $1k. Sure they're pretty, but not $1k pretty (to me at least). The only dolls I can see as grails are above that but it's complicated. One is a character doll and is only a grail because the character is one of my favorite comic book characters ever. I actually have plans to shell him on my own instead. The other was just above $1k new but is no longer sold. Used ones sell for less but I have literally only ever seen one for sale ever and I couldn't afford shipping on it. Plus it's off topic here so one would never pop up on the mp here unfortunately. If I ever found one for sale for $1k I don't think I'd buy it to be honest.
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    8. Looking at my bjd collection, I think I am in the having many dolls category as I like to have a variety of dolls, male/female, fantasy, all sizes etc.
      Grail doll doesn't necessarily mean the most expensive doll and there hasn't been any dolls that are so expensive that I want anyway.
      Even if I buy a $1000 grail doll, it doesn't mean that I wouldn't want to buy less expensive doll sculpts in the future.
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    9. It won't make much difference, as far as I can see - tha pattern seems to be that there will always be more dolls coming along to tempt you, so even if you get That Special One, other dolls will come along that you can't resist, so you'll end up with more than one anyway.

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    10. My dolls are all particular characters that feel special to me so no, personally I wouldn't sell them just to get one doll I like more, but it's a very individual thing and there's no right answer. (I also generally feel uncomfortable about expensive dolls - like I would be afraid to customise or pose them - which is a big part of the fun of the hobby for me, so generally I tend to not even bother pining for them).
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    11. I got my first doll which happened to be a grail doll. Less than two weeks later, I got a doll second hand that was half the price. I love both so much, but the secondhand doll has been more fun because I’m not concerned with “ruining” her as much as I am with my Fullset grail doll.

      I suppose you could get your grail and then get another cheaper doll sometime down the line! But, I wouldn’t sell your other dolls unless you genuinely don’t feel as attached to them.

      Also, you should consider if you can sell them off quick enough to pay for the other doll. In the end, do what makes you the happiest and you’ll be fine :D
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    12. If it’s the doll of ur dream go for it I say I did that with my Sunho
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    13. Definitely the one that is your grail doll, no matter the price. Nothing beats owning something that will make you happy :)
    14. I would buy the one, especially if it is a limited release. I prefer owning only one, which I really like, than 3 or 4 compromises.
    15. I don't like the term "grail". So many people use the term as something they want in the moment/trend and not something forever.

      I just got my "grail" after 15-ish years and only had to pay 1/2 of her original going price. Doesn't happen all of the time, but it's something to think about in this hobby.

      The dolls being referred to tho are probably not just for our niche side of the hobby and are more general art doll territory. That's a different beast. (Enchanted doll or similar?)
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    16. It's one of those personal choices for each of us. Some people just want special dolls to dress to dress and play with because they've outgrown Barbie as anything more than a potential boxed collectible - and for them it's enough to own a few nice BJDs in their size of preference. For others, the sculpt is everything, and for still others, the fullset is all important, even at the cost of having to wait a year or more (if ever) to purchase another doll. A hobby isn't supposed to leave you wistful, regretful and vaguely disappointed. BJD collecting is as customizable as the dolls themselves. Do whatever pleases you the most, because otherwise, why do it at all?
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    17. When I was starting, I told myself i would just own one doll. Not necessarily the most expensive out there but enough to suffice my wants of a) having a doll and b) treating its as a buddy of sorts. But finding that one perfect sculpt was a feat. And i realized that i cannot put in one BJD all the ideas i have in terms of personality and styling. So, one lead to a lot.

      The plus side of having one or fewer doll(s) is that you will be able to concentrate and focus more on it. Plus, the savings :P

      BUT THERE ARE JUST WAY TOO MANY BEAUTIFUL AND ADORABLE SCULPTS! how can one possibly just have one.

      Maybe if you really love that one expensive one, you can sell the others for it. But i think your crew / family might eventually grow too.

      JUst My TwO pennies WorTH on This.

    18. For me personally, I'd rather have a variety of dolls I can play with and take places and dress up, rather than a few very expensive dolls I'd be too afraid to do anything with.

      But that's just me! I also tend to take a long time considering options before I decide if I definitely want to buy a bjd, so any expensive limited doll is automatically off my "want to buy" list no matter how much I love it. There are a lot of lovely basic dolls that I have plans for right now that I'd rather save up for.

      If though, as you said, you've been following this person for a long time and are absolutely sure you would want one of their dolls, I'd say go for it. Just consider that sometimes it takes months for dolls to get sold, so I'm not sure you should rely solely on selling your old dolls as a source of income. Does the artist offer layaway? Is it possible they might do another resin release somewhere down the line when you've had time to save up a bit more? You could always try asking.
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    19. What makes you happier, price doesn't matter. You can love a cheaper BJD more than a super expenssive one, is a matter of liking the specific doll.

      I wouldn't sell my current dolls to buy an expenssive one I love because I love my current dolls and others dolls I love will come out. So I would let it go and try get it as second hand when possible or simple focus on other sculpts I love.

      The thing with inanimate objects is that they make us happy but we don't need them to be happy, sometimes you will love things that are out of your reach and you will be just fine without it. So think how much you enjoy your current dolls and what is more worth to you.
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    20. My most expensive doll was about $700. And though I still feel guilty for spending that much, I love him to pieces. My cheapest doll was $13 (got through a special sale, otherwise he'd have been $120) and I love him to bits too! I do have a rather big collection and when I first started I didn't think it would get that size. My dolls shell my OC's and I really want to see most of them in a shell! My tinies though, they're just here as desk companions and they make me happy to see them.

      What you do with your dolls and even which ones you get, are personal preference. I'm emotionally attached and invested in my dolls. So I think I would save up to get the higher price doll, or see if the artist would be willing to do a layaway. I couldn't just up and sell my dolls because they were "inexpensive" compared to the newest one I want. I'm always going to want more. But it's taken me the entire time I've been in the hobby to get the characters I do have now and several of them were limited, event or are just not in production anymore. So even if selling them to get the funds for a doll would make life easier (or affordable/quicker funding) I don't think I would be happy to have the new doll home. I think I'd regret selling the dolls I saved up for/put on layaway/waited until I had the funds for to get and would probably need to get them again.

      Not everyone thinks like I do though. Or feels the same. It's all about each others preferances and feelings towards their dolls. If selling the 3 you have now to pay for the one will make you happy, then you should! If selling them will make you feel more upset and regretful, then don't! You can try to find another way to get the one.
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