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One More Doll

Mar 2, 2016

    1. Is anyone else loving Nine9 Style's Snow Queen Iris? I can't stop looking at her and obsessing about her face-up!! But I keep talking myself out of it because I already have a doll ordered that I haven't even seen yet (she should be coming in April) and I feel guilty for wanting another one already.
    2. I have not seen the doll you mentioned, but I do understand the feeling of wanting another one right away, or even before an awaiting doll finally arrives. I had "potato chip syndrome" for a long time (as in, you can't just have one) so I was in a perpetual state of wanting the next doll. Eventually though, I began to focus on the ones I had, but it took awhile. Some people love the hobby for the hunt, though, don't feel guilty for admiring another beauty! :)
    3. She's gorgeous, she reminds me of Xaga doll Ted. Do you like the OE or sleeping version?
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    4. See, this is why I ordered two dolls at once. Satisfying that "can't just have one" feeling without feeling like I need to order another one while waiting on the first to arrive. Though, I won't lie, I did have to convince myself not to buy a third while waiting on my first two! They should be shipping out soon, I hope.
    5. I do this too. Not with that particular doll, but often when I get a new doll, I end up wanting another to go with that one. It's like they come in pairs or groups, but I keep trying to tell myself to stop that. Usually when I do I realize after getting the doll home that it was an impulse and I regret it. I think I need to stick to only buying dolls I've wanted and thought out for a very long time.
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    6. I do this all the time! She is lovely, but I am picky on which dolls I actually buy because I don't want to constantly sell them to buy new ones or reshell characters.
    7. I see what you mean about Ted. I like the OE version better.

      I try to think about the doll for a while and make careful choices, and not go for impulse buys as you say. With this doll, she is only available for a short time, until March 13th (which happens to be close to my birthday!!). I have a few days to decide anyway.
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    8. Her face up and eyes/lashes all come together so well. :3nodding:
    9. Ooooh! She is beautiful! As for me, though, I'm pacing myself. All of my doll purchases thus far in have been impulse purchases that I wound up selling later on, so I'm hoping that earning what I want this time around will mean I don't wind up selling her down the road. The fact that the doll I am going after right now isn't limited really helps me feel good about doing this.
    10. Oh yeah... I have that problem real bad. I already got 6 heads for the first half of 2016, and it's only March, haha. However, it's mostly because the ones I want are artist heads or limited releases v_v
    11. I'm so bad for this. Really. But I guess part of the enjoyment of the hobby for me is to frequently have packages incoming haha. I have no problem selling dolls to buy new ones, this allows me to see more dolls without having to have the space to store them all XD

      I had told myself no more new dolls in like.. November? I've had 3 come home since then and a few more (OT) dolls on the way. Whoops.
    12. I tend to fall in love with new dolls quickly... so I have to force myself to never impulsively buy anything. It's so hard though! Especially if you regret it later.
    13. I've bought three BJD's whilst waiting for my first to arrive... And honestly it's just funds forcing me to wait for them all to get here before even thinking about getting more!!
    14. Unghhhh, I can totally see where you're coming from orz. I've laid my eyes on Iris from the first day on and she's haunting me xD the fact that ninestyle offers layaway doesn't help at all xD
      If I hadn't a running layaway already, I'd totally go for her.

      Wanting your second doll while still waiting for the first is so totally common, and so are the the mixed feelings xD the want is strong with us
    15. I have three dolls and I'm resisting the urge to buy a 4th one until the others are set up with clothes and eyes. But it' super hard when the doll is right in front of you. It's like "just one more". But you have to learn control too you know? It's hard!
    16. Oh she is gorgeous! *o*
      I just ordered Roger from Iplehouse (he should be here pretty soon)... and I've already got my eye on two other sculpts and I just feel so awful sometimes :'C I'm hoping when Roger gets here, I won't feel such a need to get another one right away as I'll be too busy obsessing over him heh. Maybe the same will be true for you...
    17. I was just there. I ordered a doll I really liked that hasn't come in yet, and then I found a doll I REALLY LOVED about a month after the fact.

      In my case, I completely failed with the control thing-- my birthday just passed, I am wholly and completely justified in getting the doll I love, right? Right?? :P

      But I'm done with dolls for now, at least until I can get my own (slightly bigger) space. I seem to be trending toward the 60 cm+ in preference, and I don't have any more space in my tiny room for giant, silent roommates. X_x;;; Luckily for me, I am also super picky, and I am hard pressed to find another doll that I am that interested in. Watch me find the absolute grail doll next, though...
    18. I always say "just one more doll" and I mean just that - just one more please
    19. Well...I have 3 dolls on the way, and I am about to make a 4th purchase. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!