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one-piece Mini bodies? Anyone?

Mar 25, 2008

    1. I'm trying to find out about any companies that make single-piece bodies in the MSD size range. The only ones I know of are Cherishdoll and I think the 5 body from Dollstown...

      Anyone know of any others?
      (I couldn't find this question anywhere, but if this is a repeat thread please delete and direct me!)

    2. Well, I have a couple MSD modding projects I want to work on, and several of them involve very elaborate body mods in the torso-area, and the aesthetic of doing that without joints in the way is kind of appealing to me. I've also been looking at 2-piece bodies more like the MNF one, where the only joint is a low "underwear" kind of joint at the hip. That could work too...

      But I still like the idea of a single-piece body better. ;)
      Plus I'm a curious little bugger and it's interesting to learn more about things that I don't hear about too often.

      And thank you for the link! :aheartbea
    3. I haven't seen any either, but I love the asthetic of a non-jointed torso. You really have to get a little smaller for those, like the CH Petite Ais. If you're already doing major mods to the torso, you could perhaps just join a jointed torso if it comes down to that.
      Just a note- FairyLand is remodelling the MNF body next month to have an additional joint at the bust, so if you're interested you may want to order right away.
    4. Ah good point! I had forgotten about that!

      Joining a non-jointed one is a good idea, too. I have seen some people do it with beautiful results.

      Thanks a bunch!
    5. Orientdoll MSD boys have a one piece torso.
    6. But Orientdoll is not the same size as a standard mini. They are more the size of a 16-inch male fashion doll.

    7. Yes, MNF is redoing the body, but they will not, I believe, be getting rid of the one-piece torso. For a while the jointed one will just be an addition to the A la carte system. I was actually going to mention MNF/Fairyland too. ^^; Their one-piece bodies are beautiful, IMO.