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One Shop - one thread -> Connie´s Dollshop

May 31, 2007

    1. From now, I´ll only post in this thread for news about dolls, who´re availible or about pre-order dates.
      At this time I´ve in stock and ready to ship:
      Dollzone - Meigi, white skin with make-up
      " " - Mo, white or normal skin with make-up
      " " - Mo, normal skin without face-up
      " " - Yuu, normal skin with make-up
      " " - Ying, white skin with make-up

      please look at my shop (www.collectordolls.de) or Ebay / Connie130; all dolls are shown there also.

      Luts did send the parcel now, so wigs and shoes, shown in my shop, are ready to ship wednesday.

      I´m still waiting for the Elfdoll shipment, should need just a few days - Red, Wu, Jin Dal Re and Sooah will be availible hopefully end of the week.

    2. Todays arrival
      Sooah - large bust, with make-up
      Luts: wigs and shoes/boots in SD, MSD, Mini Fee size
      only available through my shop, not at ebay

      Ebay: Dollzone / Yuu, Ying, SD and Girl-msd Outfits

      Connie :-)
    3. Starting today, I´ll accept pre-orders for Elfdoll / June(month) order date

      arrivals today and ready to ship:
      Lydia with large bust and face-up
      special - Jin dal RE
      standard RED - taller body with face-up

    4. Hello Connie,

      Is your shop only a webshop? Because I'd like to visit Berlin again early next year, and if you have an actual shop there I can come to it and just buy things there :)

    5. Dear Hilde

      not only a webshop.
      I´ve a physical store also

      Lieselotte-Berger-Str. 34
      12355 Berlin-Rudow

      open every afternoon from 3:00 - 6:00
      friday until 7:00 in the evening
      saturday morning from 10:30 - 1:00

      If a special appointment for SuperDollfies is needed I also open with extra hours

    6. Now in stock:
      Elfdoll -K- with taller body and face-up

      a few others like DollZone are still availible

      reminder: next order date for DollZone is 20th of June. So, orders and payment should be done until 19th

    7. For the 19th of June:
      you can order the new 60cm boys from DollZone also.
      Just give me an email, I´ll update my shop while weekend, so they´re not shown now

    8. DollZone order for June is closed now.
      I´ve two X-2 fullset avalible with next shipment. ~ 15July.
      These were ordered without pre-order and will be free for pre-order now.
      One will be white skin, one normal-pink.

      Luts wigs and shoes are availible without pre-order in my shop, as Red or K-dolls from Elfdoll.

    9. Hi Connie, just a question: will you take pre-orders for the new Elfdoll Doona dolls?
      Thank you very much!