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Online Tenshi-no-Sato Reservations!!!

Jan 24, 2006

    1. I'm sure they'll put up the summer months when they are closer. They probubly don't want people to make reservations too much ahead of time. Just be patient. :) I hope you can go! :daisy
    2. Nope, everyone has to register if you want to get in. They only allow a certain number of people in each day, so you have to 'book' ahead!

      Thanks for pointing the site out btw, I'll definatly have to keep that on hand... I was really worried about trying to navigate the Japanese site one!
    3. I think a reservation must be made by everyone who wishes to visit, even if they live in Japan. And, unfortunately, they won't ship FCS orders outside of Japan. In order to order FCS there you must have a Japanese address they can send in to.

      But don't despair! If you have a friend that lives in Japan, just have your order be shipped to them, then have your friend ship it to you! :) Plus there are a few people here with Japanese contacts that might be able to order for you. :daisy
    4. I don't think you need to live in the US to make a reservation.

      Tenshi-no-Sato is in Kyoto. If you order an FCS from them, they can ship it anywhere in Japan, but ONLY within Japan.
    5. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I didn't think this was worth a new one.

      Do you need to make a reservation for Sumika in Japan? I don't think so, but I don't want to show up and have a door slammed in my face >_>;;
    6. Tenshi no Sumika are normal retail stores, so you just need to show up during store hours. :)

      However, they will cordon off the store if an Omukae Ceremony is going on, so you may need to watch out for that. :)
    7. Thanks, twotone! Is there any way of knowing besides just showing up?
    8. I don't live in Japan, but I've been to several Sumikas several times and have yet to see anyone doing an Omukae ceremony at one. I'm not sure how often they really take place.

      I accidentally had one at Sato and got to watch one there as well. ^^;

      The ceremony doesn't take so long, no more than 15-20 minutes, and depending on branch, you could just shop at the non-BJD part of the store, while the ceremony was taking place. (The Studio Alta branch is just a Sumika, so if they cordoned off the store you'd prob just have to check out Studio Alta while you waited, which is not so bad since it has lots of interesting shops. )
    9. Somewhat OT, but when you make reservations for TnS on a day they have painting class, are you automatically in the painting class too? Also, I read in a thread somewhere that you have to pay to take painting class, but I'd never heard it anywhere before. Oo; I want to make sure to schedule my reservation for a day when there's painting class, but I don't want to mess up and not be able to take it, or get there and realize I'll have to pay like $100 to take it. -_-
    10. I'm pretty sure they don't open up the painting classes to foreign visitors. I know that you do have to sign up for them separately, though...

    11. O_________O!!!!! Seriously!? I've been wanting to go to painting class... forever.

      At the time I'll be going, I'll actually be living in Japan, doing off-campus study for a year... do you think that's any different? ^^;;; I won't TECHNICALLY be a foreign visitor.

      (Sorry if I shouldn't be asking this in a news thread!!)
    12. In my limited experience, you're not automatically barred because you are a foreigner however you're also not automatically in the classes just because they offered during your visit.

      My last trip to Sato there was a class. I applied for a spot and did not get one. However, I did not receive an email ever saying I could not apply just because I was a foreigner.

      It would probably help if you know Japanese.
    13. rkold--Thank you! I do know Japanese (it's my major ^^), so that's good. Do you have to apply for the painting class *at* TnS, or do you apply online after you go through the standard registration?
    14. Hi,

      When I last visited TnS, the new on-line system wasn't up yet, so I uhh wrote them an email requesting to take the class and setting up a reservation.

      There is probably more/better information on the Japanese Volks site under Tenshi no Sato reservations.

      Good luck! :)
    15. Sumika does Omukae as well? :)

      Wonder if you can get a Sumika Omukae for a Sato doll...

      *is saving up for Sato doll,but it's too expensive to go to Kyoto ^^; Bigger chance that we go America next year,methinks.
    16. I think you can get a Omukae at Sumika and/or Sato regardless of where you got the doll originally, as long as it is volks.
    17. You have to register and pay in advance. When I did it you had to register in person. Also, it was almost $300 at the time I did it, for the school head painting. I think the MSD head painting is a little cheaper. The classes fill up fairly fast, although I don't know if that's changed since they started doing them more regularly in TnS.

      Also, at the time I went, I was one of the only foreigners they had had at the painting class and there was a great deal of discussion in the store if I would be allowed to do it. They made some phone calls and determined it was OK but it was stressed to me repeatedly that only 1 of the people spoke English and they wouldn't be there to interpret everything just for me. Of course that was totally fine with me!

      I'm not sure how much it has changed since I did it about 2 years ago. I'd love to hear an update from someone who's taken the class more recently!

    18. I went to Dolpa 4 recently, and I _think_ they had the painting class there,... but I couldnt figure out how to sign up, etc. (maybe they didnt have one?)
    19. Cheers Aimee,that makes me feel better ^-^