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Only allowing yourself to buy "cheaper" dolls?

Sep 30, 2007

    1. I'm just going to start this out by saying, although my doll is "cheap" and all but one of the dolls on my wishlist are under $120, it's because I really do love the dolls. The two dolls I'm dying to own before I die are an Fdoll Kemi and a FCS mini girl. Of course I'm going to get my dream doll that costs $85 before I get the one that costs $450+ when I'll be just as happy with either.

      Now onto the question---

      How do you feel about people who restrict themselves to only buying "cheap" dolls. I'm not talking about getting a doll just because it's cheaper, but getting a cheaper one you like, as opposed to an expensive one that you love. Do you feel people should look for their dream doll, regardless of price? Or is it "okay" for people to restrict themselves to only buying cheaper dolls?

      Just an addition: By "okay" I'm just using that for lack of a better word. I know people can use their money however they want. By okay I mean "do you think it's right" or something along those lines...
    2. Well. I don't have a problem with it. If all they can afford are cheaper dolls, and they don't have the drive to save the money for more expensive ones, then that's their choice. ^^; After all, if they still genuinely love the doll and aren't only buying it for price...

      As for me, I used to think that if I ever got into the hobby, I'd only buy "cheap" dolls, cause I've really always been a cheapskate and that's just who I am. But now I think that even if the doll I had my eye on cost $1000 (lol thank god it doesn't) I would save up till I got the money.
    3. I'm having a bit of a problem with that myself right now. I understand that one should buy a doll they are in love with. But sometimes it is just hard justifying even $200 on a doll.

      I'll be screamed at for this for sure, but I feel that many BJDs remind me strongly of their cheaper porcelain counterpart. It's just that little extra "wow" that is put into the faces/bodies, and the posing part that really draws me into this hobby. (Not to mention they aren't quite as breakable!)
    4. Personally, I feel that its other people's money and they should be allowed to do what they want with it. If they wish to spend it on something "cheap", then it is their right to do so, my only worry is they might not really apreciatte or love the doll they end up getting because they just adopted it for the sake of having it.

      However, I have absolutely no problems whatsoever if people honestly truly love a "cheaper" doll. Whose to say that only the more expensive dolls are really "worthy" or what have you of being respected in the BJD fandom or loved by their owners? When I first ordered my DoD Homme Kirill, I was very nervous because he was a very popular mold as well as within an "average to cheaper" price range, and I did not want to be seen as getting him just because I was following the crowd. But I honestly love his mold and I don't regret buying him, nor my Homme Ivan. So now, I don't think twice about what people might think as the next boy on my list is LatiDoll's Blue Ryu. Yes, he is a bit cheaper than some other MSD's, but that's not the reason I want him. I truly adore his serious, adorable little face and I won't let what other people think about that sway me.

      I think in this type of hobby, where these objects become very very personal at times, and it does take quite a bit of money and commitment, we can't really weigh too much on other people's opinions on what we do. Sure, sometimes it's nice to show off and see that other people apreciatte your dolls and creativity as much as you do, but I think many people ( I won't say all, but I do bet on a majority ) agree that they joined this hobby mainly for themselves.

      ...and I think I might have missed the point of the question entirely, so my apologies on that one.
    5. I fell in love with AOD chen- he is stunning and I was not disspointed at all, lovely resin, no seams, lovely face up and as stunning as his pics- but I also lust after expensive dolls- it is just that his price allowed me to get him first :)
    6. If people want to buy cheaper dolls then that's up to them. There shouldnt be any reason why it's wrong for them to. But buying a cheaper doll just because they cannot afford the one they truely want. If they really did want it they'd put the effort in to save up for that dream girl/boy. If the doll is limited or difficult to obtain then yes i could see why. But i believe you should always get what you really love, it's worth the effort in the end.

      But otherwise, i don't have a problem with people buying cheaper dolls. Companies tend to raise prices with the more business they get ironically. *_*
    7. It's always been my opinion that people can do whatever the heck they want with their doll money... and whatever the heck they want with their dolls... and that it's not really anybody else's business. Things that may bother others don't even phase me (splitting, hybridding, modding even limiteds, cross-dressing, "mutilating", fan dolls, whatever else) because I believe it's all about one's personal experience with his or her own dolls.

      What I DO have a problem with is buying a doll as a status symbol or... "just because it's there", versus buying it because one really enjoys the hobby or that particular doll (just to be clear... I don't mean "collecting" and not playing... I think that's fine too...). And from what I've observed, the people wanting to buy a doll to be "cool" usually go for the cheaper ones, dress them in cheap clothes, bad make-up, and flip them like pancakes. I think that's sad, because some cheaper dolls are lovely... but I'm being more and more put off to them because of the kind of following they have.

      I'm in this hobby for the artistic aspect... so I think the dolls and makers should be respected with real love... regardless of price.
    8. I think if you like the doll then get it. Period. Me for example, I have CP dolls (Chiwoo and Woori) and plan on a shiwoo. But I"m also getting an AOD tiny because of cuteness.
    9. I think you should get what ever one you want. I bought the one I really wanted and he was expensive......but i've already changed my mind about him so even if you think you bought your dream doll......that may change!
    10. Of course people should be able to decide for themselves what they want and how much to spend on it... I don't really have an opinion what they should buy. But I can speak for myself...

      I started out with an Obitsu Gretel, but already on the first day, her body got stained all over from a black dollfie pantyhose, and by now her head has yellowed so much it does no longer match the body, plus it is stained from the wig.. I am very careful handling my dolls, so this is just from sitting on a shelf for a few months. So, no more Obitsu for me, even though I love Gretel :( Then I "moved up" and bought an AOD Mo. I really liked the resin, but the faceup was bad, the overall shopping experience unprofessional (ebay seller sky+lotsofnumbers), plus I think the AOD and Fantasydolls look cheaper than many other companies dolls (reasonable, as they are a lot cheaper). I think the major problem with AOD heads, is that they have huge eyeholes that are placed very close to the sides, giving an unnatural look... but again, this is personal taste. I finally took the "leap" and ordered an Iplehouse Barron, and I think, compared to my other dolls, he was worth the money. He arrived fast, with good communication and service, with extras, very well wrapped, he is much better quality and easier to handle, plus he is a gorgeous doll. As I say, I am just speaking about my own experiences and taste, I never thought I would buy a 550 dollar +++ doll (feeling like a snob, lol). But dealing with Obitsu, AOD and Iplehouse, I would definetily choose Iplehouse next time.

      So my recommendation is... choose a doll that you really like, if it is a "cheap" one that is just fine, but I would rather save up and buy one that I love, than to buy one less expensive "just to have one". None of these dolls are really inexpensive anyway...
    11. I am a poor college student. If it's not cheap, I won't buy it.

      I wanted Pride of Jocker Kai, but he was $800. DOC Zen was also cute, and he only cost $400. (Heh, "only.") Thus, I went for the cheaper doll. I preferred the more expensive one, but I couldn't/can't justify that much money.

      I'm not going to buy a doll just because it's (relatively) inexpensive, but if I'm choosing between a more expensive one and a less expensive one, the less expensive one will win out. It would be nice to have $1,000 or whatever it would cost for Elf Shiwoo, but I know I can't afford that, so what?
    12. Well, I think buying a cheap doll just to have a doll, without really wanting that particular doll, is throwing your money away. Perhaps even more so now that there is a wide variation of price. With so many lovely molds even at the lower end of the price scale, there's a good chance of finding something you like without breaking the bank.

      On the other hand, I can understand why someone might buy a doll they didn't love, as a vehicle for something they do. For example, if they wanted to make doll clothes or acessories, or wanted to learn esthetics, that I can see. (Although, again, I hope they could find one they liked in their price range. I think they'd be happier.)

      Now if the doll you love just happens to be on the lower end of the price scale, lucky you! By all means get it, and don't think twice about the price.
    13. well i don't have a problem with it. Hey i started off with my DZ Mowan and i could only get started on BJDs because i found Dollzone who was about 1/3 of the price of the Volks doll i wanted (well i actually went to ask the price of a Volks Limited Tenshi ^^" stupid huh?) So i wouldn't condemn ayone desiring a less expensive doll.

      But then again my own love havegrown into a 'I adore CP' instead of Volks. Most of my list consist of expensive dolls all ranging in the $550+ but if i also love the Abio Angels who is half that price.

      I can't justify the price alot of times for myself. Simply because if it was expensive my parents don't like it and i don't earn very much overall seeing as i'm a student (getting poorer and in debt due to University now) so it takes a lot of motivation for me to get the dolls on my list. But i am detemined to get them, just slowly so my parents can't complain and i don't restrict my lifestyle. I only get a doll if i can fund everything i do as usual the spare money goes to dolls so it takes at least 7 months per doll.

      I see it this way. If someone's wish list is all inexpensive dolls then i wouldn't condemn them, they like the scuplt, they like the company it doesn't matter to me.

      However if someone bought a cheaper doll because they want to be part of a trend or a fad or even if they can't be bothered and anything would do. They i don't favour it much, i can't control anyone else but i wouldn't favour them. i.e. take the Lolidoll thing, if i ever meet someone with a fake El or one of Lolidolls dolls in general i would not favour them. They bought a fake substitute for the real thing.

      But if someone really likes a mold i don't care how much it costs. At the end of the day it's their dolls it's their money. The only thing to offend me is if i meet a bootleg doll owner and they bought it knowing it was bootlegged. Then i can't say i would want to know them.

      edit: Just to add, with more replies i thought of something. I settled for my DZ Mowan at the start because he was less expensive and i kinda told my mum they were only $300 including everything else i got him ^^" bad move. As i wanted a DZ Yuu in truth. When i first ordered my Rae i had a period of time trying to cancel him, due to Edendoll hadn't place the order in yet. Even just a switch of a doll. OF course that's not permitted... being a n00b it's embarrassing. Well after 10 days of waiting around i realised my must 'want' doll is a CP El. So i was worried and thought if we didn't bond i might have to sell him.

      Needless to say, with the amount of spam i made in the last few months, I've grown very attached to Rae. He was breath takingingly beautiful when i saw him. Surprisingly taking him to meets, even those who are non fond of DZ do take a liking to him ^^ he's just a little bit more special. If i didn't bond with him i would have sold him, but i love Rae a little too much. He was a great starter doll, now i've turned away from DZ dolls, i love alot of the scuplts, i still want a good load of the 1/3 ^^ but they've gone down in want. In the end i saved for 5 months to get my El (he turned into my birthday present) he was worth the wait, he's brilliant. But needless to say, Rae has a little harder hold on my heartstrings.
    14. I don't have a problem with it either... like others have said, it's a person's own choice how to spend their money. Personally, I'm big on hybrid dolls... but I know some people frown on that. For me, it's a compromise I can live with. My dolls are generally clothed most of the time anyway, so I'd rather get the head I really love and buy a cheaper body for it. That way I'm not spending nearly as much. Only one of my dolls was more than $300 (my DOD girl), and I love them just as much as if they were non-hybrids.
    15. I don't think there's anything wrong with buying the cheaper dolls on your wishlist first -- that way you have someone to keep you company while you save up for your dream doll :lol Or restricting your budget --- that's just good sense. I think it's a good development that there are more choices at the lower end of the price spectrum now --- though I wouldn't want this to go so far that the price pressure to pulls down the quality at the higher end.

      The only time I would criticize a fellow collector is when they've bought a known bootleg, as someone else said or when they don't take care of their doll.
    16. My icon say's it all, look it's Megi.
      I have no problem with cheap dolls. I am ready to buy my second MSD Bobobie to go with my two Dollzone MSD's. All of my MSD's are from China. The only two Volks I have are 27 cm. The point is you know how much you are willing to spend and in my personal situation a brown skin elf is hard to find. That is why my next doll is going to be another Bobobie.
      If Jace (ok I know he is not an elf) and Feanor were in a rich deep tan or a brown I would be on them in a heart beat, but they and UH08 are not.
    17. As someone who went from a DoT Lahoo I couldn't bond with at all to a DZ Meigi I play with all the time, I don't think this hobby should be about pricing (there's too much money involved no matter how 'cheap' you are). I hope nobody out there spends $200+ on what they think is a 'cheaper' doll they don't really like, because it sucks to have a BJD that doesn't feel right, but on the flip side, it makes me want to smack people who for some reason think the more expensive dolls are more worthy somehow.
    18. I started with a Volks DD doll and then I fell in love with Sooah an Elfdoll and I have a June by Elfdoll on layaway and a Hana Angel I purchased. I really didn't like the fact that they are so expensive but I love the dolls. and now I have seen the AOD dolls and they are so much less expensive that I will probably get one of those when I get the June doll payed off.
      I don't see it as a problem if someone buys a less expensive doll. If they really love the doll they should go with it. If they love an expensive doll they should try to find a way to get it too.
      I mean these dolls are sooooo addictive; i may need rehab before its all over! :)
    19. I think you should get what you want. If you can get it for less then good for you. If it costs you more but it's what you REALLY want, then good for you. In short, I don't care how much someone spends as long as it's what they're happiest having.
    20. There's not a problem with buying dolls who are not as expensive. If you like the doll for the mold and not the price then whatever! I myself was thinking of getting a DoC Ivan instead of a Hara because DoCs are cheaper and I want to get Ivan and Kirill anyway but in the end decided that I didn't want them right at this moment, I wanted Hara dang it! I can understand buying a cheaper doll if you honestly can't afford the more expensive one you want but I don't think you should buy something cheaper just because you don't want to spend the money(if you have the money to spend). I mean...some people love dolls that are cheaper such as dollzone but despite their price point I can't bring myself to get one-I just don't like the molds(lol expensive taste I have >.>) and can't justify spending less money on something if it's not something I really know I want. All in all if you buy a cheaper doll because you just don't want to spend money that you have and you're buying the cheaper doll without even liking the doll itself then that's even more of a waste then buying the more expensive doll in my opinion.