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Only-Doll Discussion Part 1

Aug 25, 2011

    1. Stumbled upon Only-Doll a week or so ago.

      Thought I'd open up a discussion thread for anyone else who may be as interested in their sculpts as I am. :aheartbea

      Personally, I really love Tingyun. His face reminds me of my Dollzone Jake (who happens to be a fave in my current collection). :)

      I'm hoping he'll be able to fit into slim mini clothes. *crosses fingers*

      ----> Waiting Room

      ......Mod Note....

      Only-Doll Discussion Part 1 :
    2. do they have any english sites....i was try to get the price on a SD sixe doll...and i can't understand any thing ...is their prices in yen
    3. I noticed Kexin on eBay a few days ago, and really loved her face (and price!). So I searched a little but I couldn't find any info on the company anywhere, so yay PeppermintPocky for finding out more! ^_^

      I'm seeing some similarities in price/default faceup/overall look of the sculpts between Only-Doll and Doll-Love & AoD (in fact the reason I really like Kexin is that she reminds me of an adult version of my little Doll-Love Yoyo :3). I believe a former sculptor/s from AoD created Doll-Love, which explains similarities between those two companies; I wonder if Only-Doll is also by the same people?
    4. Ooooh wow, I'm liking the sculpts! Do you have a link to the English site? I'd like to keep an eye on it for when it gets up and running! I'm kinda falling for...oh what's his name...I can't read Chinese...oh here it is in the ebay listings - Tingyun. (This guy) He may be wonderful for one of my characters down the line...thanks for finding the company for us! :D
    5. These dolls are so pretty! I can't believe I've never heard of Only Doll before.

      Although, when I see this doll, I can't help but think of a certain Fairyland doll...

      Also, isn't 590 yen for even a Yo-SD insanely cheap? That's like...7 dollars. That can't be right...
    6. Lindsey announced today that she will be carrying them at MoC and is in the process of adding them to the site! I'm so happy! That's my favorite store to buy from!
    7. They seem pretty new, so I would watch the waiting room thread. If everything goes smoothly in there, I would call them legit :)
      Right now, a Tingyun is on my wishlist. Whether I bring him home before or after the MNF Seorin on my list will depend on my funding after I finish my Beyla layaway XD
    8. I'm another YiFeng lover! As soon as I saw him, my heart melted and I got teary eyed. Of the 30+ dolls I have had move in or pass through, only one (Amir, my first) has EVER had that kind of effect on me....

      Guess I can kiss my next 3 months of spending money goodbye....
    9. This company is brand spankin' new, as far as I know. I have one on order. Once I get him, I'll be sure to post. :thumbup

      I would say since MoC is offering them the company is legit. As far as quality goes... we'll have to wait for them to arrive to find out. My boy has an estimated shipping date of September 10th, so hopefully he'll get here so I can share him soon. :)
    10. I love TingYun and YiFeng as well! I can wait to see some owner pictures of them! Im saving up for my first doll and if the reviews are good i think TingYun will have won me over.
    11. I am HOOKED on Kexin. MoC is having this triple munie thing for a bit for their first order and... I dunno if I can swing it. T_T I already have a Tulip on layaway but Kexin would be perfect for my twin characters. T_T
    12. Oh, yay! There's a discussion thread! Well, YiFeng has stolen my heart. He's on my list now and I can't seem to erase him. I hope this company ends up being a good one. I can't order him until my current layaway is over and, by then, I hope someone has him or at least a body from the company. I can't wait! XD
    13. Hooray for more Yifeng admirers, I've just pre-ordered Yifeng with MoC.
      How could I say no to that face, really?!
    14. is there any way I can get the Kexin msd's outfit? I love that purple outfit!!
    15. Ohhhh!!! I love XiYu & RuoDie!!! >__<! But I plan on seeing how custom faceups will look on both first! :3
    16. Mint on Card sells it separately! :D
    17. MoC sells it?! :o *runs to the website*
    18. I also notice there is the option to get just the head, and there is 4 different resin colors...now I'm really curious! I wonder if they are a decent resin color match with Fairyland? I'm imagining a Tingyun boy on a MNF body.... (though, the Only-doll boy body isn't too bad :) )