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Only-Doll Discussion Thread [tiny dolls] Part 1

Dec 14, 2011

    1. I myself am mostly looking at Only-Doll's MSD girls at the moment, but I noticed they have some pretty cute 1/6 tinies available as well and I noticed there wasn't a topic for them yet. I have started a Flickr group which is still empty as we speak, haha. It's extremely hard to find owner pics so far. I'm quite interested in this new Chinese BJD company as the dolls are pretty and quite affordable.

      There are two people selling Only-Doll dolls on eBay at the moment, but they both aren't confirmed as official dealers as yet. Please let me know if this changes!

      Good to know: there's a Christmas event for Only-Doll going on at MoC, 20% off of a full doll at checkout when you pre-order a doll! Ends December 30th.

      Official website: Only-Doll
      Official Taobao store: onlydoll.taobao.com

      US dealer: MintOnCard
      Flickr group: Only-Doll BJD Flickr group

      Waiting room topic: Only-Doll Waiting Room ~ ♥

      Company feedback topic: Only-Doll Feedback (ALL)
      Database topic: Only You: The Only Doll Database






    2. Hello, I'm also interested in these tinies. Does anyone own these, and would like to share? I really like the sleepy eyes and open mouth of YouHe. It would be awesome if Only-Doll had another sale.
    3. They're cute aren't they? ^^ I can't believe no owners have come forward yet. I've seen them in the Flickr group and on another forum, but I also know of someone who's still waiting for her tiny.

      The new tinies that I hadn't posted in this discussion thread yet:



    4. Thanks for the link to the Flickr group, Evelien. I've actually seen a box opening for a Qian Dong from Arriety_D, who bought him as well as an Only-Doll MSD from a Hong Kong dealer. He came with adorable underwear; I hope if I order a YouHe, she'll also come with it. I'm thinking to maybe get her near the end of this year from Mint on Card, if they have another event, but all my doll plans are subject to change.
    5. I think all Only-Doll dolls come with the same clothing. At least, all MSD girls came with the same pyjama set :P

      And you're right about Arriety_D, I forgot about her!
    6. I've found someone on Flickr who recently received a You He. The good thing is that the face-up looks like the one in the company photos, but the lips look crooked, and I'm not sure if it's the sculpt or face-up. Also, from the pictures, I can't tell if the wrists have limited mobility or if that's just the way she's being posed.
    7. Bumping for interest in these dolls. Probably to make a hybrid out of but I'm interested in general quality. Anyone?
    8. Muu, I hope more people get these cute little tinies. I have a YouHe, she is really cute. She's really stable and the resin is nice, but I don't really like how her elbows are sculpted. :sweat She doesn't have a name yet, but I'm hoping she will soon, when I'm in more of a naming mood. Also, she needs more clothes and a wig that suits her better, but those will also hopefully come in time. :sweat But oh my, I absolutely loved the little apron she came with. I plan on making a ton more for my other dolls, I loved it so much. :o

    9. Daw, he's so cute!
      Only doll has very cute sculpts. I hope we can see more from them.
    10. I'm currently ordering a YouBai, pink skin, with angel body. She's going to be my little cutie punk! I'm really surprised that there aren't many owners of Only-doll tinies...... It's kinda sad. Their pictures look so beautiful! I can't wait till mine gets here!
    11. Hi, I'm new, how are you guys? I just received my Only-doll, YouNan today, but the " S "
      hook is so large that I can't get his head off. His head circumference is 16 cm or 6.30 inches.

      I tried to measure the " S " hook, it appears to be about 2 cm or 1 inch high by 1 cm or one half inch wide; the opening at the bottom of his head is very small, and he is strung very tightly.

      Can someone recommend a smaller size " S " hook and please give me the dimensions.
      I appreciate any information you can give me, thank you.
    12. Signing on to say "hello"!
      I just ordered QianDong from Mint on Card. These dolls are so cute and affordable, I'm surprised there aren't more of them out there!

      I'm planning to turn him into a girl though, ^^;; Naughty me!!
    13. My first resin BJD is an Only-Doll Hongxiu, and I must say that her mobility is pretty awesome. She has yet to not be able to hold a pose at least, and I love the look and feel of the resin they use. She did come pretty tightly strung, but there are only very minor snapbacks on the arms.

      She's beautiful ^^ I'm planning for her brother next year or so, he'll be Qiandong probably. I already look forward to him. He has a personality already, even if he's not even bought yet.
    14. I liked HongXiu, too!! It was hard to decide! Nice to hear they have good poseability, though I don't really worry too much about that, normally. If the doll sits, I'm happy! ^^;;

      I'll post pics of my QianDong for you when he arrives. He's coming with a company faceup, but I don't know if I'll keep it, I do like to paint my own dolls usually...!
    15. Oh, thank you ravendolls! I really look forward to seeing your pictures, I'm always very interested in seeing non-company pics of dolls.
    16. OK! As promised, pic of OnlyDoll QianDong. Faceup by me. His wig needs trimming, badly, but you get the idea... ^^;;


      I was going to turn him into a girl, but he arrived on the angel body, no modding needed... yet now I find myself calling him "he". Why are bjd difficult like that? XD Oh well, it can't be helped!

      I call him Hai-zi, which is Mandarin Chinese for 'child' (pronounce "hai-dzuh")

      He came strung *frighteningly* tight. I was worried he'd crack to bits! Only-Doll must use very strong resin with no thin bits! I re-did it, so now he's cuddlier.

      I do recommend these dolls. They're a good value!
    17. Sorry for the late reply, he looks great! I especially like the eyes you chose.

      I just ordered my own QianDong, I'm making a bet with myself on whether he'll arrive in December or January. I hope not later, because I can't wait!
      Only-Doll really does some great things in value and stuff, I know I was amazed by my HongXiu when I got her.
    18. Thank you! Those eyes came with him! :-) they're a bit on the big side, but then he has HUGE eyes!! Comparing him in person to the pics on the site, I think they must have enlarged the eyes on this model after taking those pics. I wish companies wouldn't do that sort of thing. :-/

      You'll have to post some pics of them together when your boy arrives! :-)
    19. Newbie bearing news! Only-Doll may have updated their 1/6 body.

      My first doll kind of stole my ChuChing's body, she (and I) liked it that much, so I had to order a new one for her... It came tonight, and it's so cute! It basically has all the cuteness of the first body (I love those curves), with slightly less smooth resin, which puts a bit of friction in the joints, and better posability. Those weird half-ball snappy things in the wrists and ankles have been replaced with regular balls, and they really improve mobility. Between them and the friction, this body can hold better incremental poses with her arms, like touching her face, which my first girl won't be able to do without sueding and maybe even wiring. And she's less tightly strung, so her legs can take incremental poses, and she's less snappy...

      Erm, yes. I'm completely smitten. They kept everything I liked and and improved things at the same time.

      I'd like to post pictures, but it's been cloudy and dreary here lately, and I don't have any daylight bulbs :( I'll see how the light is tomorrow!
    20. Welcome, News-bie!

      Now I'm wondering which body my little guy has. I suppose the 'angel' bodies are all v1. Exciting news, will await pics!