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Ookami Takamori's feedback!

Sep 9, 2010

    1. Oh wow i'm the 1st to post what a surprise

      ok so here goes!

      Ookami Takamori bought a mnf head from me
      shes a reallyreally nice person to deal with super friendly and very fast in payment lets me know when it arrives and thanks me a million times after the head arrives

      and a 100% positive buyer:aheartbea

      thanks so much!
    2. Ookami Takamori purchased a MiniFee head from me and we had a very pleasant transaction! Communication was consistent and payment was sent when promised. A very nice and easy transaction from start to finish.

      ♥[ Thank you for your purchase!! ]♥​
    3. Ookami Takamori has honestly been one of the nicest people I've dealt with on DoA. She is super nice, very agreable, very understanding, very speedy in her payments, and just overall amazing to work with! 100% positive. If you get the chance to do business with her I'd do it without a doubt!
    4. I sold Ookami Takamori a pair of MNF neck connectors - she was a pleasure to deal with and was prompt and thorough in all aspects of our transaction. Thanks for everything :)
    5. Joined her Gossip Zinna split.
      She was very nice and helpful and I would love to deal with her again <3
    6. Ookami Takamori bought a SoulVito Lester from me and that was just a perfect transaction. She's very nice and honest. She responded very quickly to all emails I sent her and she lets me know when the doll arrives.
      Thank you for this great transaction.
    7. Ookami Takamori bought Glass eyes from me. She paid quickly and told me when package arrived. A pleasure to do business with.
    8. Ookami bought a doll from me, super quick payment, very friendly, great communication, an absolute pleasure to deal with, would gladly deal with again, perfect transaction, thank you very much! Enjoy your new girl :)
    9. Ookami Takamori participated in my ED eyes group order. She was wonderful to deal with, always kept in touch, paid promptly and she was very understanding even when the eyes - due to ED's limitations - didn't turn out exactly the way she expected them.

      Thank you so much for the great transaction, and for being so patient with me :)