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Oops, did I just buy that?

Jul 28, 2010

    1. Sunday night, in a sleepless zombiefied daze I went lurking the internets for dolls.

      I'm recently back from a loooong (4 year) hiatus from dolls so there are a LOT of things I have yet to see.

      To make a long story short: I ran into elfdoll's website, discovered their Rainy boy Aden and I bought him. It started out innocently enough as I clicked buy to see how much the grand total would be, as I do with anything I'm interested in buying, but, without a thought as to what I was doing, I just... bought him. I don't know. I don't even remember thinking at all through the process, as if I were possessed for the moment! In my defense: He's perfect for a character I love very much.

      I almost have buyer's remorse while I'm at work or whatever but as soon as I see a picture of him all bad feelings fade away as a grin spread over my face even if I don't have more than $20 for food this week :D! (New weightloss program, anyone?)

      So... Has anybody else experienced this sort of... out of the blue impulse buy?

      P.S. I'm terribly sorry if there's already a thread like this!
    2. I try not to impulse buy, but occasionally it just happens. I blame it on the gallery here; once in a while I see a face I just have to have. I'd rather have a doll than food any time.
    3. Funny this post should come up now. Sure, I have other more important things to pay for, bills and the fact that my mom could use money for her car come to mind, but... Rinon was available on the Volks website! Click!

      Actually, impulse purchases account for a good half of my collection so... hey, whatever works, right?
    4. If I was to impulse buy a doll I'd be in the red ._. *note to self, don't look at dolls while half asleep* Though I have sort of made an impulse commission. :3 Which I can not wait to get. xD
    5. I've had impulse buys before, but not quite to that extent! Two of the minifee heads i have took very little thought when i saw them up for sale in the marketplace. Both were good prices for what they were (both limited in some respect). One took a few hours before i bought her, and the other took maybe five minutes of thought--but that was cause i was flailing about cause i'd never seen one of her sculpt up for sale before XD I was so happy i calmed down and snagged her before anyone else caught her. I've also had a few heads and such i've considered, but by the time i pm'd about them it was too late, and i was sad i didnt jump on the chance faster.

      ...actually, the more i think about it, the more small impulse buys i've got. My first minifee head was pretty impulsive, and didnt take too much thought....and my three bambicronies too. One took a few days, the second's body was an impulse (good price, and it matched, so of course i got it!) and the third took maybe a few hours. And i'm happy with each and every one of them =D

      Overall, i try not to impulse buy. Usually i save up for specific dolls, and when i'm not saving, my money should be going elsewhere (like school), so i'm usually good about buying only when i can.
    6. It happens to me constantly! And unfortunately I usually end up selling those because I haven't bonded with them because they end up not having much of a personality in the end. None of the dolls I have now were impulse buys, at least not in the sense that they weren't planned to some degree. So I'm happy with my current family. :)
    7. Haha late at night is the worst! I have to physically stop myself from being like, ooh $600? I have that free on a credit card. I can afford that. Lesson learned the hard way (before I got to dolls, though), having that money free on a credit card is NOT the same as being able to afford it, lol.

      Now I skip groceries to pay in cash for the stuff I spoil Haru and Maia with, a ha ha... *sigh*

    8. I usually impulse buy smaller things, like clothes and eyes. Whenever I need something from a company that I am actually planning, I tend to toss in a bunch of little things that I might or might not need, just because I figure I'm already paying for shipping, so I may as well! I have so many pairs of eyes by now, and only five dolls... If only I just WAIT for the eyes I really want to become available then I wouldn't wind up with so many duplicates! Arg!

      I think if I impulse bought a doll though I would cancel the order the next day. Brood over it for at least a week, research my guts out and then buy it if I really *really* wanted it.
    9. I've had quite a bit late night marketplace strolls.... needless to say, alot of impulse buys resulted from that. I only still own one of those xD But for me it was fine. I didn;t lose money from it in the end (I believe) and it was a good trial and error process as to what kind of dolls fit me well.
      When the Littlefee DES recently came out, I flailed and when I saw someone wanted parts of the set I didn;t want, I didn't hesitate to ask her for a split, and a few hours later it was settled X_x
      Most of my impulse buys have been things that were under $200 tho, usually heads and items and such. I don't even have the money to impulsively buy a $700 doll ;D
    10. Not quite that impulsive, though I came pretty close when Uni Doll opened their English site. The 06 was perfect for a character of mine (who I hadn't been planning on getting a body mind you), but as soon as I saw him I knew I had to have him. I think I might've held out for about a day before ordering. Haven't regretted it at all. At the time I hadn't even realized they were LEs, so it probably worked out for the best that I went ahead and took the plunge.

      What I have to be really careful of is smaller items -- each item on it's own isn't really expensive, but boy do they add up.
    11. The marketplace gets me every time. I need to start hiding the mouse or something.
    12. I allow small impulse buys - if there's something like a wig or clothes on the MP that I know I can afford without hurting (just one less new shirt for me this month, or one less video game, etc) but a big doll? I'm responsible enough to know that buying a doll unplanned is enough to do some financial damage. It wouldn't be, "oopsie, tee-hee, ramen dinners all this month," it would be, "well now I have to decide what to sell - new gaming console, or other doll?"
    13. I impulse bought a Puki last week. I was kind of planning a second puki anyway, but I really wanted a certain mold and was stalking the MP and DDE to see if one popped up. Then I went and bought a different one out of nowhere O.o

      Actually, my first Puki was an impulse too! The only difference was I had months of long FL wait to get ready for him...This one was here in two days and he's still awaiting his hair and eyes XD
      I'm sure he'll be less impulsy when he's all finished and ready to go!

      For me, impulse buys usually consist of me waiting several days to a week or more, so the Puki which I decided to buy and bought in one day, was a pretty big deal!
    14. This is al ver interesting and entertaining to read as I sit at work trying not to fall asleeep. Thanks all :)
    15. Heh, I' m much more impulsive when I have the money to actually BE impulsive. Otherwise, I'll ho and hum over what to get, what options, which doll, etc. and I never actually end up making a purchase! But a few days ago when I had $300 burning a hole in my pocket and saw a darling cheap LTF DES in the marketplace, I couldn't say no and the PM was sent. :] No regrets whatsoever.
    16. Thankfully I don't have paypal or a credit card. I rely on directly passing money to my friend so she can do that. But it means having to have the money directly on me. Keeps me from impulse buying though.
    17. I can't since my mom control the money.
      i can't buy a doll that is 1000$, i MUST always have at least 100$ in my bank account.
      my mom rarelly give me my money in hand, we just write down how much she owe me. so even if it says i have enough to buy a doll, its REALLY rare i can pay in full :/
      sometimes the way i CHOOSE the doll is impulsive. like: OMG, check out all the cool stuff he comes with! I dont need him and i was supposed to buy another one, but whatever :D
      and i usually regret it :sweat
    18. Constantly happens to me, but luckily it's usually just with accessories and clothes, not so often with dolls. But that is just because I'm trying really hard to save up for a certain one right now; as soon as I'm done with that and can spend the rest of the dolly funds on different resinoids .. I will ~~''

      Floating heads tend to get me more easily than whole dolls though, so I hopefully won't end up spending several hundred dollars all at ones. That's the only good thing about it.
    19. LOL

      Almost just bought a LTF on the marketplace.......... total impulse.
      Luckily the little voice in my head ( think it is my sane self) reminded me there were school supplies waiting to be purchased. Maybe next time.
    20. I've had a small run of slightly impulsive buys lately lol I really wasn't planning on the RealPuki Soso/PukiPuki hybrid that is now living in my room, but she is ssoooo cute and when something you want is on the marketplace, its hard not to think 'its fate!' and respond to the ad lol I'm reining myself in now though, back to focusing on the *planned* dolls :XD: