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OPEN ORDERING- SUPIA DOLL thru Feb 10- Baby Supia, Rosy, Roda, Yan, Yisol

Dec 18, 2007

    1. Supia Doll ordering period open for DoA:
      extended until February 10, due to forum outage.

      Please go to: www.supiadolls.com to order directly off the web site.

      We will be including ordering for 58cm Rosy, Roda, Dreaming Roda,
      43cm Yan and Yisol, and the new BabySupias Seron, Sena and Sesol.

      By request, here are the new measurements for the Babies:





      and size. They are 13cm.

      Original post continues:
      :aheartbea Supia Doll has new babies. These are tiny-sized BJD.



      gee, it looks like they already speak Korean better than I do! :fangirl:


      Fairy Princess Baby Supia... ahhhhh.


      Tanned Tiny .. so sweet!


      Le Petit Prince Tiny...

      Order will happen January 2008.. early to mid month?
      No sizes or prices yet.

      It appears there are two babies- a boy and girl.
      They will take orders in the white, normal beige and tanned urethanes.
      I'm not sure about French resin yet.. sometimes they can get too transparent when they are so small.

      I'll add more detail to this thread soon.


      Little Teeny Tiny Discussion thread is here
    2. I take it they won't be limited?
    3. Supia likes to make Limited Edition versions, and those (of course) will be limited.

      However, she will also make non-limited versions, but we will still have to stay within her ordering limits for the pre-order period.
    4. Are they open mouthed? It's difficult to tell without a close up of their faces? They look really cute and lately I am really into the tinies!
    5. I'm really not sure.. I added a little collage of close ups of the babies in my top post. Along with a holiday wish from Supia Korea! There is so much detail in their little faces, it's hard to believe they are so small. I can't quite see .. and some of it might be painting too.

      It's interesting how the different skin colors and painting styles makes each one look like a unique little baby.

      Glad you like the tiny ones! :aheartbea
    6. There is a discussion thread in the TINY DOLL section about the baby Supias. It was started by a DOA member living in Korea who saw them earlier this month on display at a FreeMarket doll show. Supia was not prepared for us to see them until next month, when they are done. So they were a bit surprised when I sent them your questions!

    7. Catrina -

      The only measuremnet in the drawing that is useful for the tiny size chart (or for finding clothes to fit) is the height. If you can get the usually measurements, please post them to the Tiny Size Chart thread (head circumference, eye size, foot size, chest, waist or center, hips)

    8. Is it at all possible to get a comparison shot with a 60 cm doll?
    9. Any chance Supia will be making male dolls in the future?
    10. What type of resin are they made from?
    11. Catrina said in her original post that they will come in 'white, normal beige and tanned urethanes' but she hasnt heard yet if they will come in the french resin that Supiadoll uses as well.
    12. OH...I have to have one or two of these babies!!! When will we be able to order them?
    13. There will be three different types? Will they all look like these or will there be different styles? Like maybe a more mature mini?
    14. Are they taking orders yet?
    15. Supia doesn't usually start taking on orders until the previous order batch have been shipped out to Dollyholic. I only know that the last order is supposed to be shipped in early January, so I'd count on the next order period being, at earliest, next week.
    16. Yes, this is true!

      Unfortunately, Supia found a production flaw in the tanned urethane dolls casted in the last order. So they were forced to re-cast the tanned dolls and this threw their schedule off. Tanned dolls are notorious for being difficult to produce.

      We have been in ongoing communication with Supia, and they have promised me that as soon as those tanned dolls are sent, they will have all the info for us on the Baby Supias.

      So stand by! Info and all the juicy info coming soon.:aheartbea

    17. Can we expect more info on the little guys soon, since the tanned lot has shipped? Not that I'm impatient or anything... :lol:
    18. Any news yet.... Please???????
    19. Here is an update....
      We have shipped the last of the previous order, and are waiting for instructions.

      I am also anxious to know about this soon, because I'm leaving for IDEX in Florida on Tuesday morning. I'm going to have everything I need with me so that we can pass this info on to you guys immediately, as well as start the next order on schedule.

      What i suspect is that Supia got a little upset about having to recast all the tanned dolls from the previous shipment. That has never happened before. I think perhaps they might be looking for another casting service, which would explain why they need a bit more time to pass along pricing info.

      So please stand by....
    20. Bump for release schedule in first post.

      These are the first tiny dolls offered by Supia Dolls... we are so excited to see them!~