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Ophelia Licorice & Bubu Odoroki 2nd edition discussion thread

Sep 8, 2009

    1. I can't believe there isn't a discussion thread yet! I did backflips when I saw the new black piggy!


      Charles's adorable piggies + witch + Dollheart's amazing outfits?? And in PURPLE!? She is SO coming home with me! :D What does everyone else think??

      There's also a second edition of Bubu! With three versions and a new "pastel yellow" Mango resin color (Though it looks flesh colored to me..? Could be the lighting of the pictures)


      Original news thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=322591
    2. What other dolls could fit in those clothes? I love that little witch costume! Do you think Puki would be able to fit into it?
    3. They would fit any dolls that are about the same size as Pipos little dolls like Ringo and Rooney. I found this picture in the anthro comparisons thread - http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3130/3171702963_8e6bca240a.jpg You can see a Rooney and Pukis on the far right. I also just looked at my own Rooney and Puki and I think the clothes would unfortunately be huge on Pukis.
    4. Ophelia Licorice is sooo cute!! Charles' dolls are amazing, I never wanted an anthro tiny until I saw his adorable little dolls---and I think Ophelia's the cutest so far! <3 I love the floppy ears!!
    5. I love Ophelia Licorice! I do wish there were more pictures of her. Bet her face is adorable, but it is a little hard to tell because she is just so pitch black! And I love black with purple! That outfit is adorable with the little hat! She's sweet! Charles does such wonderful anthros (and faeries! and other magical little creatures!)!
    6. omg omg omg I can't wait, she's coming out today! I've already set my alarm clock!!!
    7. I hope Charles doesn't mind, but I lightened the picture so you can see her face better:


      She almost looks like a puppy! :XD:
    8. She does have a puppy-like quality! So adorable though! I love her slightly smaller snout. :3 I love how wet it looks! Eeeh, now I'm so torn...
    9. I love her lime eyes and shiny snout, but... I'm still waiting for the mole. Do I want two black anthros? Three if you count Catsy.
    10. i love her ears!! the costume is way cute too!
    11. Thanks, Celesse! Much easier to make out her features now. I sound like a broken record: she is so cute! And I love the black resin - you don't see much done in it, and it is really gorgeous! Her snout does look wet, like a puppy nose. And with those droopy ears and big eyes... ah!
    12. I love Ophelia!!
      But I really have no funds for her, but she's one of my favorite piggies right now!!
    13. I love her too :) I wonder what faceup options there are with black resin besides using white?
    14. I really like the new Bubu. He is so cute.

      But I would really love an IF. He looks just so adorable!
    15. how come the online shop is sold out of everything already? :(

      it's not 8pm 09/09/09 Amsterdam time yet... it is only 9am... am I seeing things wrong?
    16. They've put them up but they're not for sale yet. They'll be available at the designated time :)

      Though I'm worried about the pm time given... don't releases usually happen in the morning? I don't want to go to bed and end up missing this sale.
    17. oh phew! lol the time in Sydney for the release is 4am! I've set my alarm + another one just in case!
    18. The all pure black resin looks absolutely fabulous and that face ** diesss ** I looove Bubu 2 too (hahaha) and that imaginary friend...ohhh CCC you're so baaad... gonna need all the new arrivals, I'll be glued to the monitor tonight and hope to get one of each...arrghhh
    19. Like Celesse replied, and also Charles's CCC piggies / anthros will fit the other famous "elfdoll/charles piggy" Alice Cherry Blossom :)
    20. I still can't decide which one to buy (can only barely afford one)... I love black... but I also love peach... *cri cri* definitely getting at least one... or two... IFs - how total cute is it?