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Opinion on anthropomorphic dolls?

Apr 4, 2017

    1. I know that there are a lot of different opinions on anthropomorphic dolls out there, so what's yours? I personally really like them. I think that they can be really unique and pretty or quite ugly, to put it bluntly.
    2. I love em. But then, i'm rather fond of properly anthropormorphic things. Not so keen on zoomorphs (human head, animal ears and tail) because I find them a bit creatively dull but proper anthros where human and animal has been merged into one alien as heck looking thing? yesss.
      I particualrly love insectoid looking things, which I know is a bit unpopular but I just find them so interestingly WIERD and inspiring.

      I have a few little anthro dolls, most are quite "cute" which is fine and dandy, but i'd love more that were just freaky looking lol.
      Like DC Carol (my profile pic) who's this bizarre harpy thing who looks like he stepped out of a Henson Studios movie imo.
      Love that.
      And I love how so many of DC's sculpts look like they have an exoskeleton. It makes me smile.

      I love weird. IMO when it comes to dolls, if you're gonna pay a lot for something, it should 1: make you smile and inspire you and 2: be something really unique. I mean regular looking human dolls are a dime a dozen, so I want all the monsters, all the freaks, all the anthros. Yessss
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    3. I honestly love insectoid looking dolls as well. I'm dying to get my hands on Xaviera by Doll Chateau.
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    4. I acquired a number of cute anthros when I first started in the hobby, then I kind of lost interest and they took a back seat while I concentrated on larger, more realistic human dolls. (Except for my Elfdoll Catsys, I've always maintained an interest in them.) I had pretty much decided that I wouldn't ever want any more anthros, but I know now that I should never say never in this hobby. So many more really different types of anthros have appeared in the past few years--an octopus, lizards, cyclops kitties--that they are starting to become a major focus for me again.
    5. I like anthro art in general, so liking anthro dolls is pretty natural. :)
      I'm particularly fond of centaurs and similar quadrupedal dolls. The fact that there's enough unipegataur-style dolls out there to sort of be a thing delights me, honestly.

      They do run the gamut. I tend to favor some styles over others, just like with human dolls.
    6. One of the best things about dolls, imo, is that they can be ANYTHING. For that reason, I love seeing creative anthro sculpts. I also like zoomorphs quite a bit, because I just think they're cool.

      Was it Doll Château who put out the spider centaur a while back? I think it was them. Anyways, that was brilliant! I love seeing off the wall concepts like that.
    7. I love them, most all I've seen I love. I own a lot of little anthros. They bring me a lot of joy. I also love the ones that a bit bizarre. I wish they made more anthros.
    8. I have Anthro OCs that I really want to shell, I think its just a creative thing ^^ Like, how cat are you gonna go? A bear? A dragon?? wings?! LETS DO IT
    9. I adore anthros!! The very doll that got me interested in bjds was an anthro, and even though now I've got a wider range of interest (that vary from tiny cute dolls to bigger, more realistic ones), anthro dolls still hold a special place in my heart. Much like @purple_monkfish, I'm more of a fan of dolls that seem to be merged with an animal/insect to make weird alien beings. I think they're really cool and unique! Most of the time, the weirder they look, the more I like them.
    10. Usually, I think they're either really cute or just kind of okay, but not my thing. I usually prefer full human, full animal or full cryptid, not much of a fan of mixing them. A couple of exceptions for me would be Doll Chateau Elizabeth (I love her beautiful human torso on that eerie spider body!) and DollFactory Devil Bobo (I've loved that little devil mouse for years now, but never acquired it). I guess you could say I enjoy looking at them and admiring them, but they don't have much place in my own collection.
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    11. They're nice to look at, but not something I want to own. I do love kemonomimi on human dolls, though.
    12. I like anthropomorphic/zoomorphic dolls and animal dolls, but I'm picky.

      If the doll is supposed to be an anthro or zoomorphic doll, I don't like it if they have the animal ears and human ears. It's a weird thing to fixate on, but it upsets me for some reason. Of the off-topic BJDs/dolls I have that are anthros (I have no antrhro/zoomorphic BJDs), I have cut off their human ears and modded the resultant holes closed.

      I can't do centaur dolls for the same reason--two ribcages, two hearts, two lungs? Nope nope nope. (In saying this, I'm sure that there's a hypocrisy here in my doll collecting, but I can't think of one now.)

      I also don't like human breasts on female anthros unless the body looks entirely human. Sometimes I wonder if the sculptor understands what "mammal" means. (I'm actually thinking of the very...bizarre Orangina ads right now. Sexy cactus, in particular. Actually, I take that back, if someone made a sexy cactus doll I would probably buy it, especially if it was a tiny.) And, as an aside, I'm not sure I'd like the look of six breasts on a bunny doll either, but I haven't seen anything like that, so who knows?

      I actually seriously considered buying 5Stardoll's praying mantis doll. The only problem, is that 5Stardoll has single joints, and I would need to mod an extra pair of arms or legs to the doll to be satisfied, and perhaps an extra limb joint. As the list of mods got longer and longer, I realized I didn't like the doll so much as the concept. Oh well.

      I think if the doll looked like it's own distinct creature from it's animal and human inspiration, I could be less critical. Maybe. And I like the weird anthros/zoomorphic dolls. If there were some eldritch or Lovecraftian monsters I could be on board.
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    13. I love them! I have one but she's not allowed on DOA since she's ABS :sweat

      5StarDoll's mantis doll really interested me for a while, but I decided against getting it. Though I would love to see more anthro/creature dolls like that in the future.
    14. I think they're really cute. ^-^

      I don't wish to own one personally, but I do like seeing photos of them and in-person at doll meets.
    15. I love them!! I'm a huge fan of Luts' Zuzu Delf line (**NOT Kid Zuzu Delf)! I also love Dearmine! I like my anthros to look more animal-like rather than human-like unless they are centaurs and what not. :)
    16. I love anthros! But I'm really picky about how they look. I prefer the cutesy ones that have more animal like faces than human faces. So Pipos (especially the R.Pi line, Cube, Dali, Ringo, and Cheese Mouse, Zuzu Delf (the pigs, Bull, Mong and Truffle, Otter) etc,. The only exception is Fairyland's Pukisha.

      I also prefer that they don't have detachable ears. With the exception of Pukisha (again) I like seeing anthros without wigs and the ones I do plan on owning won't wear them either.

      Oh another thing! I dislike it when anthros come with blatantly human hands. Like no! Give them cute PAWS OR SPECIES APPROPRIATE DIGITS. With my Pukishas (omg enough about Pukisha already) the hands are chubby, cute and small enough that they could pass as paws or pawish.

      Saying all that, Pukisha is NOT my favorite anthro. My favorite is actually Pipos Charlotte. I just don't have her yet.:(
      Despite the fact that Charlotte's body is not a cute animal body, I do think the body is cute in a different way and from the pictures I have seen it can be hidden away relatively easily.
    17. The small ones I've seen honestly make me super nostalgic for Calico Critters/Sylvanian Families. I'm not sure if they're something I would collect myself, but I think they're adorable!

      That said, I'm a sucker for animal ears/features without the whole doll being anthro? Zoomorphic, I guess! Soom's Adamelli is a favorite; hooved legs in general are a favorite for me. Lillycat's Kitty Jolie is also cute as heck, and is human enough while still looking distinctly cat-like?
    18. Personally, they're not really my thing, but I can absolutely still look at them and appreciate the work and detail that goes into some of them! There's so many cute little anthro dolls, but I just don't think they'd fit into my style!
    19. Lol I have an alien race who are spider taurs and yes, they have two hearts and two sets of lungs. They have a spider tube heart in the abdomen and a seconadary "pump" at the waist to push hemolymph up into that humanoid torso. Their lungs are primitive book lungs so they need a lot of them to oxgenate all that hemolymph. But they don't have rib cages, they're spiders. I decided they developed from a freaky segmented critter that had a duplicated upper section due to some mutation. I don't care that an exoskelton that big wouldn't be possible in reality, it's fiction ahahah. As long as it sounds "vuagely plausable" and looks cool it's all good.
      I'm seriously sitting here right now trying to justify a nose on a plant creature. I'm crazy.

      Non Mammalian mammeries drive me nuts as well. Like.. no, how about we don't give the lizard boobies. I don't mind two on a humanoid mammal because evolution could drive the loss of those extra 4 as litter size dropped (and the larger the animal the smaller the litter and humanoid pelvises being all narrow and not really the right shape does limit your multiple births a bit) so I can deal with a bunny girl having 2 boobs, but a lizard girl? nooope.

      then again, if it's cute enough I probably don't care anyway haha.
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    20. I love 'em-- cats especially (my off-topic cat collection is... always growing, and not yet near complete), but I get excited over the weird ones, too. (And of course I love a bunny or a fox, too, but my favorites seem to be cats and then odd reptiles and octopodes and such)