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Opinions about LovelyHouse dolls?

Mar 28, 2005

    1. Hi! I recently saw a couple LovelyHouse Shin B dolls, and I think I've fallen in love. However, I need to know more about them before I can consider buying one, especially since I only make $1,000 within about 5 to 10 months. -.-;;

      I was curious, is this particular doll naturally female? Do they come directly from LovelyHouse with their own fem. body? I had seen one picture where the owner said they had given her a different body (or at least that's how I understood it) so I wanted to double check that she was 'born' female.

      Also, how tall is this particular doll? Is she SD-13 sized? Does she fit into SD-13 clothes?

      Last but not least, if anyone owns one (that has the same body as from LH, etc.), could you post pictures of her with different wigs, and nude (no wigs, but with eyes). I'm very curious about the LH body sculpts.

      Last one (honest ^_^; ), has anyone had any problems with this or other LH dolls? Such as not standing on their own or not posing well? Also, do they have the torso joint like some of the Volks dolls?

      Thank you very much for your help!
    2. well if you dont have enough money how about a Dollfie dream body and a Shin B head?(i dont know if the resin would match the body so you would have to do some research in the forum) That way the doll would be much cheaper.

      I am also tempted by Shin B so any info from someone who owns her would be nice :)
    3. I'd prefer to buy her as she is naturally (with her original body). o.o ^_^ I'm rather picky, if I know it came with something different, it'll bug me forever. Besides, everything is too expensive for me. ^.^ Even a $1 coca-cola is too expensive for me. o.O
    4. I've been told the Lovelyhouse body (girl - I know nothing about the boy) stands really well, but has some issues with sitting. Try searching for 'Pia', 'ShinB' and 'lovelyhouse/lovely house' and you should find some comparison pictures, descriptions etc.

      - Therese
    5. Here are some pics of my Kimberlee...she is "naturally female"...I don't know the SD-13 size but she is 22" tall. This outfit is a friends2Bmade and is way too small (but I love the top on her).


      Another outfit, pieces made by friends of mine:


      Feel free to message me with any other questions you may have. I haven't had Kimberlee that long so not sure how much help I can be but I'll try!! :daisy
    6. awww there is Kimberlee, the reason why i want to get a Shin B...sooo pretty!!
    7. I have my ShinB sitting next to me right now. Yes, she is born female, with a big bust. Beautiful body sculpt. She is Super Dollfie (SD) sized (around 58-60 cm), so she can wear SD-sized clothing. Her head is 8.5 inches around, so she wears wigs that are this size. She comes with 18mm eyes. She can stand and sit, but I've found that her arm posability is limited. This might just have to do with how she is strung, however, and perhaps if I tightened the elastic in her arms, she might be able to pose her arms better (I've been too scared to try this yet).

      If you order her off of eBay (do a search for "LovelyHouse" on eBay --one word, not two) she will come with face paint (a "faceup"). They do a perfectly gorgeous job with the faceup, with a lot of detail in the lips. I do recommend doing a search for "lovelyhouse" or "shinb" on this forum by using the button that says "search" on the upper left of the screen. (Where it says FAQ: search: memberlist: usergroups) Try doing a search for ShinB as one word, and Shin B as two words, and LovelyHouse as one word or as two words, so you'll get different results.

      Here are some naked photos (OOOh!!!) :o These are actually Firefly's arrival pictures, but I haven't posted them anywhere else yet.
      The first shows how she arrived, with a paper cup taped to her head to protect her face during shipping.

      Here she's sitting up next to her box on top of the black carrier she came with. Her "elf" ears are lying on the ground next to her. She comes with one set each of human and elf ears. You can see that she does have a torso joint that enables her to sit more realistically than most dolls could.

      I included this shot of her legs just because I think her legs and feet are pretty.
    8. Thanks for the great pics, now I want a LH body too!
    9. Those pics are awesome! Shin B is such a sweetheart...

      I have a horrible, horrible question to ask (*can hear everyone chanting 'Hentai! Hentai! Ecchi!' as she asks*), but uhmm.. Well, are LH girls 'anatomically correct'? I know that the LH boys bodies are missing their.. manly part.. <.<; So I was wondering if the girls are the same? :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

      Now I just have to decide between sweet RooA or adorable Shin B. ^_^ Such a tough choice! -.-
    10. :o I didn't know about the boys, 'cause I don't have one. But the girls are anatomically correct in the sense that they have a bit of a "slit" down there, if you get my meaning. I think it's tastefully done.
    11. Nope, boys are not anatomically correct. I have a Lovelyhouse ShinE and hes amazing. ^_^ I too found that posing him is kinda hard though. Im not sure if its how hes strung or what though... one of his legs doesnt like to bend at the knee too well and just kinda pops out and dangles, and his arms are kinda floppy... ^^; I should fix that. But he can stand and sit by himself. I love him very much. ^_^
    12. Yeah, my ShinB has problems with arm posability, too. I'm going to wire her arms (and maybe her legs too, although her legs are better) so that I can pose them much better. Her arms are too floppy.
      I'm going to get some plastic-coated wire sometime this weekend so that I can do this. I'm still scared to do anything with her elastic -- I've never done "restringing" before. I'm afraid I'll make her worse. :|

      I don't have this problem with my ShinB. Her legs behave pretty well.
    13. whats the lovelyhouse website?