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Opinions about Obitsus - Pros and Cons?

Sep 3, 2006

    1. I am not sure how many people know about these doll so I made this little thread to help spread and gain information....... I am in no way an expert but I do own an 27cm obitsu... if anyone has more information please fill me in :)

      LARGE DOLLS 60cm OBITSU!!!!

      If you dont know what I am talking about go here:


      From what I can see they are cheaper form 189( ebay) to 230( junky spot site) or if you want a full set 600.

      Now if you are going for just the body its a WHOLE HELL of alot cheaper... also since they are NOT STRINGED there is no stringing issues.

      More information on dolls:
      Compared to traditional bisque, resin or porcelain dolls, the 60cm Obitsu body is a vinyl doll which is less expensive, light-weight, softer, self-standing, and strong enough to not break even if dropped.

      The frame is made from high-tech ABS rosin injected into a mold from the top of the head to the sole of the foot. POM rosin is used for the ball joints and the double joint structure for more mobility.

      The strong magnets in the soles of the feet allow the doll to stand alone.


      • Cheaper by alot....
      • Dont have to worry about thin resin from factory.
      • Dont have to worry about resin breaking.
      • No string means no string tention worries.
      • Parts are VERY easy to replace since there is no string, they just pop off.
      • Switching parts is very easy since they pop off.
      • More optional parts such as chest sizes, hands and feet.
      • Head types include open eyes.
      • They can stand on thier own.
      • Because of metal stand doll can be posed more dynamicly.


      • After poseing the doll to much you might have to squess the arm and leg joints back into place.
      • There really is no "boy" type... you have to buy an optional chest part that makes your girl a boy.
      • Most positive that switching the heads ( or other parts) from resin dolls to obitsu is impossible, without some cheat/quick fix.
      • No as much as a varity of heads since only a few companies make the 60cm ones.. unlike with resin dolls, (D.O.D, Luts, Souldoll, Latidoll, Dollmore, Dollshe, Dollheart, iplehouse, etc.)

      Wrap up:

      All in all I say if you just want a girls body cheaper ( say you bought Luts Lishe special and now you have two heads both with face up) This body might be worth buying if some one can find out if resin type heads can go on obsitsu bodies....

      If anyone knows more about this subject please post!

      Thanks !!!
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      cause it it was a modded old post to save space....
    3. They're pretty too. I saw one at a recent doll meet :) It was neat because she could stand her girl up on a second-story stair rail (magnetic feet) and she wouldn't wobble or anything.
      What I'd worry about is... what if the joints get loose like on the regular obitsu bodies? It's not like you can take them apart and restring to tighten them back up... I wonder what you'd do? O__o
    4. Hmm I have an 27cm obitsu doll and her joints only lossen when you pose her to much because that causes the parts to pop open alittle. (She is nice and stiff too so she holds poses like a dream.)

      When that happends you just squese them back together, they snap right back into place, it takes only secounds rather then restringing the whole doll.

      Also if it is a joint problem you can always buy a new leg, or leg part, infact every part of the doll you could buy individualy.... so that is always neat! :)
    5. I have a 60cm Obitsu girl, and she's great. Poses amazingly - far better than any stringed doll (though she still hasn't been played with much so I'm not sure what wear and tear will do to her joints) and holds those poses indefinitely. Her range of motion is amazing too - not only do her limbs move far further than any stringed doll will, even such things as her neck has an internal joint and can move quite freely.

      One personal observation is that she's not as immediately 'huggable' as stringed, resin dolls. My two boys have a comforting weight to them, and when you hold them on your lap they curl up quite naturally as though they belong there. My Obitsu girl doesn't - the light weight isn't as nice to have on your lap, IMO, and she doesn't cuddle naturally either - each limb needs to be manually moved into position. Perhaps that's of no consequence, but if you're the sort of person who enjoys curling up with a doll or two on your lap whilst you're doing something else, you might want to take it into consideration.
    6. Yeah the best thing about the Obitsu is that it is stiff, very stiff.

      Like xi-feng said this doll will not cuddle you unless you move it to.

      I think thats nice.. and if you have a doll to take pictures of it more then play with it then this is a perfect match. Cuddeling could be done but it is more manual.....

      axi-feng ( or anyone for that matter)

      Do you know if resin heads could be placed on the obitsu bodies?
    7. I know there's a way for it to be done (involving washers, but I'm still not clear on the details) but there's no way for it to work unaided. I found these threads on a quick search: a more thorough one would turn up more, I think.




      Without doing anything to head or body, though, it doesn't work at all. My Juri head slips down to rest on the body's shoulders and just looks odd and silly ^^;
    8. I've had George for some time and he has loosened up only slightly. I adore him and there are zero drawbacks for me.
    9. I have 60cm body ^^. It's nice but somehow I think I'll like resin doll better so I'm selling it. The joints spin around too much for my tastes, and it's so skiiiiny xD;... but it is easy to operate on. Obitsu are fun but I prefer them in the smaller sizes :3~
    10. I like them, I also like that they aren't resin lol
    11. I have a 60 cm Obitsu and just bought another body off of ebay...I like them, I had a three part at first, and decided I wanted a body that can show some belly skin and so sold it and bought a 2 part. The torso is soft and squishy, and hollow so i stuffed it with fibre fill to firm it up.
      I have a Soony head on mine and the new body{which is the bjd}will either have a Juri head or the new nanuri head..it easy to rig it to take a resin head.
      You can either use the Luts neck piece or take a plastic bottle cap cut the end off so you just have the flat round back, drill a hole and it does work., to hold heads on the have the S hook holder you can take a firm rubber band wrap it around the neck peg and wrap it around the hook holder.. the head fits quite well..and the color match is good to.
      the new juri head matches the pale{white} skin of the obitsu. My Soony matche perfectly too..

      I just wished they had more hand options, than the splayed fingers. the large bust option is huge and hard to fit with clothes. and there is supposed to be a male version coming out....sometime...they have been promising it for a few months now...much anticipation.
      also the torso peg has a tendency to break, I haven't had mine break yet, but at least Emory carries the part .
      Their legs are also longer than the normal Cp girl..so some stocking don't work.

      just my two cents.
    12. wow, thats alot of information! THANK YOU ALL!!

      THATS GREAT to hear that the heads CAn be switched up!
    13. I've had my Obitsu (Tristan) since last December. His arms wiggle out of their sockets occasionally, but I just glare at him and push them back into place.

      I took the magnets out of his feet (I have a 27cm Obitsu who can make the TV distort by sitting on it...I was afraid for my computer. We sit together alot.) so he just stands on his own.

      I love how well he holds poses. I went through a con with him, and everytime either my hands were full, or the room was very crowded (I was afraid of people running into me and squishing him) he rode on my shoulder with his arm around my neck. (This also works well at Wal-Mart...)

      I would say the biggest cons are:

      They stain easily. (Tris has black feet from his socks - the rest of him is fine)

      The inner torso joint breaks. (His has broken twice - he has a dowel in him right now...)

      THERE ISN'T A REAL BOY BODY!!! *gnaws on Obitsu* I have heads that want bodies!!! :...(

      WONDERFUL posers!!! (Everytime someone is like "OMG! This doll can touch her own ear!" I look at Tris and think "Um...ok. You could do that the whole time...")

      Light (I know the other girl said this was a con...but it's easier if you want to carry them alot)

      Cheaper (Dude...these things are like Pringles. Since they're cheaper you can get more of them. *makes swirly eyes* You want to buy more of them...)

      Customer service (Emory from the Junky Spot is great! He's a memeber here, the Junky Spot has it's own board, and you can even get him on the phone in the evenings in California. If you _ever_ have issues, he'll help. He has spare parts, he can calm you down if you're convinced UPS ate your doll, enable you to get more cool stuff...)
    14. --They're all leg. You'll have to add an inch or two to patterns for tights, trousers, etc. On the other hand, they look dynamite in short skirts.

      --Very easy to change eyes, hands, heads, and swap out (God forbid) broken bits. No stringing. Replacement parts are cheap. Tommy's spinal surgery required only a screwdriver and needle-nose pliers.

      --Fewer available head sculpts. But if you enjoy doing face-ups, or Barbie/Tyler style customization, the heads can support a wide variety of character designs.

      --Magnet feet allow her to hold your pins while you sew for her. :)
    15. I love my Obitsu, too. I have a DD, and two Luts boys as well, so I can compare them. The Obitsus pose beautifully. They have I think 6 available head types. There are 3 anime styles; a Sahra head, an angry face and the default head ( I have seen the default with cut out eyes and it is beautiful!).
      There are three open eye styles: Gretel ( sculpted by Rainman), Haruka and the 60-011 head. I have the Haruka head on a BJD style body. She is very owner friendly. I love her "light weight"ness and ability to hold a pose. My resin dolls are a tad too fragile for me. The vinyl dolls are easier for me to play with.
      I like a little variety in my dolls and the long legs and slender body are a plus for me in that respect also.
    16. I am not sure if this is any where else but if some one could post a pic comparsion of the legs of an average 60cm dollfie to an 60cm obitsu I think that would help some poeple ( like me :) ) if you at all have the time.

      Thank you!
    17. For me, its very simple. The pro is that they pose better than any other 60cm body out there. The con is that they just don't look as nice, even the BJD style one looks a little weird to me. I don't care for the sculpts.
    18. Her's a comparison chart showing SD10 DD and Obitsu

      Here's a good link that shows off the Obitsu's super poseability