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Opinions about Unidoll Real boy body?

Mar 1, 2008

    1. I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right spot but oh well.

      I've been looking at this doll for a little while and I really like the way he looks and his body. He would be perfect for a character of mine (jasper) But I was wondering how he handles. (take in mind I've only handled a few dolls my self I currently own a Souldoll hye and I love her, and i've handled just about all of Kiya's dolls. So.... saying that he handles the same as some other kind of doll isn't going to help me at all....O.O

      Anyway. If you have an opinion about him please I would like to hear about it. Thanks.
    2. I've had mine since December of last year. He's nice to look at, but he's not the best poser in the world. The way his lower torso piece is made, it can be difficult to get him to stand without looking like he's leaning forward just slightly. And sueding is a must. There's absolutely no movement in the torso, either. And he's got something weird going on with his bum... The way the lower torso piece was sculpted, the bum is set kind of high. When he's standing he looks fine... but when he sits down it looks like his bum has migrated to his back. It's quite comical, but easily overlooked.

      All that aside, he's still nice to look at. After sueding he can do some basic poses. And he does have nicely double-jointed arms. He is an odd size, though, so finding clothes may be iffy. Most Hound/Model size clothes seems to fit, but his wide-spread fingers make some shirts difficult to get one. Hound/Model shoes are too big, but I'm not entirely sure all SD13 size shoes will fit. Some SD13 size clothes fit, too, but not everything. It's a little hit or miss.
    3. Mine stands quite solidly by himself with no sueding, he is quite heavy. I have him wearing Dollmore model man shoes, SD13 shoes are hit or miss, his feet are wider than other 70cm boys. His thighs are heavier than Dollshe boys so beware of tight pants they may not fit, his standard hands although very elegant are hard to fit through tight cuffs because the fingers are spread out. I make all his clothes with these points in mind. His body is beautiful, really the body of a ballet dancer, he is not the best poser in the world with his one piece torso you will never see him slouch like the Dollshes, but he does photograph beautifully and he looks real good dressed up. It's funny I have been considering Hye as a partner for him I think her expression would work well with my Jace Kazimir.
    4. Like they say. He's not a good torso leaner. There is a hip joint, but the rest of the torso doesn't want to shift. I'm ever working around trying to get past that. But his arms are great (especially glue-sueding the shoulder joints), and I absolutely adore the heavy muscular legs and those big ol' feetsies. I just wish Unidoll would come out with alternate hands, although I will be trying to mod an extra pair of the current ones when I get them. Or try some senior delf hands if Luts starts selling option parts of them.

      But really, he photgraphs like a dream, and I've been happy with the poses I've gotten out of Renji so far (including the ones on condoll. Yes, the "quadriglutes" have to be worked around somewhat, but not that difficult to do.). He's emoted what I want in photostories and more. I'd work with his body anytime over a Dollshe body with the terminal slump. And have I mentioned how deliriously gorgeous his legs are?
    5. Thats great I figured that there would be a problem with his torso it didn't looking like he would pose very well ... the only think I worried about his how much he would dwarf my Eve standing at 56 cm. though she's supposed to be lost shorter.
    6. Zei--

      A recent photoshoot of mine. Scroll down to the 3rd and 4th posts of pictures. Renji (Jace) standing near an Elfdoll girl. She has shoes with slight heels, but I don't think that brings her up to 56cm. The size match isn't too bad.

      These are pics with a different Jace and an unfaced EF girl (both barefoot):

      You want real dwarfing of the girl in comparison, another EF girl next to a Dollshe (70cm):
    7. My Jace is an awesome poser! I haven't done any sueding or wiring and he stands on his own without any trouble. His arms hold a pose w/o problem.

      Here are a couple pictures of him. He is standing on his own next to the chair, he is not using the chair to keep him upright.

    8. My Jace poses well, too. He stands solidly(with or without shoes) and his arms hold great poses because of his elbow joint. I haven't had to suede or wire him.
    9. Like I was saying he stands all on his own very well



      and the chest is to die for.... I love my boy :love

    10. PErsonally, I really like the body. My Ark stood pretty solidly straight out of the box, and the only joints that needed sueding were his shoulders , becaouse his arms were very floppy. I tightened the stringing in his arms a bit as well, and that pretty much solved the problem. The elbow joints and arms as a whole are great and I actually quite like the thunder thighs, even though it can make for getting certain pants on a bit difficult. The only real issues you might run into with the body are, as has been said, the fact that the torso really isn't good for any sort of slouchy pose and the hands make it hard to get some shirts on. (But IMO, the slight problems with the body are more than made up for by the gorgeousness of the sculpt. I don't have a girl to compare heights, but from what I've seen of other's photos, I don't think Jace would dwarf your girl *too* badly, especially if she's meant to be a lot shorter. (Heh, if you really want to see a doll dwarfed, stick, oh,anything next to a Mecha Angel. Even Dollshe boys look small next to them.)