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Opinions on Dollshe girls

Apr 17, 2006

    1. I'm thinking about a Dollshe big girl and I'm just curious why no ones got her, not that I mind being first on my block, but the Dollmore model girls sold, why not Afghana or Afgah? They look so pretty, am I missing something?

      I mean there's around a zillion Hounds out there (they're so rock n roll)....
    2. Sodapop has one! She's beautiful :D I'm not sure why not too many people have her yet; maybe there's not enough known about her, and not a lot of body shots. Sooo... you should get one, Stella Maris!! Be the first one on the block, and get the ball rolling! ....and let me play with her, okay? ;P
    3. I think Afghana is prettiest of the Dollshe girls, but the ankles on Afghan and her sisters are what turned me off. Another friend of mine said the same thing. I've got my eye on the Model Ipsae however.
    4. sodapop does have an afghan :)
      a couple other people had her but sold her.
      i dont know if any one else have gotten afghana or afgha
    5. :) Ive got an Afghan girl, and I adore mine, she has a really pretty face and her hands are sculpted similar to Hounds, but very feminine. There dont seem to be many around on here since they came out. I like Afghana and Afgha also.:)
    6. mm.. for me, the ankles, coupled with better full-body photos and a seemingly more neutral mouth shape/larger lips tipped my choices from Afghan to Bella and then to Ipsae, I still think Afgan is lovely, and I also think that the Dollshe girls look /younger than the Models do (younger than the dollshe boys also)..which almost works against them in that size catagory (opinion only)

      I also think that the 'big girls' are selling more slowly because there are smaller dolls with similar enough styles to satisfy a lot of people who want a girl with a 'certain look', but not as many available choices for more mature guys - the Dollshe boys are pretty distinctive looking.
    7. I totally agree with Ceal. Also, and this is just my personal opinion, the Dollshe girls heads seem disproportionately small, which to me gives them a rather odd look. In addition, the body is a bit less curvy than the Models, so when dressed in simple clothes, the Dollshe girls look a bit Tomboyish, whereas the Models look more womanly even in jeans and T shirts.
    8. Hearing you say that tips the scales towards the Dollshe girls for me as I prefer a less busty look. The ankle thing is a little worrisome though...
    9. Well to be honest with all of you I am still new to the resin game, but I think that one of the things I don't like about the Dollshe girls is that they all look like Hounds sisters. The look so much alike that it makes me think icky things. But maybe it's just me seeing them that way. Hmmm don't know, but it is the same way with alot of the dolls, that have counterparts, they look so alike that I can only see them as siblings and not lovers or mates.
    10. It's so funny you say that because I wished they looked more like Hound, I don't think they look like him at all. If they did they would have kind of an edgier look, like a Patti Smith type.
    11. I agree with you, I don't think they really resemble Hound at all, which is one of my disappointments in them. Their faces aren't as detailed in the sculpt, and to me, they look much younger than he does. And Afghan was marketed as "Hounds Older sister". I mean she's a beautiful doll, she just didn't come off as related to him to me at all.
    12. I kinda actually think Bella and Hound could be made up as siblings, and Ipsae and Bernard... niether set perhaps so similar as to /have/ to be siblings, but of the same general descent lines, members of the same tribe, if that makes sense. The Dollshe girls seem much more fairylike (this is all just from photographs).
    13. i've been looking at Afghana a lot lately because I love her face, but her neck really creeps me out. It's huge. o__o I think she's beautiful, otherwise. If you get one, take lots of pictures for me. XD
    14. I've got a Salubia, and the other Dollshe big girls look too similar to Xaion for my tastes, sort of Salubia done wrong.

      There's nothing inheirantly bad in them, but they just don't quite do it for me.

      And also, I'm not made of money. (think of how easy it would be for a doll lover to lose weight if s/he were made of money *_*)

      Ann in CT
    15. I'm not sure. But I think part of it is that I expected more realistic molds from Dollshe -- I think it may be Dollshe's girls' eyes, they look so BIG to me. I'm not really fond of the Model girls either, but you have to admit that Dollmore did a great job with their promotion photos. It's easy to just feel "wowed" when you look at them. Besides, them being in underwear lets you see their body (obviously curvy) and increases how feminine they look. Compare that to the fact that when you look at the Dollshe girls' promo pics and I don't think you really get a feel for what their bodies look like.

      Just my two cents

      - cayate
    16. [​IMG] [​IMG]
      I thought Id add this to the post as I think I am one of the only few with an Afghan. I think she goes very well with a hound as their resin and body sculpting are a perfect match, either as his sister or a girlfriend. I havent quite decided on their relationship yet as I cant quite get over the she is Hound's sister as she was advertised to be when she was released. I love my Afghan and dont know why there arent any more people with her. These pictures are really old and bad lighting so I appologise, but will take some newer ones when I have finished restringing her:) I know people arent keen on her because of her ankles and body sculpt, but the only unfemine thing I can say about her is her long shapeless legs. Her legs are exactly like hounds, and Im not dissing hounds here with this comment as I have one and love him dearly, but on Afghan they could have made her legs a bit more feminine, but this is her only fault I can find. When I have finished restringing her, and her body blushing then I will post some nakie pics of her, so you can see what I am on about:) I love the new Bella and Ipse also, I think I have a thing for the big ones:lol: and I am planning to add them to my little family eventually along with some more dollshe boys and girls (grow money tree, grow) when I have saved up enough money, like when I am 80 because it will take me an awful long time:)
    17. Thanks for your post, it was quite informative!
    18. she's lovely, and thanks for the honest review! I'd love to see more pictures
    19. i'm thinking about adding an afghana to my list. she's the prettiest thing i've ever seen...x.x
    20. I thought Id add these recent pics of my Afghan with my Hound's for comparison:)