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Opinions on Obitsu Haruka doll

Oct 4, 2005

    1. I dunno iff ther's a post already about this..iff so excuse me..><.

      But I was wondering what do you guys think of the obitsu doll Haruka?

      I think she has a cute face..I saw her face in a doll magazine..(but I'm not an obitsu fan doh)

      Has anyone seen her?

    2. That's an obitsu? :o She's gorgeous! I have the optional 60 cm obitsu head, but she's nothing like this girl
    3. Oh wow! That's the prettiest obitsu I've ever seen!

      Is she made of resin or vinyl?
    4. Wow! I don't like Obitsu's at ALL, but this one's not that bad.
    5. LOVE her! Anyone know how tall she is? Ooooooh....and a link to where she's available? Thanks! :daisy
    6. Olla she's is 60 cm I believe ^^
    7. *delurks for first post*

      I just recieved my haruka head and it's made of barbie doll vinyl, not hard resin. There's no way you could sand this head without causing serious damage.

      Luckily, the sculpt is adorable and I personally wouldn't want to change the shape one bit :grin:
    8. Anyone want to do a group order for the Haruka head?

      One to four heads ships for $12. More than 4 heads and the shipping is free!

    9. Oh, whoopsie! I just ordered a Haruka head on Friday, along with a white 2-part body and a male torso, thinking it looked like a more masculine mold! :o

      Though with the right faceup I think I could make a very pretty bishie boy from that sculpt - particularly as I'm going to be putting elf ears on him.

      That's going to bring my tally to 3 Obitsus and one Obitsu/Dollfie Dream hybrid. Can you tell I'm an Obitsu fan? :wink:
    10. *_* Defininetely buying the head. Maybe I'll put her on a DD body. I do want a girl :3
    11. Will this Haruku obitsu head work on a regular dollfie body like a Luts or Customhouse?
    12. Oh the head mold can look more male than it seems ^ ^
      At first I had a light 'more natural' face up on the head and it looked very boyish :grin:
    13. I thought you could only use the male torso on the 3-part dol?. Let me know if I'm wrong, I think the two part looks better.
    14. Where on earth did you hear that? The male torso is identical to the female torso inside; it just doesn't have protruding breasts on the outside! Swapping the two around will be quite simple; Obitsus pull apart quite easily.

      Tell you what; my boyfriend tells me he's arrived already (three days from Japan to London, and he didn't get snagged by customs - that's a first! Woohoo! :D ), so he'll be waiting for me when I get back from Wales next Monday. I'll take photos of the whole process as I remove the female torso and put on the male one instead, so everyone can see what's involved, how simple it is - and what a male Obitsu looks like!

      Which reminds me; I need to find an online source of silicone. My Fimo-sculpting method for making "boy bits" for 27cm Dollfies won't really suit a 60cm doll, I fear, and I'd like Taliesin to be able to cross his legs when sitting down!
    15. Hey!
      I discovered Haruka on ebay and went to Junkyspot.com and ordered a head.
      Yay! She has the sweetest little funny face..!

      I suppose I should get an Obitsu body for her too... I wasn't sure if the head was resin or vinyl, but according to an earlier post on this thread the head's vinyl...

      I had a DD1 body once, but it was problematic... I also didn't like the combinations it had... the stringing with snap-jointing, and the soft vinyl parts with the hard vinyl parts.

      I've never had an Obitsu body before.. Can anyone give me some hints as to how they compare? And comparing 2 part bodies to 3 part bodies???

      Thank you!
    16. Best person to answer that would be Arklady. I have a two-jointed body, and I do like it. I was thinking of getting the three jointed for more poseability, but I find that the two jointed does an excellent job by itself. A HUGE difference from resin stringing. With the magetic feet they can stand on one foot~! ^O^ They can also stand by themselves without the magnetic plate. I also find putting clothes on mine really easy since you can just pop the arms/legs off super fast ^_^ Hope that helps a bit ^_^;;