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Opinions on Soom Gem girl body

Sep 12, 2005

    1. I've sort of fallen in love with Gena, but I'm not really sure about her body so I have a couple of questions..

      1. Does she stand/pose well? I think her thighs look very thick compared to the rest of her legs, is it just me?
      2. Would it be possible to put the head on a luts girl body? Does the resin match?
      3. Overall opinions on her body and look..
    2. I recently saw cristy's soom gena and she was AWESOME... I didn't play with her a ton but cristy went on and on about how great she poses.

      she's very tall and lean, with little boobs. She's like the ballet dancer of the bjd world, she has REAALLLY long legs.

      I thought she was awesome.
    3. Thanks a lot for the info ^^ I really like the fact that they have tiny boobs XD perfect for my Sal
    4. Well... the Soom boy body I had for a very short time posed much better than the Luts boy I have. ^^; (ah, poor Kika.)

      I think it would be a very poor match for Luts resin. Soom seems to be a similar tone, but much lighter, probably somewhere between their regular and bw skintone. Also, the neck opening on the head was a bit larger than expected, I think because all Sooms heads are interchangeable between boy/girl, so I'd imagine the girl necks are the same size as the boys, and larger than Luts girls.
    5. My Soom Gena poses beautifully. The only problem she seems to have is that when I bend her legs the joint has to be sort of, um, popped in. So sitting is a bit of a trial if she's in tight pants and I'm trying not to catch the fabric, but I think that's just an anomaly of this doll and not of the line in general.

      I have to say I love her hands, much more than I like the luts hands. I don't know why, I just do.

      And her chest is really really small. I mean mosquito bites. It fits the type of person she is/was meant to be, but if you want your doll to have a chest that fills out, well, anything. . . then the Soom girl body might let you down a little.

      She's a gorgeous doll, though, and I recommend her highly.
    6. My Gena has the same problem with her knee joints, too! They have to be clicked into place...She stands great because of it, though. No crazy legs for this girl!
      Her thighs aren't that thick, but her legs are long, her feet are the same size as a Luts Delf girl's feet, or a DD.
      Her hands are stunning, the fingers are so long and delicate!
      She is flat, though. Very very very flat. I've given my Gena a boob job with apoxie sculpt, though, since Victoria isn't in the least bit flat!. :oops:
      Her face has a real gravity and maturity about it, and her expressions have a massive range of changes, depending on how you position her head, she's simply enthralling to look at!
    7. Thanks for the answers everyone ^__^ Now I know she is perfect for my girl