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Opinions on Torso Types

Sep 30, 2007

    1. Okay, I've been looking around and haven't found anything to do with this, so I figured that it would be okay to ask.

      I was wondering what people's general opinions are of different torso designs. What kind of posing do the types give? Is one more realistic than another? More versatile? Do they break more easily? Things like that...

      I'm still trying to decide on my first BJD (MSD sized) and figured it is best to have all the information I can.

      I hope this is the right place.​
    2. I really, really like the mid-torso joint. It makes posing the doll easier. I think it's easier to manipulate than the hip joints that some companies opt for. Hip joints are fine too, but people don't exactly twist at the hip. I know that some people prefer the look of a one-piece torso, though, but I'm fine with how a torso joint looks. The one-piece torso, of course, looks more realistic than the one with the mid-torso joint. But some people sculpt the torso-joint to be just at the ribs, and that looks a little more natural. I don't think one breaks easier than the other.
    3. I only have experience with separate chest piece that starts somewhere above the waist and it works well on my mini. But I have one tiny that tends to slouch to one side there (others are fine and the joint manually moves forward and back and resists tilting sideways).

      I've never had a BJD with the hip joint but one benefit of that style is being able to wear very short or skimpy tops without showing a joint. Minifees seems to pose quite well with a hip joint. I think either can work well if properly engineered.

    4. Thank you both so much. So far I think I like both types of torso joints...so I suppose we'll have to see. Thanks for letting me know your opinions. Does anyone have any information on the three part torsos I keep seeing? <3
    5. Before buying a specific doll try search for posts about that model's posing, and ask owners if there are any posing problems with that joint or elsewhere.

    6. Yeah, I've been trying, but I've been getting alot of mixed messages. Some people say it poses amazingly, others say it doesn't...I suppose it may depend a little on the person?
    7. It also depends on the stringing of the doll - too tight or too lose makes the doll harder to pose. I generally find mid-torso joints to be the easiest to pose, but it depends on the type of doll and how the torso joint was put together. Visually, hip joints look better. I have some trouble with them though.

      There are some dolls with both mid-torsoe and hip joints (Like SDC dolls) and they have EXCELLENT posing but require more work to balance.