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Opinions on 'touching' a BJDs face?

Jun 28, 2016

    1. Hello all~ Just a question i was curious about!
      Now i know the face of any dolly is the most important part. That faceup shows who they are! Regularly speaking, i wouldnt go out to say, a BJD meet, and just start touchin faces. Owners would cut your hand off LOL

      But as you yourself, not others. Do you touch their face? How do you move their heads for posing? I know me and a friend of mine like to gently touch their cheeks since theyre just so soft *^* My boy has blush, hers doesnt, so im a liiiittle more careful about it. orz
      Maybe im just being too cautious with my boy(s)? Let me know how you guys feel and your experiences!​
    2. I don't really worry about it TO much, but I move their head's with their top of their head and their chin!!! :D
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    3. :XD: thats what i do!! Once i was just moving with the back of his head and his wig popped off LMAO (his wig is so STUBBORN to put on x _ x good thing its only a temp till his real one comes in!)
    4. If it has big ears, then I just use those! :whee: Gently, of course.
    5. I've touched the faceup quite a bit. Its very much of a me realizing "oops maybe I shouldn't have done that" situation after the fact. But many face touches later her sealing is still intact. She has some scuffs from her glasses, but I've found that I don't care all that much. I just pretend their blackheads. And any fading I'll figure something else to pretend.

      Edited to add: I'm super wary about other pepole's dolls. I've never touched ones face and I rarely want to handle them at all. I don't wanna mess up someone else's doll. Mine is like psshaw no big deal. Someone else's is terrifying.
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    6. i just wash my hands and make sure they are clean/not dirty or greasy if i absolutely must touch the face :p but typically i don't need to touch the face and if i'm moving my dolls' heads i grab them by the top or side of the head hehe.
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    7. I mess with my crew's faces as little as possible... Even with freshly cleaned hands, there are still natural oils on your skin and that's not great for face-ups.
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    8. I never ever ever touch the faces of dolls that are not mine, if I need to move their heads I'll kind of use their wigs as a handle, but with my crew I don't particularly worry about it, unless they have a default face-up.
      If they have a default faceup I don't purposely touch their face but I don't stress about it too much, but if they've got a face-up I've done myself then I really do not care (except for the two that have been airbrushed to match their bodies, because that would be annoying to have to do again)
      Pretty much just do whatever you're comfortable with with your dolls
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    9. I always wash my hands right before handling my dolls, and I avoid touching their faces as much as humanly possible. Sometimes I might brush up against their cheek lightly as I'm fixing a wig, but it's never intentional. I usually grip the sides of the head to move it; I don't like touching the chin or ears since I've seen some dolls that had sealant worn off from touching those areas. Hands in general can leave shiny or greyish spots from just oils and residue. I commissioned most of my dolls' faceups and really, really love them so I don't want to mess them up :)
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    10. I am not all that afraid of touching my doll's face (the one that is painted, anyway), but I do try to be careful. I'd rather the faceup last as long as possible, do I would rather not get prints or oils from my hands on it.
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    11. Whether I'm turning the head or fixing a wig, I only touch my doll's face when I'm wearing a pair of cotton gloves. It might be a little obsessive, but I'm hoping to keep the faceup in tact as long as possible :sweat
    12. Daw, thats sweet though! I do that too like oh crap i just touched you with my dirty hand oh no im sorRY TT.TT LOL But i like your resolved to imperfections in the faceup! Id be freaking out for days on what to do LOL

      Oh jeez, other peoples dollies i understand!! mine its like HOMIE! but others its like holding a huge diamond XD I was lucky to meet up with my friend and see her boy, and let me tell you i was holding him like my life depended on it :XD: He has locking thighs and i was like I CANT MAKE HIM STAND HIS LEGS WONT???? HOW DO I NOT BREAK HIM :...( but once i learned it was fine UvU I was lucky enough to SUPER GENTLY touch his face because she would always tell me he feels like velvet :XD:<3
    13. Thats not obsessive at all! I have a pair that i use when handling my floaty luts head since hes well, just a head :XD: but sometimes i get too lazy to get them out for handling my MSD and hes usually in pants and a sweater to hopefully save some dirt from getting on him
    14. Thats understandable, since you painted it :D! If i mess up my boys ill be so upset since theyre company painted OTZ
    15. I play with my dolls, and I do most of my own faceups, so if I mess them up, it's not the end of the world. Still, I prefer to make them last as long as I can, so I do refrain from touching the faces a lot. Most of my dolls also have body blushing, so I try not to touch that a lot either, but I still handle them frequently. When I move the heads, I usually touch each side of the head, over the wig. If I have to touch the face, I do it under the chin, where damage wouldn't be as visible.
    16. Thats always a good feeling being able to fix the face up if something ever DID happen! ( And is your username a kingdom hearts ref? If so you just got +20 awesome points for zexion love :D)
    17. That's a big part of why I wanted to learn to do my own faceups. I was afraid if I paid for really expensive faceups and chipped one, I'd be devastated! It still costs me time and a little money, but it's much easier to pull out the supplies and take a day to do it than wait weeks or months for someone else.

      And yes, it is for Zexion. ;)
    18. I have all the supplies from doing repaints, but taking it to resin seems so scary TT_TT!!
      Aw yessss kingdom hearts fans!! :D I was promised KH3 man, square enix what chu doin D:<! :XD:
    19. Yeah I don't usually touch my dolls faces and when I do it's lightly brushing away a speck of dust or something. To turn their head I have the palm of my hand on the top of their head and my thumb on one ear and forefinger on the other ear over the wig.
    20. When posing or shifting my dolls, I'd try to avoid touching my dolls' faces because you tend to assert pressure when you're doing that. If I have to adjust their heads, I'd shift them by either holding onto their ears or the back or their heads and chin.

      However, I do touch the dolls on their faces deliberately at times. Maybe a small boop on their noses, stroking their cheeks, or just a light brush of the finger to get tiny specks of fur (from their wigs) or dust off. I'm not too worried about ruining their faceups as long as I'm gentle enough with them, but I'll always make sure to wash my hands with soap before any kind of handling. :)