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Opinions please- does this body look too familiar?

Dec 16, 2008

    1. Disclaimer: I am NOT making an accusation just yet, I'm trying to gather opinions.

      I was thinking of buying a Ssin/I-Joa dolls, but I saw something which disturbed me.

      The hands and elbows remind me a lot of another doll. I'm not saying which doll body it looks like, so you can look at the picture with unbiased eyes.

      What do you think?
    2. Umm, it doesn't remind me of any of the minis I have (Volks, Souldoll, Bobobbie, Narae, Notdoll).
      BTW very unique faces, I really like them. So relieved none of them are elves.
    3. I think the thin hands look similar to a Bobobie mini but the body overall doesn't seem to be so similar.
    4. Oh Wow ...lookiE found Ssin again :D
      someone was after the tinys not so long ago

      these guys have been around for a long time ...so I wouldnt be too concerned ..like Stella Maris
      nothing rings bells ..the hands have the long thin Bobobie look but the wrists are different
      I can only see the hands and feet
      I wish you could see full shots of a naked body

      wow I like Sky ...wish I could see more of the body

      the bodies tend to be quite unique ...speaking from the tiny point of view ...I have an Umji
      it has a wonderful ..hand sculpted quality to him
      quite different ...
      .I would think they have been around too long to suddenly decide to copy:gingerbreadman:gingerbreadman
    5. I thought it looked very similar to the Dollmore kid body, but with different finger positioning...
    6. The elbow thingy of the dollmore kid body seems to be longer and goes more to a point. (Don't know how to describe it exactly, as english is not my mother language.) It looks quite similar, but it's not the same.