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Opinions please: Pukifee or Littlefee

Nov 16, 2009

    1. Know the head (Ante) for certain. :aheartbea

      Am torn between the pukifee size and the littlfee size:?

      Since they are both the same face need some input, please please please.


      Thank you
    2. both! *shot* I have a PukiFee ante, and have my friend's LittleFee Ante over, and while either of them are so sugary sweet and adorable, having them both together is just sooooo much more fun!

      in terms of posing, I have to say that the LittleFee do sit, kneel and curl up better

      but for clothes and shoes, I am so sold on the PukiFee size, there are so many options for them!
    3. I own both sizes, but I love the pukifee! Both are great, and the little fee dose pose a bit better, but the over sized head is just to cute. Both have good clothing and shoe options. And a Daisy said, you could always get both, maybe not at the same time, get one and save for the other.
    4. I have both of them, Littlefee and Pukifee, and love both of them, but if I had to choose, I´d probably end up with Littlefee. Littlefee is bigger but still very easy size and poses just amazingly, and compared most of the dolls it´s still very small.
    5. He he! I was going to say BOTH as well! My Little Fee Shiwoo is adorable and poses fantastic and Pukifee is so perfect and tiny, and a good poser, too. My Zoe is my favorite, but it may be that I like her just a little better now since she is the new one;)
      Seriously, though. Both.:lol:
    6. If I had to choose one, it would be LittleFee - I have LTF Ante, and wouldn't trade her for anything. She's the perfect doll, in my opinion. ;)

      PukiFee is a lot of fun too though! Really, it just depends on how old you'd like yours to be. Of course, any doll can be any age in the eyes of it's owner, but PukiFee and their bobbleheads look much younger overall.

      In summary - both! I'm with Tami E. ;)
    7. i had the choice between the 2 and went for a littlefee....i'm hoping my bisou girl will turn up for xmas
    8. Little Fee all the way! I love these kids-they are practically perfect.
    9. As the line in the old, old song goes, "you can't have one without the other"

      Both sizes are fantastic, can't live without either.
    10. I have both but I prefer the Pukifee...small enough I can hold in my hand but large enough that I can gawk at her all I want :)

      Both pose fantastically :D
    11. Thank you for all the suggestions.

      Would love to have both........... who wouldn't.
      Have to order one at a time and seeing that LF is not that much more am tempted.

      Cost of all the goodies they need maybe a factor but heck I can sew.......... LF maybe easier to sew for.......... but pukifee isn't as tiny as my pukipuki :doh

      Can you see how confused I am *_*

      Laughing all the way thru all the pretty pictures on flicker

      Maggie May
    12. It depends - do you like bobble-headed dolls - if so, go for the PukiFee, if not, go for the LittleFee OR get a PukiFee body and an Ante Multihead for it (the route I took)

      The Ante PukiFee heads is as adorable as the other sizes but I just don't like the size/scale discrepency between it and the body. It works on a Lati Yellow SP body, however, if you sand the neck a bit slimmer.

    13. I think which ever you buy first, you´ll love it, and so you do when get the other one. :) So go by the feeling, they aren´t going to end from the world, so most likely you´ll have chance to get both by time anyway.

      These two darling dolls are just amazing and choosing is sooo hard!
    14. Oh man that is a tough choice. I have an Ante in each size, plus a PKF Bonnie and a LF Shiwoo... I don't think I could do without at least one in each size.

      That being said, if I HAD to choose... ummm....uh.... crap this is hard....Littlefee? Yeah, LF I think. Either size is pretty easy to sew for. They both are highly portable. I take both sizes out with me all the time (while the MNF get left at home).

      But there is just more doll in the LF. Ya know? They are just more substantial, and definitely feel worth the money you put into one (not that the PKF don't, but I'm trying to come up with something useful for you ;)) Not that size has to do with personality, but the LFs have a huge presence.

      I don't know...that was hard...
    15. Im in this exact same predicament! Ive been flip-flopping for weeks but i think im going to go with pukifee. Ive got 3 soom tinies so I want to diversify a little bit in size... but then she will be left out and need her own wardrobe! but the small size is so portable.. but the big size... oof !
    16. As you can tell, you aren't going to go wrong no matter which one you get. They are both adorable and good posers. There are plenty of things, clothing, shoes, toys, etc. for both sizes. I very much doubt you'll have a difficult time finding one in the other size a few years from now, so you could eventually get both.

      I do have both sizes and love them both. I do plan on getting more of the PukiFee size just because I do like the bit of a bobble head look and I already have Lati yellows for them to fit in with. I've always liked little tiny dolls. But that's me. Have you been anywhere that you can see both?
    17. I just adore all the Fairyland faces and like you, I was having a terrible time deciding which size to get. So a friend of mine who has all 3 sizes (LTF, PKF, Puki) volunteered to bring them all over so I could see them up close and make a choice. Once I saw them in person, I chose the Pukifee...she just clearly spoke to me and was a different size from anything else I had. I loved her size and the fact that she looked tremendous sitting in the lap of my MSD.:)
    18. I like this thread. I have the same problem. Pukifee or Littlefee? I already have a MSD, and I want something smaller! My friend has a lati yellow, and that made me want something small ;P But I didn't know if it should be a PKF or LTF. Before I read this thread I wanted a PKF, but now I want a LTF :3
      Maybe I'll be a PKF later ^__^
    19. I love both sizes, but the Pukifee just seem to be my favorite. They are a ton of fun to shop for both in clothing and props.