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Opinions? Why doesn't anyone like the Dollshe IM Hound?

Nov 20, 2005

    1. The Tanned Hounds with the regular face sold out for each release, but the Tanned IM Hounds haven't sold as fast. I was wondering if anyone would like to offer their opinions about the IM Hound and say what they like about it or what they don't like about it. I like the look on his face, but I'm not sure if I'd like it for a long time and would prefer the usual Hound face over time. Maybe I just need to see some "real" pics of him to like him more. Thanks!

    2. I think he's very interesting looking. Maybe if I had unlimited resources, and lack of a need to fit each doll in with the story line I have created, I'd get one. He'd need a motorcycle, though. :)

      One thing I noticed, in the pictures of him with the short fur wig, he looks more, "badass" than the photos of him with the long fiber wig, where he looks troubled, or concerned. I'm sure you can get a range of expressions from him with different eye positions/hair/camera angles etc., just like most other dolls. They'd just be some less common expressions. I think it would be fun to discover the possibilities with him, I just have other things I need to purchase. (Such as a body for my Kian head..:oops: )
    3. He looks too "worried" for my taste, and a little harder edged. I rather prefer the softer expression of the regular Hound sculpt myself.
    4. I like the IM Hound.

      I wouldn't get him, because there is not really a lot you could do with his face... if he didn't have the shapes in his forehead to emphasise the brows then I would definitely consider getting him. I love his mouth and good looks.
    5. i love the IM hound. In white skin.
    6. I really love his expression, very adorable and unique ^^ there is nothing i dislike about him...
    7. I like IM Hound. I'd get him if I hadn't just bought another tanned Hound.
    8. I think he's very striking, and he would be awesome for a character I have in mind.
      But I'd like to see more pictures, as I don't think that particular wig is very flattering.
      Also, for the character I'd get, I'd want white skin too. ^^
    9. that face, looks like he's got food poisoning. Just wouldn't look right in a yaoi scene ^^''
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    10. I actually like the IM Hound, but I am way short on money for him right now...^^; Otherwise, he'd be home.

      PherretLord wants one too--he wants to make him Beyond the Grave from "Gungrave." So the tan and the serious look is perfect.
    11. i love the im hound :D

      i got one enroute to my house... lol :D
      *does hound dance*

      his face has limited posibility... so that's abit sad... but i think he really would remind me of my dad... ROFL