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Option high heel feet & their compatibility

Oct 15, 2010

    1. Mods, kindly correct me if this isn't the right place to post this. (Or merge with a previous thread if there is one). Thanks!


      I've seen quite a few HH feet recently and wanted to know everyone's opinion on how compatible they are with dolls that aren't from the same company. :)

      So far, I know there's:
      Angel of Dream *AOD
      Luts Senior Delf
      Dream of Doll *DOD

      Limhwa - thanks Muisje
      Dollmore - thanks Muisje
      Supia - thanks surreality
      Infiniti (SID) - thanks twigling
      Ariadoll (14yr) - thanks twigling
      Little Monica
      DollZone - thanks ShuriTigerH
      Spiritdoll - thanks ShuriTigerH
      Angell Studio - thanks ShuriTigerH
      Fairyland (not sold seperately) - thanks ShuriTigerH
      Dollmore ('model woman' and 'eve feet')

      If you have other brands you know of with HH option feet, do post up along with your experience. Do list and grade them in terms of standing ability (with shoes on) and fit with the ankle-joint. :)

      Thank you!


      Picture requests threads:
      Souldoll High-healed feet on a NS Delf girl
    2. Limhwa and Dollmore have high heeled feet. I do wonder if all HH feet are smaller than their flat counter parts from the same company as the Limhwa HH feet appear shorter.
    3. I don't have a pair, but Supia had some listed a while back also. (I am not sure if they are currently available or not.)
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    5. The only high heel feet I have are on my Volks SD16 girl but they are not really option feet they are option lower leg parts - a solid leg from the knee down, no ankle joint. I love them because they are more like a seamless fashion doll legs and there is no ankle wobble to worry about. My girl stand nicely in heels without support even though I always use a doll stand. Volks has made a lot of shoes to fit them so no shortage of footwear.

      The only thing is that they come with SD16 girls and are not sold as extra parts. I have no idea if they would fit another doll type!
    6. Infinity SID girls and Aria 14yrs girls also have those ankle-less lower legs with hh feet, but not listed separately on the websites although you could ask if they are to be made available separately.
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    11. Dollzone, Spiritdoll and Angell Studio also have HH feet, Fairyland has them for Feeple but doesn't sell them separately (been looking for a pair for my Feeple boy^^;; ) I own a pair of Dollzone and Spiritdoll, DZ are somewhat crude in appearance IMHO, Spiritdoll are OK. I haven't used my DZ ones so far, so can't say anything about that. Spiritdoll look great on the legs, but my girl has trouble standing in her heel boots without toppling over=_=.
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    13. Iplehouse has them for the EID + SID women :)

      I don't have my SID woman yet, but from the thread I have read about what fits that size doll, it seems that some of the Dollmore Model heels fit the SID heel feet, which are also the same size as the EID woman.
    14. I tried Soom WS HH feet on a normal WS Delf female body type 2. The resin match and the size are very good to go with this body.
      I hope this helps.
    15. What could fit a MNF in white? Would any of the mentioned companies have HH feet that fit on MNF?
    16. I have an extra pair of Elfdoll Hazy high heeled feet that I tried on my Customhouse body. Not a perfect fit, but with a little modding about the ankle joint they could be made to work.
    17. Yay for this thread, I hope it gets plenty of attention, and eventually some MSD choices too. I love mixing and matching doll parts to get just the right doll so I’d like to offer what I have in hopes of helping someone else piece together their ideal doll.

      The photos are a bit blurry and yellow due to my indoor photography and apologies for the inconsistent layout, I got lazy along the way.

      First we have my white Limhwa body with Limhwa high heel feet. The shoes are Luts’ I believe they’re meant for Senior Delfs. Obviously the color matches since they came together, and incase it can be helpful the color is a perfect match to the Kdoll Karon head that she’s currently sporting and is also a match to the Luts Delf white from about 2 years ago. Its very white but a creamy white not paper white.
      As for balance and poseability, the ankles aren’t really designed with much mobility in mind, they move a touch front to back and not at all side to side which makes balance hard. The other issue that makes balance hard is that my doll is an unsueded Limhwa. She’s designed to stand with her feet like this X, and with no ankle motion that makes balance in any other pose realllly hard. Without suede and in her high heels she can’t stand with her feet side by side without being propped against something. She can stand though in a few poses, some with only the tip of her toe on the ground.
      My over all feelings are: They’re beautiful feet, sorry for no bare photos, the straps on the shoes are a pain, but the sculpting is wonderful. However the mobility prevents what could otherwise be some pretty stellar posing, so I think I may try my hand at some Supia feet.
      Limhhwa1 by napoleonchan, on Flickr

      limhwa2 by napoleonchan, on Flickr

      limhwa3leaning by napoleonchan, on Flickr
      she's cheating here, here finger tips and the heel of her shoe are toching the glass to keep her balanced.

      Next we have a white Zaoll with the white Limhwa feet. Please forgive the nudity, she was chillin’ naked in a box and I was lazy. The color match is pretty good, my Zaoll is over a year old so she’s mellowed (and filthy) but when I got her she was seriously paper white, we’re talking so white her shadows came up with a blueish tint. But the Limhwa is only a few shades darker than her current color, which is an almost paper white. The difference is noticeable when you’re looking for it, but if you’re not they might as well be her original feet.
      As for posing, it’s MUCH better than the same feet on my limhwa. The ankle ball is a little too big for her ankle so when she’s not standing it’s a little rattly, but the mismatch gives free range of motion and allows her to do all kinds of nice poses, and she will stand if you simply set her down. The only thing I could see being a problem (aesthetically) is that her heel sticks out kind of far from her skinny ankle. Though Zaoll heels stick out a bit on their original feet too.
      Overall feelings: I think I’m about 97% satisfied with the match, the only issues are loose feet and narrow ankles, neither which affect her ability to stand, so…Woot.

      zaoll1 by napoleonchan, on Flickr

      And finally we have my poor Leeke Mihael on a Dollzone 65cm body with Dollzone heel feet, the shoes are Dollheart, SD13. Vanya, my most masculine male, would like to murder me for this but here we go anyway. First a quick mention on color, Leeke is a touch pinker than Dollzone yellow, but they do make a decent match with a tiny touch of blush. On to the feet…Dollzone has ugly, manly high heel feet, they’re pretty big and have man toes. They’re close to the same size as his normal feet but somehow look a little dainty on his manly body. The ankle ball is a touch smaller than his original feet but fits nicely and has a free range of movement.
      The posing is actually pretty good, I think it would be a lot better in higher heels and if his body itself wasn’t a snappy, finger pinching, double jointed b*tch. He can easily stand in all the poses shown, some need a little balancing on the ankle balls, but they were all 5 second or less efforts and once standing, he’s sturdy. The body/foot combo makes for great Louis the 14th kind of poses.
      Overall feelings: If I wanted a heel wearing man, I’d say pretty good, somewhere close to the goodness range of the Zaoll/Limhwa. They let him pose naturally, stand sturdily, and merge into his leg pretty nicely. Their main downfall, and maybe it’s just the shoes, but they like to lean so the side of the foot with the big toe is higher than the other, like he’s rocking on his feet. I think this would easily be fixed with a little glue suede in the ankles though.
      dollzone by napoleonchan, on Flickr

      If it will be helpful to anyone I can put either pair of heel feet on any of the following:
      Supia girl (yellowed French resin), Delf girl (beauty green), DoT boy, Demon Garden boy (white I think), I also have a white Dollstown 15 boy, due to massive cankles I don’t think either will work, but I can brave it if need be. I just picked the one’s I did because they also match in color, none of the rest of my kiddies even come close to being the same color as these feet.
    18. Impldoll has option HH feets. :B
    19. Sorry to bring back an old thread...but are there any alternatives HH feet for a Volks girl?

    20. Bumping this one, too. I've been eying a pair of high-heeled feet from Doll Family A, as I heard that their normal yellow could match Volks. I might be able to try them out soon, so I'll report back here with my findings :)