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Or-doll Discussion

Aug 15, 2016

    1. Oh dear, my post was moved here! XD
      Sorry it's not the best photo! I'll take much better pictures when I'm all done with her wig.

      My Little-Y head came back from the faceup artist, and I am starting her new wig this week. Here was a quick photo of her though:

      ---------- Added notes ----------

      DoA Wiki: Or-doll
      DoA database: https://denofangels.com/threads/433938/

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    2. She's so beautiful, and in such a vivid and unique way! :love I really love the styles you give your dolls. Is this the one who's getting the shaved side wig I saw WIP pics of in the wig making thread?
    3. Thank you so much! I'm enamored with your dolls for sure! ♡
      Yes, that wig is for this doll! ^__^ Just washed out her dyed locks, and I'll try to finish up her wig soon.
    4. How lovely @Heidin ! The faceup looks neat on the side there! ♡ I'd love to see more photos ~
    5. Hi everyone,
      I recently acquiered a Sui head in white skin and I was wondering which other white resin it matches. I only have NS and tan doll home so I have no clue about white skin matches. Any help would be welcome !
      Thanks =)
    6. volks and spiritdoll white match, if the white is still the same as my anderl and lethe. DT fresh is okay, but the DT Fresh has a greyish undertone, and the OrDoll white is more pink/ivory. I'm sure that pretty much anything designed to match with volks white will match pretty well -- at least within blushing range.
    7. @Lirin: Thank you, I was actually thinking about either a Dollstown 17y or a Spiritdoll Proud body for her. But for DT I really don´t like the hip joint and for spiritdoll the buste joint x.x...
      The first owner told me she is from the beginner of this year.
    8. @Sjota I own a spiritdoll proud (girl) body in WS if you want me to give a try with my nyxdoll Katrina head. Or-doll and Nyx-doll have the same resin.
      BTW you already know my Katrina on Iplehouse white skin nYID body. Match used to be pretty good in color. (but the body yellowed a lot)
    9. @Follow-the-Wind I saw some pics of Sui on Iplehouse body but you need to modify the top of the neck. I a a bit scared with modification, never done any. But I really love IH body, that´d be great. I guess I can check with the many dolls there will be at the Ldoll festival next week, I´m picking up the head there ;)
      You don´t need to show me pictures, just tell me if the match is good with spiritdoll is enough =)
    10. @Sjota Ok! Well the head was made in 2014 and the body in 2016. It's a poor match in color. My Nyxdoll Katrina is really darker than the spiritdoll white skin. Perhaps with a newer head it would match better?
      Neck and head match nicely. The head moves easily on the back and on the side, but not so well on the front. The whole proportions are good. The neck is neither too short nor too long.
    11. Finished the wig for Ganymede this weekend! She's modelling a crown I finished for an order. ^_^;
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    12. @Beansproutmomo wow, such rich autumn colors! They suit her. Great crown by the way)
    13. Just a question about a boy body : I need a boy body for one of my Orlando heads who have been sleeping in their wooden boxes for 18 months ! I am looking for a long, slim body, not athletic, a 18 years young boy, more intellectual than sportive. A sophisticated body to go with such beautiful head. Any one have an idea ? my heads are white.
      Thanks a lot <3
    14. BeYours body, maybe? That descriptions sounds a lot like what I was looking for when I settled on a BeYours Olive body for my boy.
    15. Just another portrait
    16. Hello!

      A question for those who bought the Lucao head: which company did you choose for the body? I wanted to buy a Spiritdoll elegance girl body in pink, but I'm not sure if the head would be too small or big for that body. Also, does the Or-doll WS match with any company?

      Elegance Girl Body_Elegance_Body_Parts_Spirit Doll
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    17. I have the Or doll Sui ws and Spiritdoll Proud 1st ver Girl body ws, The color and the parameters are very well matched. But the head is a little yellow, it's not visible in the photo.
      [​IMG]2 by Bellry, on Flickr
      #19 Danone, May 9, 2017
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    18. Very good combination!