New Doll Orange Tea Dolls -Olivka- Preorder open

Feb 21, 2016

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    1. Can we have other measurements too, please? :abow:
      Such as shoulder, chest, waist and hip.
      Some people might wanna make/order clothes before their doll arrives.
      Her size is unique too, so it would be helpful! :eusa_pray
    2. Cydril, thank youuuuu for posting!!!:abow:

      Demure, thank you so much!!! <3

      Here are some measurements:
      Shoulders: 5cm
      Chest circumference: 10,8cm
      Waist circumference: 10cm
      Hip circumference: 14cm right above the hip joints

      and 17,5cm if it's at the middle of the ball joint, that's technically legs and not hips, I suppose, but it's still an important info for a tight dress :)

      Length arms from shoulder till finger tips: about 9cm; about 6,5cm to the wrist
      Length legs: 10cm

      She might be able to wear Blythe dresses, no the super tight ones but the wide kind of dress...

      Also I'd like to add that the pre-order is for light tan and dark tan colors, if you'd like the fair skin (on the photo), please message me and I'll put it as an option when there are enough people interested.
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