Sales Promotion Order Dollzone Star/Moon - 5% off your next order (still available)

Jul 7, 2016

    1. We still have some pre-paid DollZone Star or Moon dolls and you can order them from us (nude or fullset, any skintone). 269 blank doll, 359 fullset. If order both at once - 10% off one of them.
      This event cannot be used together with DZ event. EMS shipping to any country.
      We'll give you 5% discount coupon for your next doll order from us (any brand in our catalogue) if you buy any of them.

      Layaway for this dolls - up to 3 months accepted. 30% or 50$ - 1st payment
      International orders please send via email - [email protected] or PM
      English order page
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    2. This offer still available as well as Star and Moon orders ^_^
    3. Offer still active. Some updates in 1st post.