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Ordering Clothes Before Ordering your Doll?

Jul 2, 2010

    1. Hi!

      I'm ready to order my doll, but..
      I would like to order some clothes before I get him.
      Is this a smart thing to do or not? ;o

      Thanks already for helping me out!:aheartbea
    2. It is handy to have something for your doll to wear so he or she is not naked for an extended time once they arrive home. However you may want to wait to see your doll in person to decide what style of clothing would best suit their "personality".

      Just keep in mind that if you do order things before your doll arrives, do not go overboard. You may end up with a bunch of stuff you will never end up using.
    3. I'd say no. Unless you know his style real well >.> I got a BUNCH of things for my first doll when I ordered him and I end up not using any of them. And they dont fit my other dolls' style either, waste of money *sighs*
    4. I'd get him some basics at least, there's nothing worse than having a stunning new doll sitting around naked and wigless!
    5. I would suggest at least having some basic stuff to put him in so he's not naked. If you have an outfit, shoes, and wig on hand, it means that you can go ahead and start having fun with your doll as soon as you get him. You might not want to do a huge clothes order until he arrives, just so you can make sure that you end up with a clothing style that seems to suit him (unless you already know his character very well). But yeah, I'd make sure there's something he can wear from the get go.
    6. Haha, before Atelair arrived, I bought about three outfits for him - I'm glad that they all ended up suiting him very well! But yeah, I would purchase an outfit for him so he's not nekkid. XD

      It depends on the type of doll you're getting as well - if you're getting a Superhero body, or one of the dolls that doesn't fall neatly within the Yo-SD/MSD/SD/SD13 category, sometimes those bodies are hard to shop for, so it's better if you wait so that you don't get clothes for them that don't fit!
    7. Soo just something as non pricey jeans and a plain shirt?

      Maybe some vans :3
    8. This is a tough one: As a doll seamstress I tell most people that commission expensive work from me that I'd prefer they have the doll in their possession prior or ordering a custom ensemble... This allows them to really verify the doll's measurements so they can make sure what they are ordering will actually fit their doll.

      I myself have sewn clothing for a doll of my own prior to his arrival, based on the basic measurements given to me by the seller, only to have the doll arrive to me and not fit some of the clothing I had pre-made for him:o. I even used a boy doll already in my cadre (Soom Namu) thinking his measurements were almost identical to Elfdoll Standard K...However, my Elfdoll Standard K arrived and I discovered he had a broad chest and rather wide hips in comparison to Soom Namu, so his homecoming outfit was tight....like disco tight, lol:)


      The shirt was stretchy, so that was no biggy...but the slacks. If you look closely at the pic above you'll notice the pin stripes on the leg seem a bit off kilter at the thigh area and that's because those pants are like super snug;). Since I'm a seamstress it was no big deal to just sew up another pair of slacks eventually, but if you don't have a few levels in the cloth crafty arts you might want to use some care when ordering certain types of clothing before doll arrival.

      However, I guess if the person you're buying from is modeling an outfit on the exact same type of doll as you ordered then it would be ok to order before your doll arrives. Clothing that has some stretch to it, like t-shirts seem to safe to order prior to a dolls arrival too. Also, slacks with elastic waist bands with a loose, relaxed fit would probably be safe to order prior to a dolls arrival...as well as shoes and such.:aheartbea
    9. I've dona that before and I haven't run into too many problems! The siszes are often generous enough to fit multiple doll brands. Unless you are ordering a doll in a weird size, then it's best to stick to that brand clothes.

      Often this is the ONLY way my dolls end up with clothes, is if I order them in advance. By the time they get here I'm usually buying another doll!
    10. if you are 110% of the doll you are going to buy and that you wont change your mind, go for it!
      But personnaly i would tell you to pay for the doll first. it takes about 2months to receive the doll and 2 weeks to receive clothing :) so if you buy everything the same day, you will have clothes to welcome your doll :-)
    11. I always try to have just a wig, some eyes, and some very cheap used clothing laying about so that a new doll can be semi clothed. Try buying loose used clothes for cheap. the bigger and bagger they are, the more likely they'll fit at least semi-well.
    12. Thankyou all!

      Cause, I really want to make my clothes, but changed my mind. Because I'm scared they won't fit >.<
      Okay then.. I'll just order some loose cheap clothes then ;D
    13. As I've made all the clothes for mine and none fit off the wrack I usually wait until they arrive. If it's the same body, or in one case I was ordering a wife for my mini boy, and I have a fit model then I feel good making them something.

      A pair of pajamas or a night gown might be a good first outfit so they don't have to be naked until you figure out what they want. Ofcourse if it's a full set or the company has clothes you like then I'd say get them a little something if you can afford it.
    14. Most doll companies sell clothes too. Maybe you can pick something up from the site when you order your doll? Look through their catalog and pick up a couple of basics/wardrobe staples. Can't go wrong with a white polo shirt, a pair of slacks and black shoes, right? XD
    15. Definitely have something basic. Showing off your new dolly is far better for all concerned if he or she isn't nekkid.
    16. Before my first doll (a boy) arrived I made sure that I had simple pair of pants and a simple shirt ready, but when my second doll (a girl) arrived she had nothing. I was lucky that the company sent her with a gift bathrobe or she would have been naked till her clothes arrived.
      It's nice to be able to dress your doll right away and play with it when it arrives. The clothes don't have to be fancy or completely suit your doll. BJDs look great naked, but it's usually nicer when you have the option to dress them.
    17. When I get my doll, I will most likely sew something for him. It may be simple, but it will hold him over until I can get him a real nice outfit. I am crafty anyways, so I am sure I could come up with stuff.
    18. I think it depends. I had their characters mostly figured out before they came and I had some clothes ready. But if you're not sure about their clothing style, that's okay. But it's nice to be able to give them something simple to wear :)
    19. If you are sure you have the right measurements and you know for sure about the dressing style the BJD will have I think you may risk a little more, but the easiest way to get a suitable wardrobe about most common BJD sizes without risking that much for a beginning is getting basic clothes which usually fit gently, as mentioned several times above. In my case, since the first to the last of my BJD, everyone of them, had clothes by the time of arriving and I have never had serious problems about fitting. Also true I knew about all their clothing styles and about their estimated measurements before they arrived home.
    20. Personally, I really like having clothes ready when my doll arrives. To avoid issues with fit, I try to buy an outfit or two from the company either with my doll in the same order, or as a separate order soon after. I don't worry so much about outfits "not suiting" dolls, because I don't create characters. I buy outfits I adore, so I haven't been disappointed. :3 Maybe if you are buying a doll that will have a character, don't buy clothing that is already character-specific--aim for neutral.