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Ordering many dolls at once?

Nov 29, 2007

    1. Not sure if this should be here or in GD but hopefully a kindly modship will move it if i've got it wrong again!! :lol:

      My curiosity is this - I had a conversation with some friends at various times since I ordered my first in July.

      I had the money to buy two dolls (from different companies) at once and was intending to but they discouraged me saying i'd find it hard to bond with them.

      While I appreciate that as a very good reason, is there any ethical or moral reason why a person should not buy more than one doll at once - unless it's part of a set (i.e. DoC Twins)?

      I'm curious to see if bonding is the only issue, or if there are others. Or even if it's perfectly ok! :lol:

      I did use the search to see if I could find any similar threads... but I couldn't :sweat


      Edit: To clarify - I don't mean from a financial point of view, although I know that's a concern for parents etc, just from a moral or ethical p.o.v. - but feel free to put any and all opinions in, i'm delighted to hear what you think! Even if it's just elaborating on what I initially mentioned, anything and everything is fascinating to me ^_^
    2. Personally, I think if you have the funds with which to purchase them and it isn't affecting your ability to pay your bills or feed and clothe your dependents, then more power to you! It's entirely your business how you spend your hobby money!

      Rationally, I understand that our dolls are inanimate objects, but I felt so sorry for my first BJD when I got her, because she seemed so lonely, that I ordered my second almost right away. I think that's how these collections grow!
    3. In some ways it's quite nice to have several coming at once... It's hard sometimes to integrate a newcomer into a long-established group.

    4. I can't imagine how there could be any ethical or moral issues involved. People buy pairs of lots of things, including pets--it so happens that many types of animals benefit from having others of their kind to interact with. Dolls aren't even animate (leaving aside the question of souls/spirits), and certainly the manufacturers would be delighted for you to buy many, many, many of their products. I'm assuming you aren't scalping or mean-spiritedly trying to prevent someone else from getting a limited doll, which would be a totally different issue, and that you can afford everything that you're purchasing.

      I also have a story about this. Kiyoshi had been home for less than 2 weeks when I saw the limited Baha and ordered her. His reaction was a very pathos-filled, "Are you replacing me? You're tired of me already?", and he was cool to her when she first arrived. Fortunately she really is a kitten, and has charmed not only him but everyone who has met her. I didn't have a problem bonding with them both, though it is a little tricky making sure everyone has enough attention, especially with one neurotic and one energetic squishy cat to deal with as well. I really wish I could either have ordered them at the same time, or had several months in between, but I didn't know I'd be dealing with a jealous doll! :roll:
    5. I have done that before and then the credit card bill comes and it's like:o, so while buying more than 1 doll seems like a dream at first, but then reality sets in later on when other things in life pop up and then you have to make a choice on dolls verses food, gas in car, etc...if you have the money and it won't interfere with other things in your life....I say go for it.
    6. Right now I'm saving because I want a set of twin dolls, and I can't imagine ordering them one at a time.
      I agree that having only one dlall seems so lonely for the doll
    7. I'm more usually concern with my finances, being a college student and all. However, if you can manage your money well enough that all your bills and necessities are covered and there's a percentage of your earnings going to your doll fund, I don't really see it much as a problem. For example, I got Lisette back in the summer and now I have Ciera and my boyfriend's MSD Sakura this month... There is some level of control and planning done to arrive at getting X amount of dolls when done carefully. I can't imagine myself purchasing 6 dolls in one month, which I have seen it done before. I'll be dirt poor if I did that because of the cost of living here. I just can't put myself in that type of situation. It's all based on moderation.

      In response to bonding, that's all relative and subjective, depending on the person. I feel whether if the doll came with another doll or later wouldn't really change the outcome. We could always try to do a case study to figure that out though. ;)
    8. If you can get two at once, from the same company and save on shipping, do it. I combine orders with my friend all the time. When multiple dolls arrive, they may not be 'complete' at that time, and you have time to bond with each one as they become 'complete'. (complete = wigs, eyes, clothes, etc...)

    9. This thread is made for me.

      I ordered 3 dolls this christmas season, two from luts and one from musedoll.
      I didn't really intend to buy three, but the musedoll boy was limited to I had to xD;;;;;;;

      I don't think it'll be hard to bond, I just need to get to know them all separately so they're all special.
    10. i don't think it poses an issue for bonding, i bonded easily with Miyani when i first got her, but it made poor Lina really jelous, so i spend time with both.
      i really wish i had ordered another doll with Miya, i worry she feels out of place because the closest doll she has to her is Yumei, but Yumei is twice her size!
      i think if i had ordered a boy for her to play with she'd be happier :P
    11. I've ordered more than one doll at once. I say if you have the money available and that's how you want to spend it then what's the problem? Let's face it, it's not always easy ordering these dolls - if I ever want anything from Luts again I'll have to do a wire transfer. Why would I go to the bank and have to pay the transfer fees 3 or 4 times when I could just do it all at once? That's just an example, of course. And, look at it this way - if you order more than one at a time, then they don't have to make that long trip home all alone ^-^
    12. I've gotten multiples at once, and frankly I prefer a little bit of a gap between arrivals so that I have time to get a feel for where the doll needs/wants to go before I get another. It gets difficult for me.

      But that's because Im a dummy who loves every poor homeless thing she sees ;) It's a good thing I'm not a veterinarian, that's all I can say!
    13. Haha. I don't see why it's anyone elses' business but your own, when it comes to what you wanna do with your hard-earned money. I can understand if you didn't have your priorities straight...
      Like if you spend money on dolls rather than bills.
      I've ordered new dolls very closely together, and haven't had any problems. Some people don't bond with their dolls even if they have a gap between orders, so why worry?
    14. My first two dolls were ordered within days of each other, one from ebay and one from Luts, and were going to be brother and sister. Bonding was not a problem, as my one from ebay arrived within a week, and my Luts didn't show up for another month. Plenty of time. And then of course, I loved having my siblings together. I bonded with them as a pair.

      But I don't think there should be an issue about getting multiples. If you have the money, then go for it. As for bonding, that really has nothing to do with how many you have. That has more to do with the doll itself. If you're saving your money and have enough to get the dolls you want, don't let anyone tell you you can't, just because you're not staggering your purchases.
    15. *phew* Oh good, it's nice to know there are other people who have no trouble bonding!!!! I was worried I'd struggle :sweat

      To clarify - I didn't mean from a financial viewpoint (which I will edit in to the first post) as I was making the assumption that if you have the funds and choose to buy more than one at the same time is that ok, rather than will it affect other people i.e. the taxman or your kids etc - but it's great to hear that people think of that! Other than my cat I don't have any dependents and she doesn't cost much so it's not a concern (that and i live with my parents who charge me very little for living) but realistically I didn't think of things like that!!! O_O I don't know how i'd cope with my spontaneity if I had kids :sweat
    16. The only time I could think of it being an ethical or moral issue is if you buy out an entire edition of a smell-edition LE (like LE 3, LE 5, LE 10, where very few are available period) or... MAYBE buying several one-offs from the same event.

      But most companies won't let you do this anyway so I don't think that "problem" would ever arise in real life.

      I think the main issue with buying multiple dolls at once is the bonding issue, if you have 3 dolls you need to figure out what eyes, what wig, what style clothes, what mods, etc. they'll need, in addition to the emotional bonding. Then again I wait until I have a doll in hand to find their personality, think about what wig and eyes and clothes would suit them, figure out their name, etc. I know some people order dolls to fit pre-existing characters and in those cases the bonding process is different. *shrug*

      I also think that ordering multiple dolls for your first dolls, or first dolls of a size radically different from what you alrady own, may not be such a good idea. For example, if you have all SD-sized dolls and order 2 or 3 tinies (or vice versa or whatever sizes apply to any individual) you may realize you aren't a big fan of the tinies and prefer your SDs. Then again some people prefer the new doll size so you never know. XD But I can imagine it being a bummer to buy 2 or more dolls at once in a new size, only to turn around and have to find a buyer for each doll because you really prefer another size. *shrug*

      Again, nothing really morally wrong with that, just a different kind of bonding issue.
    17. I don't see much of an argument either. Whether there's an "ethical or moral" problem really depends on your own set of ethics & morals.

      If your friends are imposing their own doll-collecting system on you, that doesn't sound very kosher to me... But, it's also up to you whether or not you listen to them. Sounds to me like you wouldn't be starting this thread if you agreed with your friends' viewpoint. If you want two dolls at the same time, and you feel ready to receive both of them them, then go for it. If not, then buy one at a time.

      (And if either of those dolls is limited, act now & agonize later. Nobody likes paying aftermarket prices on LEs after they're gone!)
    18. I'm in the same position, I had money to spend on getting two dolls so I am! lol from different companies. :D
      I don't think there will be any bonding issues, both the dolls are ones I've wanted for a long while now, and I already have three at home, so I'm used to sharing out attention to them all equally.
      I think if the dolls are ones you definatly do want then you'll have no problems at all getting two at the same time, and besides it could be more fun having two in the house to play with instead of just one!
    19. Having two dolls simply offers an owner another outlet. Ordering two, or more, at the same time goes right along with that idea.

      While some could argue that having one doll is more intimate and personal, you could easily argue that having two is more dynamic and offers more room for creativity. Both have their pros and cons, obviously but the point is that each situation offers something unique.

      Having two new dolls may also take off the pressure an owner can sometimes feel when bonding just isn't moving along as quickly as they'd like. You have two new entities to focus on so you are not quite as hard pressed to feel instantly bonded with simply one.

      There is also the plus side of having company for your doll. Some people really like to think of their characters (if they've assigned them) as having friends and companions. By ordering two at once, you won't be left with a newbie who may not quite fit into your resin family yet.

      And of course... There is that lovely bit about saving on shipping, but that isn't a moral issue, is it?
    20. That's my thought exactly! I've never been able to have just one of any kind of doll. They always seem so lonely that way. Plus I want the extra for interaction between the dolls. My first BJDs were a pair & had a little relationship going before they even got here.

      Since then it hasn't been uncommon foe me to order more than one doll at a time or rather within a short timeframe between them. Bonding hasn't been a problem as I tend to have a very active imagination & shortly after arriving each doll begins to tell me their story & where they fit into the universe they all live in. Also for me the bonding is an ongoing process. No matter how many dolls live here I'm always finding out more tidbits about each of them.

      So as far as any moral or ethical issue, as other folks have said, if you aren't spending the bill money or cheating someone somehow, there's no problem with it. It is, afterall, your own money & if you choose to indulge in multiple dolls, it's really no one else's business. I truly can't see where it would be an issue unless, as others have stated, you buy an entire small edition with the intention of scalping them. Only then are you getting into a questionable ethical decision.