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organizing your doll space

Feb 20, 2007

    1. was curious to know how people keep their dolls and dolls clothes. Do you have a specific room or space allocated for your BJD kids?
    2. Look around in the pic requests sub-forum. I'm sure its come up more than once.
    3. Well mine has her own shelf, and two drawers. In the drawers I have plastic zip top baggies with outfits in them.... Zip top baggies are your friend, just make sure you dont take all the ones in the kitchen or you have some very cranky family members yelling at you when they are trying to make lunch to take to work >.>
    4. My dolls have taken over the spare room for now. I keep all their stuff in the boxes they came in - one for MSD clothes, one for SD clothes and the biggest one for wigs, eyes and my 'toolbox' - all the art materials and tools I have for them. The floorspace around has all their furniture and props out for them (And I have a lot, so it takes up quite a bit of space!) I'm working on a more sensible way of storing them, though.
    5. I've got a little closet where Ophelia always is on. She's always sitting there on her chair next to a awesome lamp. I recently bought a beautiful box where I can store her clothes, the box is underneath her chair.
      I have no clue where I'm going to put my next doll :? so that's going to be a little problem. But I assume I'll buy another chair for her and put her next to Ophelia! :D
    6. My dolls stay at my bed and I put their clothes inside a little box
    7. My dolls all "live" on my desk, where my spare computer's supposed to be; their beds are there, and all their toys. i keep their clothes, wigs etc. in a three-tier rubbermaid chest of drawers (in the kitchen, of all places).

      it's getting a little crowded on that desk, though :roll:
    8. My dolls live all over the house. I do have a specific doll room but only artist dolls are in there. I have several cases around the house to keep dolls in as well but all my BJDs are in the living room, some in cases, some on shelves. I like to have them close-by so I can play with them a lot.

      For their clothes, wigs, eyes & other accessories, I've bought several large trunks. They're nice looking so they're piled up in the living room as well. I've also used large plastic storage chests for doll clothes & even an entire dresser. I'm a doll clothes junkie.
    9. My dolls stay have taken over the computer shelf ^____^
      its totally dedicated to them, my computer even isnt there anymore,
      its on a seperate desk on the side of the actual computer shelf.
      hehehe, and they also have taken over my bed. <3
    10. I'm so proud, I just reorganized my doll stuff! :)
      My girls live on a bookshelf in my family room. They have a little sofa that 1 or 2 get to sit on, and a pretty wooden chest (bought at Michael's) where I keep their jewelry. As for clothes: I splurged and bought 2 largish trunks (maybe 16-18" long and 12" high) at Michael's- one for MSD size things and one for SD. I need to find some way to attach trays to the lid to store the shoes and other tiny pieces; for now the outfits are carefully folded in baggies in the trunk. The trunks are just sitting in my family room, they are pretty enough to be on display. My wigs are stored in baggies and hairnets in a cupboard in the same room.

      sadly, as for my sewing stuff (fabric, notions, patterns)...it's scattered all over the kitchen in horribly disorganized piles. I'm pretty sure I'm borderline ADD (my daughter has it) (see how I'm getting off topic here? ;) )and I have a terrible time with organization. 0_o I have to leave notes all over the place to remind me to do things. I have little scraps of paper all over the kitchen with doll measurements, fabric shopping lists, and commission requests. This is the only way I can remember things and get things sent out on time! One of these days I will organize my sewing closet...but for now it's a big, colorful, happy jumbly mess.
    11. My dolls are mostly on the shelf over my desk, and on the shelf over my TV - none of them have a specific seating though, so just who is where changes around a little; except for Aaron who has his own chair and who refuses to let anyone else sit on it.

      All the clothes, wigs, eyes, accessories and tools are organized in boxes which are on the shelves in my bedroom - all of them with a note on them saying what's inside so I don't have to look through all of them to find what I'm looking for.
    12. My kids are very spoiled each as their own self with cupboards, so they can
      express their own personality, also have a place to hold all their wigs and clothes without anything getting disorganized
    13. My dolls get the entire living room pretty much, and I keep their clothing in a storage bench (which is also in the living room). They also have one wall in the bedroom lined in tables for them to sleep on at night.

    14. so many interesting ideas.. I saw a terrific clothes closet for people all divided with those plastic storage containers.. it was soo neat and clean looking.. loving all these ideas
    15. Dolls make my room a horrible, messy nightmare x_X...

      My girl sleeps on the headboard of my bed since it's bookcase style. My temp boys sit on a jewelry box ontop of my dresser. All their clothes share a single drawr in my desk, and all misc items like wigs, eyes are in this hat-type-box on one of my bookshelves. Shipping boxes and supplies and bubble wrap are just scattered all over my floor =___=!!

      I need reorganizing really bad but I don't know how ^^;...
    16. What is this 'origanizing' thing of which you speak?

    17. :lol: Heehehe!
    18. My room is...a disaster, to say the least. I keep meaning to get more organized, but I never really find the time. Tori usually occupies whatever space happens to be free of junk that day. I'd never even dream of taking pics of her in what passes for my living space. :sweat I think I take better care of her clothes than I do my own...they have their own neat little storage box.
    19. Lets see...orginizing their clothes in boxes, as for them...I have bunk beds, MSD and Tiny and there are 4 dolls right there. 5 are in chairs on the dresser along with the heads. 3 are in bed with me.