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Orient doll So-type :: Clothes & Shoes & Wig

Feb 9, 2007

    1. I have search for similar topic already,
      but i can just find shops in USA that sell things suitable for OD So
      (as i am living in HK,I could not afford the shipping from USA to HK, it is too expensive)

      So i would like to ask if there is any shops in Hong Kong/Mainland China/Japan/Korea(paypal preferred) will have something suitable for OD so??

      OD SO-size

      SOs Size-Boy & Girl
      * Tall : 4.65inch
      * Eye size : 6-8mm
      * Circumference of Head : 3.9inch
      * Circumference of Neck : 1.4inch
      * Circumference of Chest : 2.55inch
      * Width of Shoulders : 1.25inch
      * Length of "From Shoulder to Elbow" : 0.7inch
      * Length of "From Elbow to Wrist" : 0.5inch
      * Length of "From Shoulder to Waist" : 0.8inch
      * Circumference of Waist : 2.8inch
      * Circumference of Hips : 3inch
      * Circumference of Wrist : 0.9inch
      * Length of "From Knee to Foot" : 1.3inch
      * Foot size : 0.6inch
    2. sorry misread
    3. um... I'm not sure if Orients where the same size wigs as PFs but Volksusa.com sells wigs that mite fit. There really intended for dollfie plus dolls but the fit PF. I also have one for my wishel and she is closer in size to an Orient So
    4. what do you mean by PF?
    5. PF= Pocket Fairy. There similar in size to Orient So
    6. Also, wigs made for Barbie will fit her. I have had very good luck with Kelly/Shelly clothing, both handmade and bought from stores. On ebay, there are several sellers in Hong Kong and Japan that carry Kelly clothes.
    7. If you're looking for Kelly clothes in Hong Kong, you can try ToysRus and the department stores that sell Barbie stuffs. It shouldnt be too difficult to find.
    8. how about wigs? where can I get a wig for OD so tpe?
    9. http://stores.ebay.com/Mimi-Collection
      This is mimi-woo--her shop is in Hong Kong. She has a large selection and excellent prices. She also carries Licca shoes which will sort of fit in a pinch. Actually, Kelly/Shelly shoes fit best, as I mentioned before.
    10. Our own Tinybear (DOA member) sells some gorgeous wigs in all sizes! I believe she's located in Europe. I have a So Ui and she made a patchwork wig for her.

      She also makes knitted clothes for that size ;)
    11. Thank you^^...but i would like to buy things from shops at HK/China/Korea/Japan
      otherwise the shipping cost will be too much for a person living in Hong Kong like me
    12. someone told me that for wig the OD So can wear latidoll white wigs, is it true ?
      and I find some clothes (not pants, just skirt and top) from Brats and they do perfectly with shelly/kelly so maybe they could be good for OD So :]
    13. Some but not all of the clothes for the McDonald's Madame Alexander dolls fit a So type and you can sometimes find someone selling a bunch of them for a decent price on ebay. I have a little red riding hood cloak from one of them and it's adorable.
    14. orient doll just released new clothes for their So sized dolls.
    15. on Dollpage, check "Teeny Tiny Tots". Mo has some lovely outfits. I got my So wig at DDE. Also Mary-Lee sews for So; www.magmini.com
      trudy <><
    16. Thanks Trudy, I haven't made anything for So Ji this summer, except the Hello Kitty and Nemo dresses for you!! Will have to post a photo.

      My girls are feeling neglected. Have a few pairs of jeans left though.